Hi guys FOG of GAMING here and welcome to player unknown’s Battlegrounds. Today I will show you all the advanced tips and tricks that you need to get you on your way to victory. No more losing, only winning. You can mess with people’s minds when you have a silencer, if a guy is hiding behind a tree, then shoot the tree but aim at the left side of that tree, the guy will think that his enemy has a shot on him from that side so he will move to the right of the tree giving you a perfect shot, he will expose himself thinking that he is in cover, even your very last opponent will fall for that trick (also use the same footage from the 1st tips and tricks video) All of this has to do with how the sound works in battlegrounds but that is for another video. Speaking about sound, if you played sniper elite for example then you know that you can use other sounds, for example the sound of an approaching airplane to mask your own footsteps.

This would be a perfect time to launch your attack. You can cook your normal grenades, smoke grenades, stun grenades and you can even cook a molotov cocktail. It will take 5 seconds to detonate from the moment that you press the button, or 4 seconds from the moment that you pull the pin. Most doors will open in the direction that you want to go. In other words, 95 percent of the time you will have to push to open a door. So if you walk past a building and the door is open, with the door being on the outside of the house, then the guy has left that building and he has moved on to the next one. A lot of people have a pattern, in other words they are predictable. The easiest opponent is a guy who always leaves the doors open. This will give you the opportunity to track him down and you can easily set up and ambush because even tho you never saw him you know exactly where he is and you also know where he is going. I will give you a quick example, the grey building on the left, both doors are open so he’s not in here, the pink house next to that, the door is open but it’s on the outside so he’s not in there anymore, now make an educated guess, where this guy is going to be? Exactly! He will be searching for weapons in the first blue building.

So setup your ambush over there and get ready to make an easy kill. Also check the door hinges when you decide to stay in the same spot for a short period of time. It’s a good idea to relocate to a place that gives you a great view of the surrounding area but that also give you cover if an enemy is sneaking up to you. He will have to push to open the door, so make sure that when he opens the door that you were in a spot behind that open door. That way you can protect yourself from a sneaky bastard who made a silent approach. I’m sure that you know that you can use freelook when you are lying down. When you come out of freelook, so when you release that button, your character is going to move around for no reason. He will move 90 degrees to the left or to the right and then he will go back to his original position.

I presume that you were lying down in the first place because you don’t want to be seen by your enemies and the last thing that you want is to move around for absolutely no reason. Do this at the wrong time and you will be dead because people are good at detecting movement. Luckily there is a way to avoid that, when you decide to come back out of freelook then hold down your right mouse button before you release your freelook button and you character will remain perfectly still.

As you know the third person camera is great for spotting people who aren’t able to spot you. This works great behind cover and on rooftops. If you decide to launch your attack then take time to aim and make sure that your first shot counts, the guy won’t know what hit him, he will experience a startle effect and it will take time before he is able to react, which gives you the opportunity to finish him off. The third person camera is great for luring your enemy out in the open.

If you prefer single fire then shoot slowly when you are still acquiring your target and sho ot as fast as possible as soon as you’re hitting your target. It will make it easier for you to control your aim and it will allow you to kill faster. Some people swear by using single fire all the time, other people will always select full auto. Try to do both and adjust it according to the situation. Full auto is great for close range firefights but it will mess up your aim at further ranges. So in that case select single fire. It doesn’t mean that you can’t kill with single fire in a close range firefight, but it might be a little bit more difficult than if you were using full auto. If you change the camera from your right shoulder to your left shoulder then you will be able to see more of that side.

That way you can use the outside of your view to track your enemy. In other words you will be able to see him, but he won’t be able to see you. Just for info the range of the shotguns is much larger than what you might think. So don’t hesitate to pull the trigger when you think that the distance might be too big because most of the time it’s not. I know that you will always look left and right when you decide to leave a building. The problem is that the enemy expects you to do that because let’s face it everybody does that in player unknown’s battlegrounds. He will wait for you to move in a certain direction so that he can jump on you. That’s why it’s always a good idea to double check by using the freelook, you would be surprised of what you can see sometimes.

No matter how close you sit to a widow they will always limit your ability to spot enemy movement. They are dirty and they have scratches so get rid of them as soon as possible. The frying pan is a great tool for the job but if you know that you are alone then just shoot them out, I’m sure that you can spare the ammo. The developers of player unknown’s battlegrounds put in a lot of work in making the weapons look and feel realistic.

I don’t want to state the obvious but your scope is attached on top of your weapon. This doesn’t mean that if you are crouching near a window and your scope can clearly see you enemy, that your bullet will hit your target. The windowframe might still be blocking your shot even tho you can’t see that red indicator that tells you that you will hit the wall. You can use a shotgun, or any other weapon to aggressively shoot out a door and you can do the same thing with a grenade. In the very end the map does not get any smaller anymore, in other words you will have all the time in the world to figure out how to win. If you are driving the buggy then never waste time searching for the perfect parking spot.

This thing is loud and I heard this guy from the other side of the school, you’re basically saying, here I am please kill me. Just abandon your vehicle at a safe distance away from a building and your chances of survival will increase dramatically. The same goes for boats, it’s better to jump out at a safe distance from the beach and to swim the rest of the way than to alert an enemy who happens to be running around near the cliffs. If you have a car then do no hesitate to use it as a weapon. A silent approach is best so try to keep a constant speed, this will keep the noise level down, when you get closer and the time is right, then floor it and use the speed boost. It will warn the enemy but it will also create a startle effect, which will keep him stationary for long enough so that you can easily kill him. The car is also a great weapon in the very early stages of the game, but I really do not know why that guy didn’t kill me.

I’m sure that you will do better than that. Instead of running across the bridge and exposing yourself to approaching vehicles, it might be a better idea to swim across. It will take longer but at least you can remain hidden. If you aim down you will dive, just keep an eye on your lungs. Resurface as soon as you are running out of air and stop moving for a second so that you can recover. You can also hold your breath if you press the shift key when you aim down sights.

This will give you the usual benefits. The same principle applies here, so don’t sprint after holding your breath because you won’t be able to recover. If you want to move fast but you still want to keep a low profile then try running in shallow water. It’s a lot faster than swimming and you are still able to fight back. In the early stages of the game a lot of people are going to die. These are the guys that landed very close to other players.

I kept track of some of the stats and the timings, keep in mind that everything can vary depending on the airplane’s trajectory and on how many people go to a certain place. We don’t have a proper in game timer so we will use the play area timer instead. The first circle has a 5 minute countdown and the main thing that I noticed is that the first 20 people will die in the first minute of that countdown. It will then take another 2 minutes before 10 more people will lose their chance of that chicken dinner. There is a reason why I’m telling you all of this. It’s very unlikely that people are going to move away from their landing zone in the first few minutes of the game because they are still gathering their weapons and equipment.

If you are the only one landing in a certain area then you should be safe in the very beginning, but not for long of course. The moment that you should start worrying about other people leaving their own landing zone and possibly moving into your is when you see about 70 players alive in the top right corner. This is a ballpark figure and it will vary but it’s a good time to go from your equipment gathering mode which is loud and fast to a more stealth approach so that you can hear the other players who are getting close to you. It will be easy to kill these guys because you know that they are there but they have no clue that they are being hunted. While you are here why not check out one of these videos and by the way guys the Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in battlegrounds. Player unknowns battlegrounds tip and tricks.

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