Welcome to the august patch for Player unknown’s battlegrounds. The Mk14 EBR is the new weapon that came with this update and as you could have guessed, it’s only available if you collect it from an airdrop. So we are back to chasing the airplane. The previous weapon turned out to be very popular and this time it’s even worse. Everybody turns up. People just keep on coming.

Some guys turn up so late that they must have started their journey on the other side of the map. The mk14 ebr is a designated marksman rifle and EBR stands for Enhanced Battle Rifle. It uses the mm cartridge, so it makes sense to collect a decent amount of ammo before you attempt to retrieve it. I will make an ultimate guide about the mk14 ebr, so you will get access to all the stats in that video but I can already show you the basic stats. It has 2 firing modes, single fire and fully automatic. It has a very distinct bullet pattern, meaning that it pulls up and then it pulls violently to the left. This will happen in full auto and in single fire. I would definitely recommend that you try it out so that you know what to do to counter the bullet pattern. The biggest change that came with this patch is the fact that they added 1st person server options to North American and European Solo and Duo game-modes.

In practice, this means that you will still see the normal 3rd person mode all the way down until landing, and from then on everything will happen in the 1st person mode. The experience isn’t perfectly smooth yet because they are still working on it, so expect to encounter a few bugs. This brings us to some of the changes that were made to the settings. The biggest change is the addition of a field of view slider for the 1st person view.

You can now go from 80 all the way up to 103. If you can play with a high field of view in 1st person then it can definitely be something that can give you an advantage over everybody else but you will have to be able to deal with the fisheye effect that comes with a high fov settings. For info, the new FOV does not have any effect when you haven’t landed yet. They added a new option for V-Sync and they added an option to set toggle on for certain actions and features. Unfortunately we cannot reload our weapons anymore while we pick up additional stuff. They also modified the fastest way to collect new equipment, we can no longer save time by dragging stuff over, but we now have to give our character time to pick it up, if we try to do it as fast as possible then the character just won’t pick up that item. When you walk, you cannot zoom in when you use a red dot or a holographic sight, but if you do this before you start walking then you can stay in this zoomed in mode for as long as you can hold your breath.

There is a new camera transition effect, and this makes it much smoother when you release your free look button. This is definitely a nice improvement. They implemented some changes to the keybinds as well and we can now use the mouse wheel up or down as one of them. The new keybinds allow you to mute everybody by pressing ctrl+M and you can now also switch voice channel pressing ctrl+y. The most interesting new keybinds are the ones that allow us to press a certain button for a specific throwable, this will be very useful for grenades, on top of that, the controls for observers were improved. We now have the option to display our helmet, vest and backpack. In third person mode I don’t really see the benefit because you can see your character so you can easily see what you have equipped, but it first person mode it definitely makes sense. And we can now also display our weapons on the right side of the screen. The developers decided change a few weapon characteristics.

The VSS saw a reduction in reload time and they added a lower rail attachment slot to the SKS. If you are familiar with the s1897, then you know that when you reload after firing a few rounds, that you need to press your mouse button one extra time. Luckily they eliminated the firing delay after a reload. The cast time of a First Aid Kit or Painkiller was reduced to 6 seconds and they included a nice animation.

The cast time of the med kit and the adrenaline syringe was reduced to 8 seconds. You will now hear a new sound effect when you are aiming your weapon or when you aim down sights and if needed you can use the new car horn to alert nearby enemies that you are on your way. When the tires of a vehicle are destroyed, then you will now see a nice spark effect and if you decide to drive a bike then you will now hear a new sound effect when your tires screech when you drive at high speed. They improved the map by adding new names for certain popular places. For example my beloved shooting range, the mansion, the prison and a few other places as well. Everybody, that includes you, received the 2 free-to-open crates. A survivor crate and a wanderer crate.

In addition to that there are also the gamescom invitational crates. This is an example of the new flashy yellow tracksuit. Please make sure that you all wear it so that I know exactly where you guy are hiding. We received some extra character customisation options as well, we now have 2 new faces both for male and female characters. Some people thought it was a good idea to kill your knocked-out teammates in order to avoid giving the kill to an opponent, but now the kill will still go to the opponent. If you encounter somebody who was cheating, then you will now find an easy way to report this person.

You can do the same for teaming, intentional teamkilling and even for improper nicknames. We can finally rejoin servers if your game crashed and the servers were optimized in many ways and a number of bugs were fixed. Nothing that really stands out so I will save you those details. If you are a fan of playing with an Xbox controller, then you may now do so. These were all the changes that came with the August update and it should be live on public servers by the time that you watch this video.

This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching, and I hope to see you with that flashy tracksuit on in player unknown’s battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds mk14 ebr. Battlegrounds mk14 ebr.

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