The PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made huge changes to the game’s ballistics system. This means that there are new things that we have to take into account when we use our favourite weapons. Today, we will take a very close look at the AKM to see exactly how the update changed this assault rifle. I will show you the weapon’s most important stats, features, and I will expose this gun’s hidden traits. Unlike the other weapons in our previous update videos, the AKM fires mm rounds, giving this assault rifle a damage rating of 49 points. This is a slight increase from the 48 damage rating that it previously had. The PC update introduced Hit Area Modifiers to PUBG, and that means that each part of the body will take different amounts of damage.

For this video, we will specify how much damage an AKM will do to each hit area. Most of the torso will take 49 damage points per shot . The belly button area will take slightly less damage at points per shot, while the chest will take slightly more damage at points, and that shaves off more than one half of your enemy’s health bar. Take this into account the next time you play pubg because if you aim for an unprotected chest with an AKM, then you will need 2 shots to kill. If you aim everywhere else on the torso, you’ll need 3. If your target is wearing a level 1 Vest, he’ll generally take 3 shots to kill. The only exception for this is when you shoot him in the belly button area, because then you will need 4 shots to kill. A level 2 vest will protect the body so that it takes 4 shots to kill, and a level 3 vest will extend that to 5 shots. The head will take 1damage with one shot from the AKM, and as you could have guessed, this will instantly kill.

You can take an additional shot to the head before dying if you wear a helmet. Since the helmets now protect the neck as well, it is now very important to specify how much damage it will take. With one shot from an AKM, the neck will take damage points. That will kill a character in only two shots. You will need the best helmet if you want to increase the shot-to-kill requirement to 3. The biceps and thighs will take damage per shot, so shooting your enemy 4 times with an AKM will result in a kill. The forearms and shins take damage, so you need to shoot 5 times for a kill.

The hands and feet will take damage, so you will need 8 shots. I’m sure that you have noticed that the biceps and thighs will take more damage from an AKM than the torso with level 3 vest. This can come in handy if you have to aim at an enemy, and you can’t get a clear headshot. The AKM fires very slowly at seconds per shot. It stayed the same despite the patches that have been implemented. Firing 10 shots per second means that this gun deals 490 damage per second, which is the second lowest DPS for assault rifles. The AKM also has a slow reload speed of 2.9s, which gives the gun a sustained DPS of 249. The only AR with a lower SDPS is the AUG A3 at 212. As you might expect, the AKM has a very high spread rating of 0.15. Firing it at full auto while aiming down your sights will cause a lot of camera shake like you could have seen in this video, but the good news is that the bullet pattern doesn’t exactly deviate to one particular direction.

The bullets alternate from left to right but the overall pattern will be almost like a straight line. This gun will definitely present a challenge if you want to aim at your enemies head in full auto. The akm has a bullet speed of 715 meters per second. That means that you do not only have to compensate for the recoil, but you will also have to lead your targets a lot more. If you do manage to land a hit, your shot will deal significant damage up to a 380m effective range. The AKM can only equip three types of attachments but it cannot accept custom foregrips or stocks. This means that you have to deal with the recoil in full force. Other than the compensator, nothing can reduce the recoil of the gun. Speaking of compensators, the muzzle is also compatible with a flash hider, or a suppressor, so you can switch between any of these depending on the situation. The akm can accept the usual magazines like an Extended, Quickdraw, or Extended Quickdraw magazine. The QuickDraw mags are definitely a must so that you can increase the reload speed so that you can benefit from a higher sdps.

The akm is better suited for long range kills than you might think. It can use an 8x scope and it can deal a lot of damage at range, but you will have to compensate for the slower bullet velocity. The great thing is that it has a natural tendency to return to it’s original aiming points, allowing you to fire off consecutive rounds much faster. This is one of the hidden traits that the AKM has that you won’t easily find in the statistics. This gun causes the highest amount of flinch among assault rifles. Hitting your enemy will not only mess up their aim during a firefight, but it can also put them under pressure. Because of the flinch effect, your shots can cause your enemy to miss his shots and this help you with winning this firefight. This is a crucial trait because your gun has a very low DPS, so the only way you can deal with this disadvantage is if you can mess up your enemy’s aim.

We know that the AKM suffers from a very high recoil penalty, it has the second lowest DPS and SDPS, and it has a somewhat long reload time. It’s best to put ourselves in situations where these weaknesses have the least impact, so that we can take advantage of the high single shot damage. At longer ranges you are forced to use single fire, so your high single shot damage output gives you an advantage. You will have to practice using this weapon at longer ranges with a 4x or an 8x scope, because the recoil and the bullet speed will have a heavy influence on your aim. You want to be in a situation where you can hide and take the time to reload when needed, without having to worry about somebody sneaking up to you. Since you are firing rounds with this gun, it’s a good idea to pair the AKM with a gun that fires 5.56.

Pairing this gun with a sniper Rifle will hurt your versatility in combat, especially in the later stages of the game when the play area is very small. In that case you’re better off bringing an M416 for example, as this gun perform better in close to medium range firefights and it will allow you to use full auto to shoot at enemies who are much further away. Keep in mind that this gun can be used as a replacement sniper Rifle. Prioritize scopes and muzzle attachments for this gun so that you can improve your performance at long range. These were all the new stats and features of AKM after the PC version came out. Use the information in this video to get your hands on your next chicken dinner with the akm. In the next video we will take a closer look at the Groza, so make sure to subscribe so that you will be the first one to see the video.This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds..

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