Welcome to the AUG A3 in playerunknown’s battlegrounds. This new weapon is only available in air drops so you will have to chase the airplane in order to get your hands on this beast of a weapon. The official stats have not yet been released, so today we will do a weapons showcase about the AUG A3 aka Steyr AUG A3. It’s a variant of a bull-pup assault rifle, it has a high muzzle velocity, a high rate of fire and low vertical recoil. It uses 5.56mm cartridges and this is what the basic in game stats look like. A decent amount of power, a high effective range thanks to that high muzzle velocity, the stability looks quite low but I will show you exactly how stable it is in the bullet pattern test and it has a high rate of fire. I would not be surprised that this will be the new king of the jungle when you compare all assault rifles in battlegrounds.

There is a reason why they are hiding this in the supply drops. Most of the time they hide all great weapons in those things so that it takes effort and not only luck in order to be able to play with the AUG. Usually this means that this gun will be slightly better than all other weapons in it’s class. As you can see the clean bullet pattern does not look very fancy, the bullet are all over the place. If you use the targeting mode then it will become slightly better but take a look at what happens when you aim down sights. I have never seen any assault rifle come close to a bullet pattern like this, it is almost a perfect straight line, and that is without any attachments, pretty impressive. It is very clear that you should try to take advantage of this because you can easily compensate for this bullet pattern. If you attach a compensator then you will improve the overall recoil pattern. For more information then check out this video.

The most dramatic effect takes place when you look at the bullet pattern when you use the targeting mode. Suddenly we are starting to see a much tighter pattern, it’s still not perfect but at least you will have a much easier time hitting your enemy. The overall effect on ads is not that big, you will still get a straight line and the bullet will be closer together. So the compensator isn’t that big of a deal if you can force yourself to use ads most of the time. A vertical foregrip also has an effect on the recoil pattern, but the effect is definitely smaller than the effect of the compensator. The initial bullet pattern is still terrible and very unreliable, the targeting mode is better and you can definitely place this pattern in the middle between the basic AUG A3 and the one with a compensator.

And as you could have guessed there is only a minor improvement when you decide to use ads. You can also attach an extended magazine for example and this will increase the magazine size from 30 to 40 bullets, same as the other assault rifles. The weapon can be used in single fire and in full auto. But which one is best. Single fire definitely has benefits for longer range kills and it is best used when you attach an 8 times scope for example, but that speaks for itself. You can use it to kill with a red dot or with something similar, but you will be limiting yourself a little bit.

I understand that many guys love to use single fire because it gives them more control over the weapon, but the AUG A3 is so stable in ads that is definitely makes sense to make an exception for this weapon. Use that straight line that you saw in the bullet pattern test and compensate for it, this is one of the easiest weapons in playerunknown’s battlegrounds, you just have to pull your mouse straight down and that’s it, you don’t have to pull off some weird trick in order to keep firing at your enemy. Just point, click and drag your mouse downwards while you are shooting, you won’t even have to pull it down very much because this weapon is relatively easy to use.

By doing so you will be maximising the potential of the AUG A3. I always looks for ways to give you guys the advantage and I discovered a new aspect that comes with the new 8x scope. As you know we had access to this new 8x scope in the test servers, the zoom level on this new 8x scope can be adjusted, making this scope more user friendly. Not only does it allow you to zoom in and out, it also allows you to hide the grass, in other words by using the zoom level you can make grass appear and disappear, and by doing that you can also make the player hiding in the grass appear and disappear. True this is a sneaky way to kill a person, but they designed the game that way so there is absolutely no reason not to take advantage of this special feature. I’m sure that your enemy will not hesitate to do the same thing if he accidently stumbles on this additional function.

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