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Player Unknowns Battlegrouns My 500th 2v1v1 – A guide to win more duo games By: strugglebusses


First of all, yes I have kept track because 2v1v1s in duos are my absolute favorite scenario, especially when the duo gets the zone. I love when the odds are as bad as possible. That being said, this is strictly TPP play related as I hate FPP in this game. Most of the same rules still apply.

Out of 500 scenarios, I won 361 of these, the duo won 119 and the other solo won 30. I’ll start with the approach around 12 people. Keep in mind these were generally sweatlord wins with only around 350 ADR.

12 people left – At this point you should be fully aware of where at least 8 people are on the map. You don’t really want to be engaging in any fights as you are trying to make it to the zone with maximum armor and information. Your goal is to get in the next zone, know where the rest of the server is and start formulating how you’ll win the game based on potential zone locations.

8 people left – You should know where every single person on the map is, aside from maybe a solo who is hiding. Theres a very good chance you should also know who is a duo, their guns, their ability to hit their shots, their cover and their mobility situation. Start prioritizing threats at this point. If one of them is knocked and you can finish him freely, do so. Is there a solo near you that threatens your ability to get in the zone? If so, take him out early. The earlier the better, because it gives you time to heal, strategize and also gives time for people to slowly forget about you. This is generally a 2v2v1v1v1vYou

7 left – Similar to 8, but start looking for opportunities to damage the duos left freely. Once you’re at the end, you’ll be glad you did.

6 left – At this point youre probably in the 2nd to final zone in a 2v2v1vYou. Congratulations, it gets easier from here provided people play the way they should. The duos are generally looking to kill the largest threats (strong solos, solos near them and the other duo). Your goal here is to obviously make sure you can get into the next zone, but you’re looking to play spoiler here. Did one of the duos get downed? Finish them! Do you have extra nades? Throw one at the team that is doing the knocking. The other solo should absolutely not be engaging you here if one of the duos is downed. If the 2 duos are still up, this is a decent opportunity to kill the solo if possible.

5 left – This is either a 2v1v1vYou or 2v2vYou. The latter is a little easier to win if you play your hand right. That being said. 2v1v1You – Prioritize survival. Fight for your life if necessary. You have to make it to final 4 here because the 3 solos are generally playing to kill each other here and the duo gets free pickings. You have to make it to 2v1vYou. If its 2v2You, this is fairly easy to win. Youre watching patiently for a knock on one of the duos. Whoever gets knocked, youre their teammate. You don’t move until that happens unless youre in danger or youre 1000% sure that one team is better than the other and you can’t risk the duo v duo playing out because one will kill both. There are instances to where you can flank the duo who does the knocking and kill both. At the time youre in a 1v1, go win it. You can’t wait for the duo to get picked up. If it played out to be a knock on both sides, youre also looking to make a move on whoever appears to has better cover, unless one team is significantly better. This at least gives you cover if the other team gets picked up.

Now to my favorite, a 2v1vYou –

There will be very, very few occurrences to where you will openly want to kill the solo. I would venture it has been 5 times, or less. I can remember one specific occurrence on Mirimar where I knew I could kill the solo, knock the duo from the high ground next to me, then repeek for the win. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. The solo is your duo now. I see so many times to where the solo is looking to kill me. If youre fine with 2nd place, go ahead. If youre looking to win and you kill me, youre a dipshit. Not only will I probably lose if the circle is close with no cover, but you will too.

Leaving the other solo alive provides numerous benefits. The duo has to consider multiple more pieces of information now. Are they on the same team? Will they fight each other? Can that other solo hold us out of zone? The other cover that the solo is at is now contested for longer periods of time, how long can we wait before zone closes to push him? There are so many variables that the duo has to account for leaving you much better chances to win the game. I can remember multiple games where I have left the solo alive and watched from the sidelines. The solo either got the knock, held them out long enough to where zone is hurting them as they run in and I pick them off east, the duo used all utility to fight the solo, etc. All of them resulted in wins for me when the solo contributed to me. I didn’t lose a single game when I had the upper hand.

How much of this is TPP playing a factor? Its definitely up there in reasons, but the plays leading up to it are the main factors.

Why did I write this up? I absolutely love 2v1vYous when they play out correctly and the solos work together. Its similar to scav runs in tarkov when you actually get people who want to group up. It’s so satisfying to work together towards a mutual goal without ever having communicated. There is just a mutual understanding. I see far too often that the solo aside from me in a 2v1v1 gets nervous and feels threatened by me and wants to fight me. Honestly, your odds to win the game are better by taking your chances and ignoring me and hoping I don’t kill you than trying to fight me and then getting pushed by the duo while you’re weak (if you did actually manage to kill me).

TL;DR – Pubs arent a tournament. 2nd place is as bad as last. Don’t kill your solo honorary teammate in a 2v1v1 unless your hand is forced.


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