PlanetSide 2 Liberator Comprehensive Guide

PlanetSide 2 Liberator Comprehensive Guide by Discopotato

I am in no way a pro nor claim to be. Take this all as my ?professional? opinion. I did not waste time with Weapon cost or any real information such as available upgrades and the certs ? you can find IN GAME and are always subject to change.

The liberator. A machine that spreads terror by those who wield it properly? By those who don?t, a flying shoebox.
I?m here as a pilot, and a gunner. I myself was lucky enough to get a couple thousand free certs before launch. Ignorant to the current equipment limitations I spent the majority of these on everything the Liberator has to offer.

Then I tried everything.

I?m going to break this up into TWO sections. Truthfully I see a lot of the same rookie mistake by pilots/gunners alike.

Liberator Piloting for Dummies

I > Equipment

II > Weapons

III > Hover Tactics

IV > Evasive Tactics

Liberator Guns for Maniacs (coming soon)

I > Know your weapons

II > Seat 2 ?Dalton? ? ?Zephyr?

III > Seat 3 ?Basilisk? ? ?Walker?

IV > Advanced Vehicle Weapon Tactics

Discussion and critique of anything I post is always welcome in a positive manner.

For you Fly boys?

I > Equipment

The single most important tool you will take to the skies with. While leaving just one upgrade to flares is fine enough for the casual pilot, those of you who follow my guide and achieve sky borne success will want to upgrade the cool down on these all the way. Unfortunately I could not find a way to substitute these decoy?s with anything else that even proved to be half as useful.

Beta allowed for flares every 20 seconds with max certs. Enemy A2A missiles AND enemy infantry rockets are both VOIDED when flares are deployed.

Tip: When you hear that alarm and see the ?lock? warning your first impulse will be to mash that FLARE key as fast as possible, don?t. I repeat, when a skilled enemy heavy achieves lock he will know to wait a few moments to let you pop your FLARES too early. Then while they are on cool down he will shove that rocket up your ****.

Tip: Currently enemy ESF rockets only do about 20% damage to a liberator. Sometimes it?s better to eat the damage from the A2A missile and save the flares for the bigger munitions coming from the ground. I usually avoid wasting the CD on ESF locks unless dog-fighting.

Precision Bomber Airframe
The P.bomb Airframe definitely sound?s enticing by name. However with regard to TURN RATE the other two benefits provided here just don?t make the cut. Air Brakes and Roll are still traits reminiscent of a dog fighter, which the Liberator is not. Prior to Launch aircraft were able to mix and match characteristics however they wanted creating a ?custom? airframe. Sadly this is no more and a previously recommended ability is now null. Skip this cert altogether.

High-G Airframe
A pilot?s preference will determine if he/she wants Turn Rate vs. Vertical Thrust (VT). This is the total package for me. The VT upgrade is immediately noticeable upon spending your certs. I have found all 3 area?s improved by this upgrade to be beneficial to your role in the air. Most importantly your maneuvers will improve that much more. The Stinger Hover is now provided extra LIFT and better angle positions for your gunner. Turn rate from P. Bomber is void to me since we all should be banking our corners anyway.

Tip: Though this may change. My experience from beta has taught me the other performance mods (air speed, air brakes) just weren?t quite up to par especially when maxed out.

High Speed Airframe
More speed always seems good, if there?s enough of it. SOE just didn?t pack the punch I was hoping for into this upgrade. You will not outrun stock ESF, enemy missiles or MAX AA fire. With this in mind I did NOT try the afterburner upgrades, only the stock afterburner itself, which I still felt to be weak.

I certed and maxed stealth by the end of beta. I couldn?t get enough of it. Granted they might tweak the numbers it will seriously discourage those pesky heavies and their model rocket launchers. Between this ability and flares you have minimized what is, in my opinion the liberators biggest threat. Guided missiles.


II > Weapon Choice / Load outs

Weapon Seats
When you decide to arm your gunship it?s important to prepare it for the fight at hand. My system works as this.

Skilled gunners with communication will be able to operate the tail gun in position 3. This seat is VITAL to defending yourself from any aircraft attack. Without a competent seat 3 you are a flying school bus with britches down.

The walker is a better choice over the basilisk. Despite what people might say the weapon works for its true intended purpose. No ESF will hang around long with proper accuracy.

Tip: Equip the A30 walker and cert 1.5 or stronger zoom for firing at smaller ESF.
When choosing a gunner for Seat 2 he will still be able to perform his role without direct communication with the pilot. When flying 3rd person it is important to scan for all targets and relay the information to the other 2 occupants unable to see around the aircraft.

Tip: First Person view is also helpful when hovering still for your gunner?s to take shots, use your cockpit free look to scan side to side (default mouse wheel button), this will actually help you spot ESF?s much better than 3rd person when staying still.

The flavor of the month seems to be the Dalton. This thing is a beast. Single chamber large rounds will take out almost anything in a matter of 2-4 shots. The drawback being direct hits are required for the true damage. Splash does a small fraction of the big hurt. This gun will put a hurt on infantry but the same rules apply, no direct hits = no death. With reload times a lot of smaller targets will take cover before you execute them.
Spending a few certs to upgrade the ammo capacity here is not a bad idea. It will pump out shell after shell and run dry very quickly. Your gunner will need a steady pilot to make the shots count. They are easiest to fire from slow moving or still lib and can lead even fast moving targets effectively.

Tip: Certing the reload time might make a considerable difference in your DPS should you like to min/max.

My personal favorite is the Zephyr. This weapon is truly as powerful as the Dalton but on different fronts. Only the most experienced gunners should be firing this meteor shower. The shots do less damage and thereby require much more accuracy. The overall damage/killing output is SO MUCH FASTER, the reload time however and room for error is much less forgiving.
You will definitely want to cert ammo storage at least to level one as the Zeph eats it up. This weapon works so very well with my ?trolling? tactic as well. Be sure to pick your target groups wisely for the Zeph. It?s tempting to chase that sundy over the hills but you will fine more success/XP after it deploys and all that food comes spawning out.

Tip: Instruct your gunner to fire the weapon two shots at a time. Pop Pop ? Pop Pop ? Pop Pop. It will increase his DPS so much.

Tip: Spend the certs to unlock Infrared vision for whichever weapon you choose ( or both! ). The zoom is basic and provides no real advantage.

III> Hover Tactics
Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills. There are MANY ways to properly fly your liberator in the offensive position while keeping this in mind, I will go over two of more successful tactics. Depending on your skills as a pilot, your style and your aircraft setup you will be able to adapt to any situation and overcome the odds.
Stinger hover
This maneuver is basic to perform and BEST for assaulting enemy positions and strongholds. Fly to the objective using low altitudes and focus on hovering over your armor lines or close to mountain ridges to take cover for repairs. By coming to a complete stop and allowing your gunners both to fire upon a cluster of enemy forces you will maximize your incoming XP as a pilot while being in a position to thrust and bug out. Keep your altitude around 250 meters off the floor below you for render purposes.

Doing this move properly will result in your liberator slowly drifting away towards safety while raining comets.
Allowing both gunners a direct view of the battlefield will allow them both to communicate and locate enemy AA units much faster than you will yourself. Use the extra time to First Person view and scan your horizon. When you have drifted out too far or lost too much altitude (this should take at least 60 seconds) re approach the enemy point from low altitude and rinse/repeat.

Tip: Tilting your wings 1-2 degrees in either direction will also cause a slow sideways drift. You will evade more dumb fire rockets and give your gunners more views.

Tip: Using ?H? will allow you to view your mini map while blind to the battle field. Spotting enemy ESF pointing their nose at your from behind can be the split second you need to strafe hard and avoid those rockets.

This diagram will give you a rough idea on the range of your turrets and their firing angles. Learn this and practice it day in and out. Gun a liberator and learn from first hand experience what you can and cannot see. The liberator is best learned from all seats.


Sorry so basic =)

Ahh, the classics never die. Trolling is using your liberator to make fast passes through enemy territory while maximizing both mobility and combat effectiveness. Without a doubt I get more xp using this tactic than I do any other airborne way.

Using your personal way points set a way point close to the enemy location. Using full speed fly about 100m from the floor and start looking to spot targets. You will approach any grouping of enemy armor/infantry very fast and very low. At 200-300 Meters out pull up and use (ascend) for an immediate climb right above your targets. Slowing down to 50% thrust as you reach an apex above the target will give the gunner at least 30 seconds before you will immediately descend and continue ?trolling? the battle ground.

Tip: Attempting this without FLARES and 3 ENGIS is not recommended. You will make a lot of express landings/repairs.

Tip: Take your time to learn the proper targets to fly over. Infantry is priority as you will catch armor columns by surprise. Killing the engineer?s is much better than scratching their tanks.

Tip: Coordinate with a friendly lib to double the destruction. You can literately create a wave of apocalyptic gunfire.


Evasive maneuvers
The liberator is no easy girl to fly, this shouldn?t mean she?s not graceful though. Depending on your level of skill and your preference you will benefit from trying these two different maneuvers.

Bullet Trail
This tactic is very basic and will allow you to escape single ESF with ease provided you have a decent tail-gunner. Start by locating the ESF from either the position it?s firing from you or from it?s approach (your 2nd situation being the better). Immediately punch your engines and proceed with a full speed STINGER HOVER.

Your tail gunner will have an elevated position and your flight path will force the ESF to fall behind you if it want?s to continue landing shots on you. Once your tail gunner opens fire don?t alter your flight path. You are playing a game of chicken with both your aircraft?s HP pools. The liberator will always win a game of attrition should the ESF go gun for gun.

Tip: Try to maintain speed while keeping your tail elevated. You will lose altitude but resist the urge to pull up or alter your gunner?s position until last moment.

Your Tail gunner can only see and shoot at these horizontal angles. Keep this in mind when choosing a direction to run from the enemy aircraft.


Your Tail gunner can only see and shoot at these horizontal angles. Keep this in mind when choosing a direction to run from the enemy aircraft.

Belly Up
Ah yes, the barrel roll. My first successful roll in a liberator was met with incredible enthusiasm. Here you have a vehicle that has only one undefended point (it?s top) but can PHLIP belly up and surprise you with not one but BOTH it?s cannons. The flip is something to be practiced and honed in a warp-gate LOW altitude situation rather than in the field. The extra pressure of gunfire and 2 other lives at stake can rattle you, trust me.

Some will call the roll showboating or unnecessary. Even I have found myself cursing a pilot for going flip happy at the first flak round. The pilot will need to make an important judgement call before going ?belly up?. The tactic will help you to avoid enemy dumb fire rockets and sometimes even oddly angled lock on missiles.
However when flipping to avoid ground fire you are no longer the offensive death machine you were. You have become a useless box twirling in the air. The barrel roll is a BUG OUT maneuver that is used to descend rapidly while keeping a curved trajectory.

What does this mean? Use it to duck behind mountains and other cover. Line of sight enemy armor and ground units that have a lower position.

Tip: Novice ESF pilots might lose you or consider you a crashed vehicle when flipping. If all else fails ?DO A BARRELL ROLL!?

Tip: No matter the damage taken don?t give up. I?ve survived near death experiences over and over simply because someone thought my goose was cooked.

More Tips and Tricks:

> You will beat AA MAX 1 v 1 every time. Same goes for lightings. Give your gunner a clear shot and don?t freak out trying to avoid fire. You will win the trade.

> Don?t get frustrated with trying to go to the same point over and over no matter how many targets. You want to pick your battles since mobility is still your greatest asset.

> Avoid taking other libs head on. Those tank busters will melt you like butter between *****. I like to fly above them and let my gunners politely tap them on the shoulder.

Nothing is perfect. Not every situation has a way out. Often more times I find myself shot down from a mistake of my own rather than something the enemy did. The biggest thing you can do is avoid areas with air saturation and deep enemy territory. Use your personal waypoints so when things get heavy you have shining beacon of hope to get to.
Happy flying

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