The PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gave the game’s ballistics system a major overhaul. It changed the way that all of our favourite guns work. Today, we will re-examine the M416 to see exactly how much this weapon has changed. I will show you the weapon’s most important stats, features and I will expose things about the M416 that don’t show up on the stats. Just like all of the assault rifles in the game, the damage rating of the M416 is 44 points. It used to be weaker at 41 but the recent patches gave it a buff. Thanks to the PC update, different parts of the body now take different amounts of damage. For this video, we are going to specify how much damage each part of the body takes. Your torso will generally take 44 damage points but your upper chest will take more damage at 48.4.

A shot to the belly button area will be slightly weaker, dealing damage points. If you don’t have a vest, you will will take 3 shots to the torso before dying. You can usually survive one extra shot to the body if you are wearing a level 2 vest. A Level 1 vest will do the same thing, unless you take hits to the upper chest. You can usually take 6 shots to the body with a Level 3 Vest before you die. If your enemy hits you in your upper chest, you will die in only 5 shots.

One shot to your head from the M416 will cause 1damage points and of course it will immediately kill you. With a Level 1 or 2 helmet, you can survive a headshot before dying to the second shot, but you can take a total of 3 shots with the best helmet in battlegrounds. Your neck will take damage points, so you will die if you get hit there twice. Since the helmets now protect the neck as well, a level 2 or 3 helmet will allow you to survive one extra shot to the neck.

Your biceps and thighs will take damage, so getting shot there 5 times by an M416 will kill you. Your forearms and shins take damage and you can survive one more shot than your biceps and thighs. Lastly, your hands and feet will take damage, which can kill you after nine shots. The M416 has a rate of fire of 1 shot per 0.086 seconds, which is an improvement from the seconds per shot. The result is that you will be able to fire 11 shots per second which means that you can cause 513 Damage points per Second, which is pretty decent for an assault rifle. The M416 has the fastest reload time of all the assault rifles with 2.1s. That’s why this gun has a sustained DPS of 283 and the only AR that has a bigger SDPS is the M16A4 with 297. An unmodified M416 has a spread rating of just like the SCAR L. Firing while aiming down your sights, your bullet pattern will go up and to the left.

The M416 has a 360m effective range and it has a bullet speed of 880 meters per second. The M416 can accept nearly every attachment imaginable. The gun’s lower rails can accept angled and vertical foregrips. You can equip the usual magazines and you can attach a compensator, a flash hider, or a suppressor to the gun’s muzzle. You can also deal with targets from nearly all ranges because the M416 can use sights and scopes up to an 8x scope. Most importantly, this is the only assault rifle that can accept a tactical stock. This tactical stock can be very useful because it will elevate the M416 to a whole new level. A lot of people say that this attachment only makes the recoil look better. That’s partly true because this does reduce the randomness of the recoil pattern. It also makes the gun’s kick and sway look less strong. That being said, there is more to the Tactical Stock than just a visual improvement. What really makes this attachment so special is that it allows you to recover from recoil faster. Recoil recovery refers to how fast your gun will go from fully deflected back to its original position.

With this attachment on, your M416 will quickly move back to where you were aiming it after a shot. It doesn’t actually reduce the recoil itself, but it does allow you to deal with it better. A fully customized M416 is much easier to control than a fully customized SCAR L. There is no reason not to swap out the Scar L for the M416 if you manage to find it. There are a few things about the M416 that you won’t learn by looking at the stats. It has one of the most easy to use iron sights in the game. With it, you can see exactly where your bullet is going to go, and it doesn’t block your view of the target like the Iron Sights of the SCAR L. The M416 causes a very low amount of flinch, less than SMGs or even pistols. Imagine carrying the M416 and facing an enemy with a SCAR L. If you and your enemy shoot each other’s body at the same time, then you are going to have a much harder time shooting back at your enemy while keeping your sights on your target, your enemy will have a much easier time.

This can cause you to lose a firefight on equal terms, because your shots are more likely to miss while you’re getting hit. The m416 and the SCAR L have a lot in common when it comes to the stats, they both don’t look great on paper. It has the 2nd to lowest range for ARs, decent ROF, good DPS, and decent bullet speed, but it doesn’t excell. The numbers don’t exactly stand out. But make no mistake, there are many reasons why the M416 might be the best assault rifle in battlegrounds. It has the fastest reload speed for assault rifles, which is one of the reasons why the M416 has the 2nd highest SDPS among them, only the M16A4 has a higher sdps. It’s base spread stats is on par with the SCAR L, making the M416 very easy to control especially with the Tactical Stock attached.

What really brings this gun to a whole new level is it’s well-roundedness. It combines the ability to accept nearly every attachment imaginable with the gun’s balanced stats. This means that you can take on everything and everyone when you have a fully equipped M416. These were all the changes that were applied to the M416 since the pc update. Use everything that you just learned to make the most out of the M416, so that you can get your hands on your next chicken dinner. In the next video we will check out the M16A4, so make sure to subscribe so that you will be the first one to get access to all the info.This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds..

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