As you know there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the attachments in player unknown’s battlegrounds, nobody knows exactly what they do and most of the time we don’t know what the effect really is. A developer said one thing, the stats say another thing, who is right? Nobody knows. That all ends today because we are going to bust all the myths. I will focus on the assault rifles and I will take all the attachments with me to the shooting range so that you can clearly see the effect on the bullet pattern and so that you can easily make the decision to select the right attachments for your personal playstyle.

What you see here is the basic bullet pattern of the m416. This will be our starting point. I chose the m416 because it can equip the highest number of attachments. I will divide them in 5 different groups, muzzle, lower rail, magazine, stock and sights. Let’s start with group number one, our options are a compensator, a flash hider and suppressor. The suppressor reduces a weapon’s sound to increase stealth, but you knew this right? You can take advantage of a 5% improvement on the deviation when you attach a suppressor. For the m416 this means that the base deviation changes from to 2.945 not exactly the improvement you were hoping for right? That is because it’s an extra benefit. The biggest advantage that comes with using a suppressor, is stealth, unfortunately it’s not quantifiable. There is no number that I can give you about how good that advantage is, you will have to decide for yourself how valuable stealth is and if you want to take advantage of this or if you prefer to use something else, like the flash hider for example. It eliminates the muzzle flash and it slightly reduces horizontal and vertical recoil.

It reduces the horizontal recoil by 10%, it reduces the vertical recoil by 10% and it reduces the recoil pattern by another 10%. So overall you receive a 30% improvement if you add up all the individual values. Just to be very clear about this, it does not mean that your weapon will become 30% better just by attaching a flash hider. The last attachment in group 1 is the compensator, it slightly reduces the horizontal and the vertical recoil. But by how much? The stats are pretty impressive for one single item. It offers a 10% improvement on the base spread, another 10% improvement on the horizontal recoil, 15% on the vertical, and on top of all that you get another 25% improvement on the recoil pattern.

In other words it’s a lot. If we add up everything then we end up with a total improvement of 60%. This is the attachment that I use most of the time. If I have the luxury of having all these items then I will always use the compensator by default. The reason for that is very simple, if I am running around in no man’s land and I happen to stumble upon an opponent, who opens fire first, then at least I know that I have the best possible attachment equipped and that gives me a very good chance to survive that fight. Having said that, you should try to swap to the most appropriate attachment for a particular situation, if you have the time of course. For example, when you see a guy who has no clue that you are there, then sometimes it makes perfect sense to swap to a suppressor so that you can take him out quietly.

That way you are not alerting everybody else around you. A lot of people seem to struggle to identify the direction of the shot when somebody is using a silencer, so this is an extra benefit and you can easily take advantage of the confusion. All of these stats look nice on paper, but it always helps to see the effect with your very own eyes, so I will show you what the bullet pattern of the compensator looks like. This is the snake like bullet pattern of the m416, it can be to the left but it can also be to the right. As you can see the bullets barely touch the head. When we then attach a compensator then we have the following effect. It’s pretty clear that the bullet pattern that we see now is a lot better than the pattern that we see with the basic weapon. It’s not a perfect straight line, but it’s close and it’s much easier to compensate for this. The pattern of the flash hider is better than the basic pattern but worse than the one of the compensator.

You could almost say that it lies somewhere in the middle. It doesn’t make sense to compare the pattern with the silencer attached because you can’t see the 5% improvement on the deviation. In group 2 we will take a closer look at the effects of the lower rail attachments. The options are an angled or a vertical foregrip. The vertical grip reduces the horizontal recoil and it makes switching to ads faster, at least this is what the description says. The angled foregrip slightly reduces horizontal and vertical recoil and makes switching to ads faster. Attaching a vertical foregrip causes a reduction of 15% on the vertical recoil and a reduction of 20% on the recoil pattern, but the stats don’t show an improvement on the ads time. An angled foregrip improves the ads time with 10%, it reduces the horizontal recoil with 20% and it reduces the recoil pattern with another 20%. A developer mentioned during a stream that the vertical foregrip has a larger effect on the horizontal and vertical recoil than the angled foregrip but this one let’s you ads faster.

The stats confirm the part about the reduction in ads time so we can all agree on that. But what the developer said about the recoil contradicts with the stats. The question is, where the stats changed after the developer spoke about this or is there a slight chance that he got it wrong? Most likely they were changed and so far the stats have been extremely reliable, so I have no reason to doubt them. I don’t know the developer personally so I can’t really go and ask, but I can show you the bullet pattern and maybe that will tell us something. What you see here is the bullet pattern of the m416 with a vertical foregrip, it has a snake like bullet pattern and it sort of follows the inner edge of this guy’s head.

What you see now, is the same weapon with an angled foregrip. It still has a snake like bullet pattern, but it’s much tighter, it barely touches the guy’s head. In other words, we better trust the stats and the bullet pattern confirms that. In the next group we will take a closer look at the effect of improving your magazine. An extended magazine only improves the magazine capacity. For assault rifles this means that you now get 40 bullets per magazine instead of 30 and that’s it, there are no other benefits. A quickdraw magazine isn’t able to increase the capacity but it reduces the reload time with 30%. An extended quickdraw magazine is the best of both worlds, it allows you to have 40 bullets in one magazine and also takes advantage of a 30% improvement on the reload time.

So it speaks for yourself that you should attach an extended quickdraw magazine if you can find one. The fourth group only consists of 1 item and that is the tactical stock. It makes recoil recovery faster and it reduces weapon sway. The tactical stock reduces the animation kick by 10%, the sway by another 10%, it improves the recoil recovery by 15% and it affects the recoil pattern with 20%. If we add everything up then we end up with a 55% improvement. Which is definitely not bad for one single item. The bullet pattern confirms this and the pattern is a lot tighter when you use a tactical stock. In our 5th group we will explore the extra advantages of attaching a sight. The 15x, 8x and the 4x scope give you a higher level of magnification, pretty obvious right.

I started with these scopes because the only advantage that you receive is the magnification it self. The other scopes and sights on the other hand, do give you some extra benefits. For example the 2x times scope also improves the time it takes to go to ads by 10%. The red dot sight and the holographic sight do even better than that and they improve this time by 20%. This is a significant advantage and it’s also the reason why I don’t run around anymore with a 4x scope on my primary weapon. I spend a lot of time in the cities or near buildings where people can jump on you, the bigger the reduction on the time it takes to aim down sights the better. Player unknown’s battlegrounds is a game where these details can have a big effect on your survival time and on your chances of getting another chicken dinner. So try to do everything that you do with your own advantage in mind.

Also in the final stage of the game, where there is only one other guy left alive, it’s usually better to stick with a red dot or a holographic sight because that one statistic that you are improving with 20%, can mean the difference between winning or losing. All of this is situational of course, and if you have to cross and open field then it might make sense to attach the 4x if you expect to be fired upon from far away. This is a time where being able to see your enemy clearly is more important than saving 20% when you aim down sights. On paper, the most advantageous loadout for an m416 in player unknown’s battlegrounds, when you don’t need stealth, is a compensator, an angled foregrip, an extended quickdraw magazine and a tactical stock. If it is a short range firefight then make sure to bring a red dot or a holographic sight. This loadout has a total improvement of 215%.

The great thing about a video like this is that you can now easily decide on which attachments to keep and which ones to swap. As you can imagine, it took me a lot of time and effort to record all of this in a public server, and many times I have died in the process. But I happily took the bullets for you guys. All I would like to ask in return, is a like on this video, and if you are new to this channel then please subscribe. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds mythbusting attachments, battlegrounds mythbusting attachments, pubg mythbusting attachments.

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