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Chinese translation by JudyWei Hello everyone, I?m Wrel, today we will discuss some basic concepts and techniques about tanks. This video is mainly for beginners. Although I didn’t spend a lot of time studying on the tank, I hope it can bring you some help. So if you want a full-time tank or any vehicle, instead of a one-time transportation vehicle such as an off-road vehicle or a two-person off-road vehicle Then you should choose engineers. This is not a practical psychological skill, and I will not focus on this part. However, using engineers with light tanks is very useful, because you can jump out of the vehicle and repair it while avoiding enemy fire.

The most important thing is that you can get more time to respond to different situations. First, before deploying the vehicle, you have to check whether there are tank mines around the vehicle’s respawn platform. Before the player can control the tank, when the vehicle is spawned, the system will force it to drive a short distance forward This short section of the road becomes the best place for tank mines to be placed in battle, so that players cannot attack or escape the battlefield by respawning vehicles. The sentry tower area is a great example In general, try not to walk on the same road, and avoid driving on the road when allowed For a long time, anti-tank mines are often undetected and suddenly come out of the map.

So, even if you don?t see or detect the tank mine around, it doesn?t mean it?s not there. So try not to drive in the same direction as the barrel Some vehicle debris and construction debris may suddenly emerge from the environment, which is also a problem So it?s a wise decision to keep a distance from the target you killed, or the target killed by your allies. Because sometimes the wreckage produced after death will instantly appear around you and kill you instantly Let?s talk about some tank skills When you are on the battlefield, the vehicle is damaged, and the damage has to make you want to leave the front line completely Or if you want to leave the vehicle and stand up to repair it, you may die. If you just drive the vehicle away from the battlefield, you will be killed Therefore, we can use the inertia mechanism generated when reversing, jump out of the vehicle for maintenance after reversing, wait until the vehicle has stopped backing, and then board the vehicle, and do it again.

The vehicle will remember the command issued at the last minute before the player leaves, which provides you with the skills to repair the vehicle and move out of the battlefield together. So, when you stay away from the front and repair, you may suffer some damage, and hope to retreat to a good position. Not to mention, we also make it more difficult for the enemy to aim at the vehicle, because at the very least they have to adjust their sight to shoot our vehicle.

In terms of survival, align your vehicle with the cover, you don?t want to fight the enemy head-on, unless necessary You often have to stick your head out of the bunker, so that you can control regular damage, make yourself a smaller target, and repair the vehicle when the situation allows So this technique is very simple. As long as the tank keeps the movement between the bunkers, it will not get stuck or adjust the angle of reversing when it retreats from the battle line. Basically, driving in a straight line is faster than driving in a turn, which is the straight-line distance from A to B However, literally speaking, the tank does have lower kinetic energy and lower traction when turning. So, if you want to drive to a hill, you can try to align the hills and drive straight up If you want to drive down the mountain under certain circumstances, you must slide the vehicle slowly down the mountain corner.

At the same time, you can use the advantages of different vehicle types, especially the light tank Prowler. Because of the fast moving speed, you can do Tokyo tail flick at the turn If you want to make a quick turn on flat ground, press and hold the direction key you want to turn, and then press the reverse key You can accelerate when you exit a corner, but you don?t want to rely on the tank?s brakes, because the brakes may not be effective on the tank. I don?t know which option can be controlled like this on PS4 users, because the joystick itself has a fuzzy control zone But logically the control method is the same The visible range of the hole is the biggest problem when driving the tank, so you should avoid the problem of the visible range of the hole PC users can press the T button, and PS4 users can press the 3 button to switch between the first-person and third-person perspectives Make it a habit, check where the enemy is shooting and other threatening things in front of you And remember, the third-person perspective when driving the tank is faster than the first-person view.

If you are driving a main tank, it?s very, very important to choose the co-pilot gunner as a priority. If you don’t have the DPS output of the gunner, then you will experience a series of hard fights to defeat other main tanks. And in many cases, the output is not enough in the battle between tanks, because novices don?t know where to find a secondary gunner. Unless you have a great tank configuration, but this is out of the scope of this video When driving a tank, try to gather with friendly forces Because there is no doubt that there are many people and power And not only these, but it can also help you play tanks more smoothly under normal conditions.

The last thing I want to mention is to stay away from tall buildings and tall objects No matter how often do you check the enemy infantry attacking the tank from above, it will be a catastrophe, if the light infantry flies above your tank and sticks C4 Based on the altitude, you can?t even see them appear because you are not high enough So the best thing to do is to keep a distance from them If you really see the threat in front of you approaching, please remember that you are not tied to the vehicle You can get out of the vehicle and use the main weapon to fight against. In many cases, this is the best response. That?s it. If you think this video is interesting and helpful, please like it and tell your friends about this channel And I don?t intend to explain special configurations or specific tank types, because we can discuss these issues next time If you have special skills and ideas that you would like to share, please don?t hesitate to leave your thoughts on the comment board at the bottom of the video Thank you very much, see you again

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