Phantasy Star Online 2 MAG Guide

Phantasy Star Online 2 MAG Guide?by????

To get a mag check here?

There are 4 types of mags at the 2nd stage (lvl 30 evolve occurs).

1. Striking/Blow Mag (evolved from hit/striking support or striking defense stat) Gives character more sword damage
2. Shooting Mag (evolved from shooting support or shooting defense stat) Gives character more shooting damage
3. Force Mag (evolved from force support or force defense stat) Gives character more force damage
4. Ability/Skill Mag (evolved from skill stat) Gives character more critical and maxium/minimum damage

Now from what I have gathered giving particular equipment/items raises particular stats. And depending on what stat(s) are highest at lvl 30 depends on what 2nd stage mag you get. Depending on what mag you want you should feed it appropriately.

Equipment fed to mag info:

1. Sword Equips = raises striking and skill stats
2. Gun Equips = raises shooting and skill stats
3. Force Equips = raises force and skill stats
4. Armors = 3 different kinds of armor to feed, each give different stats

To further elaborate on feeding mag Armors:

Feed mag Rear Armor = Force Defense and skill stat gain
Feed mag Arm Armor = Shooting Defense and skills stat gain
Feed mag Leg Armor = Striking Defense and skills stat gain

Now lets move onto items and how they increase mag stats:

Monomate = Blow Blow (Strike?) and Defense UP, skill down
Diamate = Shooting and shooting defense UP, skill down
Trimate = Act to shoot (Force?) attack defense UP, skill down
Sol Atomizer = Attack Method UP, Skill Down
Star Atomizer = Striking, Shooting, Force up equally
Moon Atomizer = Striking defense, shooting defense, force defense up equally
Cosmo Atomizer = Hammer blow, legal defense raise evenly, shooting defense up

Now ill move onto Disks (note disk are numbered on the wiki im guessing the number relates to rarity, aka amount of stars the item has):

Disk 1 = Workmanship rises regardless of type and level
Disk 2-5 = Only skill goes up

You can feed your mag My Room Items too:

Room Item = Shooting Up, ability down

Food Devices (AC scratch):

Hood Blow Device = Blow (striking?) support improved significantly
Hood Shooting Device = Fire (shooting?) support improved significantly
Food Law/force? Device = Law/force support improved significantly
Blow Defense Device = Blow (striking?) Defense improved significantly
Shooting Defense Device = Shooting Defense improved significantly
Law/Force? Defense Device = Law/Force Defense improved significantly

Food Point Reductions:

As mags level the points they gain from foods is reduced based on their levels.

Level 1-9 = points gained from food divided by 1
Level 10-19 = points gained from food divided by 2
Level 20-29 = points gained from food divided by 3

Food Point Quality from Items:

Each item you feed a mag has a value of points it adds. Rare items add more points and so do devices. The rarer the item (more stars it has) the more points it adds.

For example a device has 1000 Food Points.
Each level of a stat need 100 Food Points
Thus 1000 Food Points = 10 stat levels

Mag Auto Actions:

1. Striking Mag Auto Action = Strikes foe knocking them down
2. Shooting Mag Auto Action = Shoots foe with fire/ice bullet
3. Force Mag Auto Action = Foie?
4. Ability/Skill Mag? Auto Action = Fire/Thunder bullet

Mag Abilities:

1. Recovery system device / HP production = System to produce items such as Monomate consumption in a period of time.
2. A resurrection device / support = To provide support when player dies, resurrection. Trigger is very rare.
3. A recovery device / HP support = Provide support with recovery/heal when masters hp is low. Trigger percentage is high, the amount of recovery is low.
4. A device state abnormality / support = Recovery support when in an abnormal state. Trigger percentage is low, and interval is short.

Photon Blasts:

Each mag has a particular PB and there is 3 varieties of their particular PB (Brogile/Imera/Nifuta). Each variety doing different attacks and having different animations and possibly status effects. I have also included pictures of each beast from the wiki in spoilers tags.

Striking Mag Photon Blast:?

1. Brogile: An attack rush towards the goal/enemy?
2. Imera: Generates a powerful electric shock around a pair of the original approach towards the goal/enemy?
3. Nifuta: Stepped toward the goal/enemy? to attack, utilizing the stature of the attack later in the series of beak.

Shooting Mag Photon Blast:

1. Brogile: Extensively towards the front, exploding shells fired one after another, do the annihilation.
2. Imera: Furaseru as hail-to-ambient photon maser target was fired from the head.
3. Nifuta: Bullets flying airplane wings, where each was allowed to have a will, shoot the target.

Force Mag Photon Blast:?

1. Brogile: Increase the amount of PP self-healing approach to photon ambient atmosphere.
2. Imera: Focusing is performed with a laser toward the front of the shelling, the condensed photons.
3. Nifuta: Causes a lot of lightning and then swimming through space, the photon is excited.

Ability/Skill Mag Photon Blast:

1. Brogile: Perform continuous attack by multiple arms closer to warp to the target.
2. Imera: Shooting down the angle toward the goal ?? thorn, surely kill.
3. Nifuta: The goal around to do, focusing raises the super-gravity field limited, the collapse of contraction.

Photon Blast Chaining:

It is possible to chain photon blasts for more damage and effects. To do so have the photon blast charged and when you are ready to activate it let your party members know so they can also activate and chain theirs. To activate the chaining process press and HOLD the button you have assigned on your quick bar for your photon blast until circles appear around you and your party members. You can hold the button for 10 secs until it automatically activates. Make sure the circles are overlapping each other.

Mag Devices (rare 6 star items you can give your mag to improve abilities/stats even when they are full?)

1. Hood shooting device = Fire support capability can be improved significantly.
2. Food workmanship device = Support capabilities and skills can be improved significantly.
3. Blow food defense device = Defense support capabilities blow/Strike is remarkably improved.
4. Hood fire protection device = Defense fire/shooting? support capability can be improved significantly.
5. Food device attack defense law = Support capacity ?? law/force? is remarkably improved.
6. Extended device support frame mag = Device can be extended to one frame of the trigger action of the mag. Up to +3

As a final note mags evolve again at level 100.

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