Hi guys FOG of GAMING here and welcome to Battlegrounds. Today I will show you all the tips and tricks they you need to get you on your way to victory. No more losing, only winning. Let’s start in the very center of the map, this place is a gold mine. You will always find the best weapons here so it pays off to learn this area by heart. Sure, in most games you will have to fight off a few guys in the first minutes, but you can make them do the heavy lifting for you. Try to find a decent gun and then take your time. Try to sneak up on the first enemy, by now he should have picked some nice gear for you to steal so it will save you time from doing that yourself. If you’re lucky and you arrived here at the same time as 4 other guys then let them do their stuff. They will collect everything for you, and at some point they will start killing each other, so let them be, don’t interfere with their battle. All you have to do is to finish off the last guy and that’s it.

It is by far the fastest way to get your hand on all the gear that you can find in this place. The center of the map will always give you a good fight and the better you get to know this place the higher the chances of survival, plus this place will set you up for the rest of the game because you won’t be needing anything else.

If you want cover then the best thing to do is to wear a black coat and to ly down in the bushes, a guy standing on top of you won’t even see you. The perfect loadout for player unknown’s battlegrounds consists of 1 medium range weapon and 1 long range weapon. Forget about submachine guns, they are only good at close range firefights. Most of the time the last part of the game will take place outdoors, so far it only occurred twice that the last circle was anywhere near a building. So only use submachine guns in the very beginning and get rid of it as soon as you find something better. I will show you how you should set yourself up for maximum success later in the video.

When the game starts, remember or write down where the airplane came from and which trajectory it took. This is very important for your strategy, if you know where the enemy is then the odds will be in your favor. Most people will jump out as soon as it flies over land. If the airplane flies over the center of the map then you will see another big group of people jumping out over here for all the obvious reasons, and hardly anybody can wait long enough until the airplane reaches the far edge of the map, so if you decide to jump out here then you will probably be the only one, not many people have the patience to wait that long. A good strategy is to jump out near the middle and then go to the far left or right. That way you can keep all enemies behind you and if the gameplay comes you way then you will have the advantage.

Make sure that you know a few building around here by heart so that you can take advantage of all the flanking possibilities and so that you know where you might find the better weapons. Adjust your playstyle and position according to equipment that you find. If you can’t get your hands on a long range gun or scope then try to stay indoors, or try to go for a spot that will give you a lot of cover so that you can get close to the enemy. When you are falling then look around and see how many people that go to the same area so that you know howmany that you should kill.

Remember to use all of your equipment, I had no problem getting to the last 10, my problem was finishing it, until I discovered the painkillers and the energy drinks, they can push you the extra mile and they can mean the difference between winning and losing. So make sure that you use everything when you are one of the last guys standing. If the other guy has the advantage and he is able to fire the first shots on you and you don’t have much cover then use smoke, sound simple but not many people use it. You can also use it as a distraction because everybody will be looking at the smoke. Not at you. If the guy in front of you landed before you then chase him, he will stop somewhere to pick up a gun and he won’t think about defending himself, so use your fists to make your first brutal kill. On some weapons you will have the option to adjust the zeroing distance. Just forget about this feature because it barely makes any difference.

It will only make it more difficult for you to hit somebody. The bullet drop in battlegrounds is pretty much non existent. The developers made this claim themselves and I managed to confirm this in game. The amount that a bullet will drop is almost nothing, and with that I mean don’t bother aiming above your enemy’s head because your bullet will end up missing your target. Just point and click, that’s it. Be careful tho because you will still have to lead your target, but not by much.

In the worst case scenario, when he is running from right to left then you will have to lead him by twice the width of his character. If you don’t know who is shooting at you or where he is shooting from, then stop running as soon as he stops shooting, usually this will mean that the guy can’t see you anymore and that you are safe, for awhile at least. If you are still in the early stage of the game, let’s say more than 50 people still alive then feel free to use a car as bait. A lot of people will change their plans as soon as they see an empty vehicle, making this a great opportunity for you to lay down your ambush. If you decided to use the vehicle yourself and the the next play area is far away, then drive towards the center of the circle.

The chances that there is nobody there are bigger than you might think. This will increase your chances of survival. The guys who don’t have a vehicle will usually follow the outside of the circle so you would draw way too much attention to yourself if you decide to stop there in your loud ride because you have no clue where the enemy is but they all know where you are. If you are running and you don’t have a vehicle then try to use the freelook to watch both ways, so left and right, and occasionally look behind you as well when you plan to stop moving for a while, just make sure you use freelook so that the other guy has no clue that you spotted him.

Don’t worry too much about your handgun, it only matters in the beginning. 99% of the time you will find something better, so forget about your handgun as soon as you have a decent primary weapon. How to setup yourself up for maximum success. 90% of the time you will end up with 2 assault rifles.The ideal loadout consists of a good main weapon that is good for close to medium range engagements. You should also modify your weapon accordingly, an 8 time scope does not make sense for your main gun. A red dot, or something similar is all you need. The other attachments that you equip should enhance your close to medium range killing capabilities. For example an extended quickdraw magazine is better than a quickdraw magazine and that is better than an extended magazine. An angled foregrip is better for this gun because it shortens the transition time between hip-fire and ADS view, so that you can bring up your scope more quickly.

Also make sure to set the firing mode to automatic or to burst. Your second primary weapons should be more suited for long range kills, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sniper rifle, another assault rifle is perfect. Set it up for long range kills, here the 8 times scope comes in handy, a 4 times scope is also good. Set the fire mode to single fire because you don’t need auto or burst for long range kills. A foregrip or a vertical foregrip is better than an angled one because it will increase stability and it will reduce the drift of the weapon when fired. Set yourself up like this and you will be the most versatile killing machine in the game, it will allow you to kill everything and everyone in normal fire fights and you will still have the ability to make those long range kills.

Body armor speaks for itself, the higher the level the better the protection, but keep an eye on it because it will also take damage when you get shot. So it might be a good idea to find a replacement from time to time. Forget about your melee weapon, that frying pan isn’t going to win the game for you. If you didn’t get a long range scope for your second assault rifle then just use a red dot, you would be surprised how accurate you can be. Always check the place where you normally pick up weapons from, sometimes the guns are hidden in the floor.

When you see a fight happening then let them be, no need to interfere unless absolutely necessary. The easiest way to walk away from this is to let them do their thing while you are setting yourself up for a easy kill. Wait until one of them is stealing all the stuff from the guy he just killed, he will be stuck in a menu, get close enough and finish him off. On the other hand you should als pick your fights wisely, killing somebody is easy, knowing when the leave is not.

If the other guy is in a superior position and he managed to hit you a few times then it might be a good idea to back out of this fight, the chances are not in your favor and the last thing you want is to die here and now, you want to make it to the final, a victory is more important that 1 more kill during the early stages of the game. Try to jump out of the airplane as close as possible to the place where you want to be. Dive straight down so that you can get there faster than anybody else, the quicker you get your feet on the ground the bigger your chances of survival.

If another car overtakes you then follow him because he just made a crucial mistake. Just wait for him to jump out and just roadkill him, he won’t have the time to do anything. Just remember that your car has a speed boost so use it often but wisely. When you find yourself in the red zone then make sure that you go inside a building because it might kill you. In the beginning the play area will get smaller faster than you can run, at some point it is at approximately the same speed. So you will be able to keep up with the blue circle on your map when it’s getting smaller when there are about 30 people left. It’s not based on the player count but we don’t have an in game timer so it’s all we got.

At least you have something now so that you can estimate it. A clean headshot does not necessarily kill an enemy if he is wearing a proper helmet. Never drive up to a building and park your car right next to it, everybody who is inside that building will hear you and they will have the advantage. A good tactic is to use a car as an ambush location, or even a supply drop but this is a little but riskier. Try to balance your playstyle, be aggressive at the right time and corner your enemy, don’t let him get away if you have the upper hand. On the other side sometimes you have to let your enemy make the mistakes, and let him come to you, let him come close and strike at the right time. Make sure that you hold your fire until you absolutely certain that you will kill him. You can shoot from a car maffia style, even when playing solo, just swap seats, press the right mouse button and start shooting, it’s not the most accurate thing to do but it will definitely surprise your enemy.

In this player unknown’s battlegrounds it’s OK to be a sneaky bastard, so alway remember to lie down and to use the terrain to your advantage, be aware of your surrounding and be sneaky. This small bush was all it took for me to get close to the last guy without being see, the only thing I that I had to do was to kill him without exposing myself. While you are here why not check out one of these videos and by the way guys the Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds tips and tricks. Battlegrounds tips and tricks.

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