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Phantasy Star 2 Quick Guide: Novel, or Ophistia? By: Garranaki


This is a small little guide I comprised for players who’re curious about which of the currently accessible 15*s they may want at the current moment (as of 10/16/2020), The Novel series, and Ophistia series (also known as Austere if you’re from JP). If you’re like me, and are in constant pursuit of the strongest currently available gear, this may be right up your alleyway.

I’ll be categorizing this in 3 parts: Stats, Potentials, and Accessibility, with some notes here and there.

STATS: Ophistia vs. Novel*
Liberate in parenthesis. We’ll discuss Liberate in a bit.)*

Sword: 2303 vs. 2419(2716)

Wired Lance: 2011 vs. 2120(2390)

Partizan: 1914 vs 2019(2281)

Twin Daggers: 1574 vs. 1671(1900)

Double Sabers: 1671 vs. 1772(2010)

Knuckles: 2205 vs. 2317(2606)

Katana: 1971 vs. 2076(2336)

Dual Blade: 2211 vs. 2319(2602)

Gunblade (Melee mode) 1817 vs. 1919(2172)

Gunblade (Ranged mode) 1732 vs. 1833(2074)

AR: 2056 vs. 2164(2436)

Launcher: 2235 vs. 2346(2635)

TMG: 2139 vs. 2249(2529)

Bow: 2430 vs. 2546(2851)

Rod (Magic): 2351 vs. 2504(2876)

Rod (Melee): 1698 vs. 1749(1961)

Talis: 2033 vs. 2172(2521)

Wand (Melee): 2188 vs. 2334(2592)

Wand (Magic): 2145 vs. 2288(2536)

Jet Boots (Melee): 2115 vs. 2208(2475)

Jet Boots (Magic): 2178 vs. 2281(2411)

Harmonizer only has a Novel Variant: at 255 S/R/TATK (301 in Liberate)

So, to explain the parenthesis, Novel is a 15* Series that can be later upgraded to the Liberate series, should we have the same exchange later down the line. They’re known as the 5th strongest 15* in JP if considering pure stats.

Alright! With that wall set aside, let’s move on to Potentials.

POTENTIALS: Ophistia vs. Novel/Liberate (Potentials at lv.3)

Ophistia has 4 different potentials, each of which vary greatly.

– Dark Phantom (also known as “Phantasmal Darkness in JP) Boots Potency by 5/6/7% based on Gauge, and gives effects like the Ares series 14* weapons based on what Blast you have. It’s Plus (+) variant gives 18/19/20%. Special effects are below: This means total Potency boost can be 26%.

  • Helix: Increase Power by 6%.
  • Ajax: Increase Active PP Recovery by 60%.
  • Ketos: Increase Natural PP Recovery by 40%.
  • Julius: Decrease damage taken by 15%.
  • Ilios: Reduce PP consumption by 20%.

– Shield of the Dark Saint gives 9% Potency, and gives a 60% Damage barrier that reduces PP Cost by 1/4 every 30 seconds.

– Shield of Dark Temptation is the same potency, but provides knockback immunity, 30% extra PP Regen, and 40% Extra PP recovery on hit.

Novel (And Liberate) have only one Potential.

– Sealed Fang provides 14% Potency, and 20% Extra Crit Rate. Liberate provides 16% potency, 20% Critrate, and reduces PP Consumption by 15% with infinite duration.

Comparing the two, Ophistia may seem like the best option initially speaking, if going for pure power. That being said, unless your Crit Rate is already insanely high, Novel may actually be the superior option, trading 6(4%) potency for an extra 20% chance to deal double the damage, as well as a 15% Reduced PP consumption, allowing for more or longer Techs and/or Photon Arts.

Moving on!


Now this part is possibly the most important. Bluntly speaking, Ophistia is a MUCH more obtainable weapon than Novel, boasting a much more cushy droprate and, should you be buying the wealth of Barren Blossom triggers that have been popping up in the SG shop lately, is a much more easily accessible weapon drop, especially in an alliance of players with triggers. If you don’t know already, being the one who started the trigger also provides a large Tri-Boost to assist in obtaining the droprate, and the Barren Blossom trigger Also drops the of- series of units. All-in-all, it’s a much nicer route to go forward with, and with Austere being craftable on a later update using an Invade, Nemesis, Raven & Ares weapon, this is the easiest option to go with if you want to start dealing crazy amounts of damage fast.

On the other hand, Novel is an EXCEEDINGLY rare weapon drop, only available via an Anga drop during the Nav ultimate quest. While the quest does not require triggers, nor a good timing on the EQ schedule, it is difficult to find an active, powerful 12-man to actively run this quest in the wild. (at least, from my experience on Ship 01. I actively run hours of Naverius, and this is primarily from experience so take it for a grain of salt. 02-04 may see more activity, and/or drops!) Fortunately, there is no limit on what level Anga needs to be, as any Anga from lv.76+ will drop it. This means that finding a lv.85 Putrid Anga might as well be your best chance at this Novel drop. *da dun tss.*

As of 10/16/2020, it has not been confirmed whether or not Novel drops in other ultimate quests. Should quest logs suggest otherwise though, I’ll try to update this log. Additionally, neither the Liberate nor Ophistia exchanges via Zieg are currently available- you’ll want to consider the possibility that we may not even get these in the near future, and working accordingly, as you see fit.

Happy hunting, and good luck on those 15* drops!

submitted by /u/Garranaki


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