Welcome to the Groza and to the major June patch for player unknown’s battlegrounds. I was able to try out the most important changes and that is why I made this ultimate guide to the June patch. So that you can use this new info on your way to your next chicken dinner. Let’s start with the Groza. This new assault rifle is chambered for 7.62mm ammo, and it can only be found in air drops, so you will have to chase the airplane if you want to get your hands on the groza. Be careful tho, the airdrops just became super popular and you will meet a lot of resistance because everybody wants to play with the groza, especially kamikaze drivers. Normally I only see1, maybe 2 other guys who go for the same airdrop but now I have seen more than 5 guys showing up, so be prepared. I will make an ultimate guide for the groza when I have all the stats, but I will show you the basic bullet patterns so that you know what to expect. There are 2 firing modes, single fire and fully automatic. Without aiming the bullet pattern is terrible, a few shots are centered but most of the bullets are all over the place.

The targeting mode, so when you hold your right mouse button is a lot better, the gun does jump up after firing the initial 4 bullets but it goes up in a straight line. And ADS is even better. A nice straight line, with a tendency for an s-like pattern but overall it is very easy to compensate for the recoil in ads. These patterns are even better in single fire, and ads really stands out because I have rarely seen such a tight bullet pattern in player unknown’s battlegrounds. There are 30 rounds in one magazine but you can prepare yourself for this weapon by picking up 7.66mm cartridges before you go for the groza.

One thing that I noticed is how beautiful the game looks. To water reflections are amazing. Also the new weather settings are very nicely done, we now have sunset and Clear Skies and they both look awesome. They made a few changes to the way we can pick up stuff. Before the patch we had to stop to pick up stuff if we wanted to do that by pressing F. Now we can keep walking while we do that. This can make it faster to collect certain single items. The Vector and UMP now also have an additional burst mode. This means that we now have to go from single to burst and then to auto. So don’t get caught with your pants down when you think that your weapon is in auto when it’s only in burst. They also made some changes to the air drops or care packages. You will not find a VSS anymore in the air drops, this weapon will now spawn somewhere in the map.

We also have a low probability to find silencers for assault rifles and sniper rifles in the air drops and if we are lucky we can even get a 4x scope. The cabins are now destructible but be careful because you will see some newly constructed cabins, they look like they were made out of concrete and these ones are non destructible. I tried and you can only destroy the door and the windows and that’s it. The other cabins, the wooden ones, now look like they were destroyed already, but this is what they look like from when the game starts.

These are the ones that you can destroy. All you have to do is to shoot them, use a grenade. I think that you can even use your car. You can interact with doors, items, or vehicles while you are reloading. But this means that your reload will be canceled when you do so. Another change for the reload system is that we can’t change the firing mode anymore when we reload.

Your chances of finding a certain weapon have changed as well. The Spawn rate of UMP was slightly decreased. And the Spawn rate of UZI was slightly increased. And the spawn rate of SCAR-L was also decreased to better fit the weapon’s tier because we used to be able to pick one up everywhere we looked. The ump received a increase in recoil but the change didn’t feel very big when I first used it.

They added a new handgun, the p18C, a 9mm pistol with a full auto mode. Pistols now draw faster, which means that it will now be better to go for your pistol instead of your secondary weapon when you run out of ammo for your primary weapon. On top of that you can now attach a red dot to your pistol. This will help a lot if you have an extra red dot, unfortunately we can’t attach other sights to our pistol, so no holographic sight and also no 4 times scope, for long range handgun kills. The spawn rate of the level one vest has been increased and the spawn time of vehicles and speedboats has been improved so that you can see them now from farther away, this is very useful from when you are jumping out of the airplane and you are looking for a vehicle.

Bikes now handle much better and smoother and they feel more realistic. On top of all these changes, they also improved server performance by reducing the amount of data that was sent and they reduced the lag. Frame drops have been improved as well and they banned about 25000 cheaters which is a great thing. When you play duos or with a squad, then you will now be awarded with the kill when you knock out a person. So the person knocking an opponent out will receive the kill, not the actual killer.

A small cosmetic change has been applied to the cargo airplane, when people jump out then you will now see an open cargo door and the lighting inside and outside of the airplane has been optimized. I was able to seek up to somebody in game but unfortunately it’s not possible to melee a person who is lying down, so this doesn’t seem fixed or I might have to sign up for a close combat course.

I still can’t believe that this guy didn’t hear me because he was the one who was hunting me in the first place. These were the most important changes that came with the june patch, use this info to your advantage and make sure that you are the one who gets that chicken dinner. While you are here, why not check out this video and as you know the Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me—. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds june patch. Battlegrounds june patch PUBG june patch.

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