Hello guys, I’m gonna teach you the best way to do the Crouch Jump which is basically that jump between the windows, what you do is create a Key Binding, which is basically a key that you define to do one or more functions so… in my game to do this jump i use only the SpaceBar to do this Go to the Menu of the game, on tab Control and in “Crouch” where the default key is C you have to put the SpaceBar on right but… your game will be like this If you put directly the SpaceBar In the “jump” will be undefined the key to jump if you let like this you will not be able to jump on game so… Go to Windows Open your “Run” with WinKey+R Type it %appdata% Go to folder “AppData” Next go to folder “Local” Go to the game folder “TsIGame” > Go to “Saved” > Go to “Config” Go to “WindowsNoEditor” and open the file “GameUserSettings.ini” with notepad, with notepad open Press Ctrl+F or go in Edit > Find type it ” togglecrouch” Click on “FIND” two times, and now, this is the game crouching the “Key=C” is a default key of game to crouch here on the side, you will have type it “Key=SpaceBar” Save and ready…

Open your game in the Menu Settings in the tab Control will be defined the Key Binding Now, just press SpaceBar and jump between the windows or other places with Crouch Jump get close up of window, like the video press W to walk and SpaceBar and done! Have three things to say about that jump First, do not need to break the glass to jump and this is good, because don’t make noise and hinders your enemy Second, there are several windows inside the game that it is possible to jump, but in some it is necessary to lie down to cross and the last, the file modification it does not generate any punishment or ban, that is, it’s allowed Thank you for watching, I hope I have helped

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