Phantasy Star Online 2 HTPD Tips, Tricks and Optimizations By: Kamil118


So, somebody on forum complained that there are no guides about htpd, so I wrote one.

Given that PSO2 UQ schedule will soon end and getting a party for hptd will be harder than ever, I hope this collection of my personal thoughts and tricks, with a bit of corrections form folks on the official forum will help somebody push that 1-2 minutes lower time or survive the elementless phase and get a clear before NGS comes out.

This guide won’t concern itself too much with the obvious elements of the fight that are already well covered by UQ sodam guides. I also won’t tell you to get counters off one-hit-kill moves except as a sidenote.

Feel free to correct me or add your own tips in the comments.

All of these comes from the perspective of somebody who switched to phantom around 2 weeks ago and has almost min-maxed gear (crit build + gsoul + mana + decay klauz, gs/abosule/mana/aether/crack/db3/grand Klauz Back, Atlas Arms, Klauz Legs + Skillful Adept, Fortified Technique 2, Skydance)

Before the fight and Gommoroth 1st phase

0. Basic Preparations

So, before the UQ even starts make sure you have:

  • Stirfry, +50 hp +100 all attack.

  • Alliance Attack Tree buff, up to 20% atk

  • (This one is a pain to get for the minuscule buff it provides so you can skip it honestly) Miracle Rations, +30 all attack, you get it as gift from Franka for completing her client orders

  • Timed abilities on your units that support your favorite weapon. Having at least one lvl 5 Ant-Freeze timed ability also gives you complete immunity to freeze, so that’s especially useful.

Also, feed your mag.

1. Techter cheese

You can sneak 3 techter buffs into the run without losing dps on techter player. Have one person (preferably the one that’s the most confident they don’t need techter deband) join as techter, buff everyone, then leave the party, change class, and rejoin the quest.

You can then keep up the buffs with skydance/volatage shifta for the rest of the fight. This will be a huge boost to survability to the 3 players and something like 5% damage output boost for them as well compared to regular shifta.

2. Weakspot drink and p2w

The Random Drink has a chance to give you Weakspot damage up sub-effect, which increases your damage against weak spots by 15%. Since majority of the fight takes place against sodam, which is one giant walking weakspot this is relatively stronger than shifta drink.

Premium users get enhanced sub-effect which increases their damage by 20% instead of 15%.

3. Intro skip

3 people can stay on the ship when the last person activates the teleport. You preferably want the person with the longest loading time or the lowest dps output during first phase to do this. The remaining people stay on the ship and jump into the portal once the message “Preparations complete, battle will commence now” message pops up. This allows the 3 people to skip the lenghty intro cutscene and go straight to dpsing a few seconds earlier.

4. Eyes Split

During the first phase, you are tasked with killing 2 eyes of gommoroth on two opposite sides of the arena. Since running from one end to the other can take non-negligible amount of time, it’s best to split your party onto left and right team, each one taking care of their respective side. It’s best for the teams to be able to dish out relatively comparable DPS output. You can use the same split for the 2nd eyes section if it starts when you are in the middle of the arena.

Don’t split 1:3. It’s a complete waste of time, since you won’t be able to utilize Zanverse as efficiently as with full team, and you will still need to take a jog across the arena to help the last guy.

5. Atlas Will

Have an easily accessible Atlas weapon on your weapon palette in case you fuck up. It won’t save your S rank, but might at least save the run, if you are standing in the middle of the final phase barf. You can grab Sword’s S4 for double will. Only use it when you know you fucked up and can’t get out of the danger or when sodam is out of range anyway and throwing some one hit kill at you.

Gommoroth Down Phase

So, you cleared the first dps check and are about to banish gommoroth down the drain. This part applies to casters, and ranged classes with absolute-targeted abilities and counter classes.

So, first casters: You can still hit the eye with Grants when it’s barfing. This should give you better dps than using Ilgrants on the arm.

Next, counter classes – you can counter the barf. It doesn’t deal much damage, so there is no risk of dying even if you mistime your counter.

Sodam Intermission

So, as soon as you load into the intermission zone RUN TO THE PORTAL AND ACTIVATE IT. THE CLOCK IS TICKING, USE YOUR MOVEMENT PAs, GO GO GO. Once that’s done, make sure you didn’t run out of stirfry, check if your mag needs to be fed again, heal yourself, and prepare for the sodam phase.

Sodam Single Element

So, unlike the ultimate quest version, sodam’s element cycle is completely random.

The most notable attack in the single element phase is the lightning phase tornado.

So, sodam will dump an energy ball into the ground which will cause the tornado to appear around 90 degrees counter-clockwise from its current position on the arena. The tornado will move clockwise 450 degrees before disappearing. In this phase the safe space is on the edge of the arena.

At 60%(?) sodam hp Matoi will talk some shit and sodam will do a dark blast sphere attack. I honestly don’t understand the point of that attack other than being free DPS time. The attack hits rather hard, but has short range and can be easily countered if you play a counter class.

Soon after that, the sodam will move to the dual-element phase

Dual Element Sodam

Like with the single element phase, the starting element is random, but since there are only 2 element combinations it’s hard to talk about any sort of random order.

The two notable attacks I need to talk about are the ice-fire storm, and the tornado.

So, Ice-Fire storm – Don’t be a pussy. This isn’t “Mommy I’m scared, i’m going to immediately hide behind the pillar” phase. It’s a free dps phase. Keep dpsing sodam for as long as it’s safe. In total sodam will release 3 waves of ice and fire balls before summoning the pillar. If you have balls you can try countering the pillar, but I advise against it unless you are really confident in your timing or have some sort of periodical invincibility skill like phantom time, Zondel, or time finisher.

The tornado in this phase is the same as in the single-element phase, however it spawns 90 degrees clockwise from you and travels counter-clockwise. In this phase, the safe space is near the central tornado.

Once you deal enough dps you will move to the brand new, completely unique Elementless Phase

Elementless Sodam

Also called the Light phase or Light and Dark phase. This phase is extremely dangerous and can’t be practiced outside the UQ. For what it’s worth at least sodam is almost dead at this point, so if you can keep up the dps during it, it should end quickly. Being able to keep up the dps in it is a whole other matter.

So, almost all of Sodam’s unique attacks in this phase will either one-hit-kill you, or at least leave you on the brink of death if you don’t avoid them, so have fun.


Sodam will summon a bunch of spinning lasers around itself which fire periodically. It doesn’t deal a lot of damage, and can be easily countered. Shiva has very similar attack, except her lasers only have one layer.

Lasser Barrage

Sodam will jump upwards and begin to glow intense light. After a while it will summon a massive barrage of targeted lasers. If you are hit by even one of these and don’t have superarmor you will most likley be staggered and forced to take the entire barrage. Each laser only deals something like 200 damage to a player with god units, but 200 damage multiplied by 20-30 hits means almost certain death. Having a well-fed mag with HP recovery action can help you cheese this attack, since each hit gives you separate chance for healing to proc, which migh be able to outheal the damage. Easiest way to avoid this attack is to just run in a single direction

Massive Scythe Slam

Sodam will teleport outside the arena and pull up a giant scythe comparable to the one it uses in the wind/lightning phase before slamming it into the ground. The attack is a cone, and has small blind spots on the edge of the arena, but you will most likley not be able to get to them in time, so prepare to dodge. The attack also lives lingering white cracks on the ground for a few seconds that deal massive damage if touched, so make sure to avoid them as well.

Not-as-massive Scythe

Sometimes sodam will do a similar attack but at a smaller scale without teleporting outside the arena. Proceed in same way as you would do with the one above

Heavy Barrage

Sodam will teleport outside of the arena and summon Gate of Babylon which will rain large glowing bullets onto the arena. Staying close to sodam at that point is the best option since the frequency of bullets aimed there is lower, but be careful for the special targeted bullets she also shoots during that phase.

Blackhole Walk

Sodam will walk forward spawning a bunch of black holes underneath her. The attack is similar to shiva’s black hole attack, but a lot more severe. The blackhole trail will immediately try to bring any airborne target onto the ground level. Every tick of damage dealt from the blackholes will also drain the player out of 100 PP. It’s a relatively free dps phase for ranged classes. Counter classes might try to proc counters off blackholes, but it’s risky, so only do that if you are really confident in your ability to counter environmental damage.

Multi-blackhole implosion

Sodam Will spawn multiple blackholes in front of it. These blackholes don’t seem to have nearly as strong pull as the ones it uses in elemental phases. Other than that, the attack is about the same as in elemental phases.

Super Wind Blast

Sodam will perform a single huge forward wind blast, like in elemental phases. Deals extreme damage, but relatively easy to counter. Sodam also spawns 4 lasers at the edges of the blast zone. After the attack sodam stays still for relativley long time, and the lasers just stand there and can be used for coutners.

Sword stab attack

Sodam will summon a pair of swords that will spawn on top of all players’ positions and stab the arena after a while. Have no idea what the attack does, never seen anyone hit by it. It looks similar to shiva’s timestop stab, so it might inflict timestop on the player.

Throughout the fight, sodam will also periodically summon pairs of lasers that cross on players’ positions. These can be countered or avoided by moving out of the way before they activate.

Sodam-Gommoroth fusion phase

This phase afaik is identical to the regular UQ version.

What can I say except don’t stay in the middle too much and ignore rings. Also, if you are ranged class make sure to attack the resting hand whenever possible. God players might try to sit in white mist to proc counters.

I believe I’ve read somewhere that HTPD has around 150m hp more(sic!) than regular TPD on UH.