Phantasy Star Online 2 Tips

Phantasy Star Online 2 Tips?by Lambadaa

Here are some random tips I?ve learnt by playing on JP for a couple of months.

1)Just attacks/perfect strike?:

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-Just attack or perfect strike is like a rhythm game that causes pain to your enemies. Whenever you attack, a circle will appear around your character, shrinking until it turns red, and attacking again within that time frame will give you a damage boost.

-I can not stress how important just attacks are.?EVERY single attacking move/photon move/photon magic that you perform should be done after a just attack. Especially if you are maining or subbing Hu. It?s a free damage buff and the only time where you don?t use it is when you can kill faster without just attacks. To use just attacks with skills, simply attack first and then use your Photon moves/magic when the circle turns red.


LordZero0?s post

The two links above pretty much explains everything you need to know about augmentations.
-Soul-type augmentations will need 2 of the same kind to transfer onto your target item. E.g I?ll need a material weapon with Quartz Soul and another weapon also with Quartz Soul to transfer to a weapon without Quartz Soul.

-Mark type augmentations will need 3 of the same type. Which means you can not transfer any mark type augmentations. you can only retain them. E.g if i have a sword with Mark Angar, I?ll need two more weapons with Mark Angar to keep the Mark Angar on the sword after augmentation. Basically you can just forget about marks.

?The go-to augmentation setup for a S-atk: Quartz Soul, Power III, Spirit III. R-atk: Mizer Soul, Shot III, Spirit III, T-atk: Ragne Soul, Technique III, Spirit III.


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The link above tells you all bout grinding weapons. The more stars a weapon has, the harder it is to grind it. Try to pick a weapon to stay with for the time being and get it to +10 and then augmenting it.

4)Breaking boss parts.

Most bosses have parts on them that you can break. For example, the Vol Dragon?s head and torso horns and also the tail ball. Breaking the parts will not only make the boss fight easier, they will also increase the rare drop rate of the boss. So take note here.

5)Weak/Crippled Bullet?:

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Have you ever noticed a random red circle appear on a monster when you are in a field? That is a Weak/Crippled bullet. It is a Ranger class skill and it?temporarily converts the marked area on the monster into a weak point. It is the?BEST?BEST?BEST?support skill in the game. It can?TRIPLE?your damage output on a monster. Imagine that with a 12-man quest instance. So Rangers, take full advantage of the weak bullet and use it on bosses and whatnot whenever you can and others, focus your attacks on the red circle when you see it.

Take note however,?a monster can only have ONE weak bullet on it at any given time. So if you see a well-positioned weak bullet on a monster and you are a ranger, please don?t fire another weak bullet on that monster.

That is all i can think of off the top of my head for now. Any mistakes feel free to correct me. Hope these tips helped

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