Welcome to the groza in playerunknown’s battlegrounds. The PC version changed the game’s ballistics in a big way. All of our favourite weapons are affected by this change, which means we now have to use them in a slightly different way for them to stay effective. Today, we will take an in-depth look at the Groza to see exactly what changes were made to this assault rifle. I will show you everything that you need to know about the groza, including the things that aren’t obvious in the stats.

We will use all of the information available right now to figure out how to unlock the gun’s full potential. Just like the AKM, the Groza fires the 7.62mm round. That’s why this assault rifle has a damage rating of 49 points. This used to be 48 points, but it was buffed up when the recent patches came out. Since Hit Area Modifiers have been introduced, each part of the body will take different amounts of damage. Let’s take a look at how much damage the Groza will do to each part of the body. This gun will deal 49 damage points per shot to the torso. It will deal points for a shot to the belly button area but it will deal a slightly more damage to the upper chest with points per shot. This takes away more than half of a player’s health bar, so shooting an unprotected chest twice will result in a kill. The Groza will need three shots to make a kill if you hit your enemy anywhere else on the torso. The gun will still need three shots if your enemy is wearing a level 1 Vest.

Try not to shoot him in the belly button area because then you will need 4 shots to kill. You will need to hit a level 2 vest 4 times before your enemy dies, and 5 shots if he is wearing the best vest. The Groza can cause 1damage points if you shoot him in the head and It will need two headshots to kill if the target is wearing any kind of helmet. The neck is now protected by the helmet since the PC version, With one shot, the groza will deal damage points to an unprotected neck so It will need two shots to the neck for a kill, but if the target is wearing a Level 3 helmet, then the gun will need one extra shot.

The Groza can hurt biceps and thighs for damage per shot, so the gun will need to land four shots on those areas to make a kill. The Groza will damage forearms and shins with points per shot and it takes five shots in order to make a kill. The groza will cause damage per shot to hands and feet, so you will need eight shots to kill. If you look back at the numbers, then you will notice that the Groza will deal more damage to the biceps and thighs than a torso with a level 3 vest. Unlike the AKM, the Groza has a very good rate of fire with seconds per shot. It’s a good thing that the recent patches didn’t change this, because firing about 12 shots per second allows it to deal 613 damage points. This is the highest DPS among all the assault rifles but it takes 3 seconds to reload, giving the gun a sustained DPS rating of 272. Just like the AKM, the Groza has a very high spread rating of and it has the lowest bullet speed of 715 meters per second.

With this gun, you will have to compensate for the recoil and you will have to lead your targets a lot more than some of the 5.56mm assault rifles. It is effective up to a range of 380m. The Groza is only compatible with a very limited number of attachments. It cannot accept custom foregrips or stocks, so you have to deal with its strong recoil in full force. If you’re thinking of attaching a compensator to help you with the recoil, then you’re going to be disappointed.

Suppressors are the only muzzle attachments compatible with this weapon. Luckily, this gun can accept Extended, Quickdraw, and Extended Quickdraw mags. Prioritize these so that you can make the reload times easier to manage. The Groza can accept sights and scopes up to a 4x scope. You might think that this is a disadvantage, but the 8x doesn’t work quite well with the guns recoil anyway.

This is because the gun kicks back so hard that it becomes difficult to re-adjust your aim for your follow up shots.The 4x scope suits the Groza better and The recoil will be easier to manage. Just like the AKM, the Groza causes the highest amount of flinch among assault rifles. This means that you are messing up your enemy’s aim when you hit your target. The groza has a high ROF but this is balanced out by a slower reload which results in an okay SDPS. It’s decent range stat is held back by its slow bullet speed rating, and its high single shot damage is balanced out by recoil that is equal to the AKM. If we want to unlock the Groza’s full potential, then we will have to look at the stats a different way. You have a high damage output and you’re able to fire at a rate that’s only second to the M16’s fast bursts. This makes the gun a excellent choice for close range firefights.

Most enemies will die before you empty your magazine, so the 3s reload speed becomes less of a problem, unless you are dealing with multiple enemies at the same time. The recoil isn’t going to be too difficult to handle at this range as long as you do not underestimate it. Keep in mind that if the AKM already feels hard for you to control, then the Groza is going to be even harder. Imagine trying to compensate for the recoil of a gun that kicks just as hard as the AKM but fires way faster. It’s hard to practice with the Groza because you can only get this gun in Care Packages.

I’m sure that we all know how difficult it can be to get near these crates when there are so many people around. The best you can do is keep practicing with the AKM’s recoil so that you won’t have a hard time once you do get this gun. The Groza also works well at mid range but you might need to use single fire in these situations if you want to make a quick and accurate kill. The bullet speed won’t affect you too much in mid range fire fights so it’s not that difficult to lead your target. The weapon will challenge you more in a long range firefight, because of the slow bullet speed and the lack of 8x scope. The guys who managed to get their hands on the Groza are at their most dangerous when the play area is very small, especially with a red dot and a suppressor.

They can kill extremely fast and they can remain hidden at the same time, it’s a very significant advantage.. These were all the things you need to know about the Groza in playerunknown’s battlegrounds. Even after the PC patch, this gun is still a force to be reckoned with. Use the information that you saw in this video on your way to your next chicken dinner. In the next video we will take a good look at the AUG A3, which is also a Care Package exclusive Assault Rifle. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds..

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