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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds – How to Play [PUBG GUIDE]


Get free in-game loot in with Twitch Prime – https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/ In Player Unknowns Battlegrounds 100 players enter, but only one be crowned victorious, and go home with a sweet chicken dinner. From shooting to looting we?ve got everything you need to know to dominate from the moment you leap out of the plane! First the basics. The game takes place on a large island and as a player you will need to scavenge for weapons and gear and fight other players to keep yourself alive. To make things even more interesting the island is enclosed in a large circle that will shrink as the game goes on, get caught outside of the circle and you?ll start taking damage, but the smaller the circle gets the closer the players are pushed together until the final showdown ensues.

Everything begins on a plane flying high above the map and its time to make your first decision, where to jump out. There are hotspots for loot all over the map but the best areas can become heavily contested. If you go for one of these locations you’re more likely to start out with some good weapons, but only if you can survive the early fighting. The alternative is to go for a more remote area, there probably won’t be as much good loot, but you’re also less likely to run into other players early on giving you more time to explore. Also the longer you wait on the plane the less likely you are to have other players around as most will jump out early on. Regardless of where you choose to land there are some factors to take into account in how you reach the ground. If you?re able to jump out the plane directly over your target destination you want to aim straight down to fall as fast as possible, dont open your parachute, the game will do it for you at the last possible moment.

The sooner you hit the deck the sooner you can get a weapon to defend yourself. If you’re going for hotly contested area this is a must. If your target destination is further away from where you jumped out you should avoid diving, keep your speed under 130 kilometers an hour to maximise the distance you can travel while falling and point your crosshair to the horizon. If its even further away you will have to open your shoot early to reach it. With your feet on the ground its now time to start looting. Early on grab anything useful you can find. You?ll be able to drop things later as you find better loot, but a crappy gun is better than no gun when the bullets start flying. Looting quickly is key so I have a useful tip for you.

Rather than pressing the F key to pick up items you can open up your inventory and just right click the items you want to grab. If you landed near other players ignore everything that isn’t a gun until you’re armed, if someone else picks up a useful item you can just take it off their corpse. The basics of what the gear does is pretty self explanatory, backpacks give you more carrying capacity, armor lets you survive more hits to specific areas of the body and so on.

Equipment like this also has levels, the higher the level the better the gear. Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, early on grab whatever you can but as the game goes on be sure to upgrade to better weapons as you find them, for most players assault rifles are what you want. Also as you pick up new weapons make sure to drop any ammo you will no longer be needing to free up inventory space.

Keep an eye out for attachments like scopes, suppressors and stocks to improve your weapons. To equip the attachments either drag and drop them into highlighted slots or right click to automatically equip them. You?ll also find items that will heal your character. Things like Bandages and Medkits will heal you instantly while painkillers and energy drinks will fill your boost bar located above your health bar. The more boost you have the more perks you will get. Being in the first part of the boost bar adds healing over time, being in the second increases that healing. The third adds a sprint speed increase and the fourth makes you go even faster. Equipment like armor will only have a certain amount of durability so you will likely need to replace things if you take too much damage. Now you?ve got some weapons, armor and consumables its time to go kick some ass, but always remember the odds are already against you, don’t take risks you don’t have to.

Gunfights will always draw attention to you, so while you’re busy engaging somebody your likely have someone else coming up behind you. Try to only take fights you have to or in situations where you know you have the advantage. If you see two players fighting don’t be afraid to let one just kill the other, when they run other to loot the corpse you will get an easy kill. Do whatever it takes to give yourself an edge. The same principle can be used if you find a supply drop or vehicle, they will likely draw attention from other players so if you find a good spot you can safely camp it and pick of targets. Other than players your next biggest threat is the enclosing circle. As the game progresses a blue circle will close in restricting the play area, if you’re on the outside of the circle you?ll take damage.

Luckily the circle is displayed on the map so be aware of how close you are. The blue line represents where the circle currently is, the white line is where it will head next. Pop ups on screen will tell you how long you have until the circle closes to white line. Keeping ahead of the circle might seem simple but when you?re caught up looting buildings and fighting other players it can sneak up on you quickly and once its on you your only hope of out running it is with a vehicle. You can counteract some of the damage by having the heal over time effect active in your boost bar, also if you’re trying to outrun the circle holster your weapon to move faster. You can also utilise the circle to protect your back. If you have the wall close behind you it means you only have to focus on what’s in front.

From time to time you will also see red circles appear on your map, if it’s on top of you it’s time to move as these mark area?s that are about to be bombed! Either escape the radius ro get inside a building. Lastly we have a few quick tips that will give you an even greater advantage over the enemy. Crank up the volume, being able to hear gunfire, vehicles and footsteps clearly will be amazingly helpful. Closing doors behind you can conceal your location, most players will assume a building with closed doors hasn?t been looted yet. Bushes can provide great visual cover, use them to your advantage to avoid the gaze of passers by but also be aware that the enemy could be hiding in one waiting to pounce! Holding Alt will let you look around without changing direction while running, this is great to let you keep an eye out as you move around the map.

It will also allow you to look in other directions while lying prone without moving your entire character and giving away your position. Hopefully this guide will give you a better understanding of how to succeed in Battlegrounds as well as a few tips to give you an edge over the enemy. If you have any tips you?d like to add please post them in the comments below! As always this is James for Curse saying thanks for watching, and enjoy the game! Get free in-game loot in with Twitch Prime – https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/

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