Hi guys, as some of you know we are now able to try out a lot a new changes that are coming with the future PC release for playerunknown’s battlegrounds. Today we will go through all of the changes, even the ones that weren’t mentioned in the patch notes. The last update to the test servers brought us the long awaited vaulting and climbing update, you can still try out those new features in this update, for more information about vaulting and climbing, check out this video. In this update we are able to get our hands on 2 new weapons, as always I will make a full weapons guide about these guns but I can already showcase one of them, and that is the dp-28. The Degtyaryov machine gun is a light machine gun firing the mm cartridges and it was primarily used by the Soviet Union. It has a 47-round pan magazine and you can attach various sights and even a 4x scope.

It takes approximately 6 seconds to reload so you better make sure that you are in cover before you do so. It is very accurate when you go prone, it jumps up slightly when you crouch and it jump up a lot when you are standing up. You can compensate for this but then the gun will pull more violently to the left and to the right. It has low firing rate but a long effective firing range with high damage. The other new weapon is the AUG A3 and it is limited to care packages. It is an assault rifle that uses a 5.56mm cartridges in a 30-round magazine. It has a high muzzle velocity, high rate of fire and low vertical recoil. The firing rate of the sks and the mini-14 has been reduced, so keep that in mind when you decide to use these weapons. On the other hand the recoil for the mk14 has been decreased. When you use a DMR you can now sprint as fast as when you are holding an assault rifle in your hands. Unfortunately for the m16a4, we can no longer attach an 8x or a 15x scope.

Our beloved 4x scope has received some changes as well, you will now see a blur effect on the outside of your scope, same as on a few other scopes. There is a new reticle for mm weapons, sniper rifles and smg’s when you use a 4x scope. We can now finally shoot a player who is hiding in the water. I was planning to make a video about this for so long but we were never able to do that so it didn’t make sense, until now, so expect to see an underwater killing guide as soon as the PC update is available to everybody. Bullets are now finally able to penetrate the water, but it’s not that simple. Everything will depend on the velocity of the projectile and on the angle of penetration. This means that if you are shooting straight down that you bullet will behave differently compared to shooting at a very shallow angle, but more on that in a later video.

They are also working on a new damage model, you may find a detailed look over here in this video where you can see the exact hit box detection model that is being used in playerunknown’s battlegrounds. This video is still valid for the main game, but the following changes might be added in the PC release. As you can see they are reducing the hit damage for hands and for feet. You can now only cause 30% damage to those areas. Shooting the upper arm is 10% more effective and the shooting the thighs is also more effective. One of the most noticeable changes that came with this update is the fact that the minimap has been improved, but to be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of the new change.

They decreased the saturation of the minimap to make room for more info about your team members, which is great, but they adjusted the colors and I definitely do not like this. It seems too bland and way too boring, I prefer to see the normal colors because I find the transition from the minimap to the main view very awkward. The difference in color is just way too big. Can you guys let me know in the comments what you think because I wonder if this is the same for everybody. A great change is the fact that we can now see our team member’s field of view on the map, this will make our coordination efforts much easier. Another big change is the new layout and fonts that they are using now. The magnetic compass indicator now shows the actual degrees but it is still rounded off to 5.

It would be great to see the actual degree, without this being rounded off, but I’m sure that they will implement that in the future. The design for the in-game HUD, the option window, the inventory etc has been improved and everything is more streamlined now. This is definitely a welcome change, also the current amount of ammo in your magazine is now showing up using a larger font size, this will make it easier for you to make the decision when you should reload and when not to. If you play with your buddies then you will now be able to see the health bars in the bottom left corner instead of the top left corner, and they made the color difference much easier to notice for when you play squads. When somebody gets killed, you can now choose to see a icon in the kill feed, for example you will see a fist when somebody gets killed by a punch, you will see a tombstone when somebody dies outside of the zone etc.

You can turn this feature on by going to your settings, gameplay and then you can set the ICON KILLFEED to ON. This is also where you can turn on the new killcam, just scroll down to the bottom and enable the killcam under features. Healing with bandages is now a lot more effective and I will still keep around 15 of them in my loadout if I have the space. Normally it took seconds for one bandage to do what it was supposed to do, now it will heal you in only seconds. That will definitely help you if you don’t have a med kid or a first aid kit in your loadout. If you like the third person mode and you decide to go prone, then you will now see a lowered camera position, this will make it more difficult for you to peek over walls or to use the grass as cover while firing at your enemy. If you take a closer look at your health bar then you can now see a greyed out area that can show you the exact point of 75% healt.

This will make it easier to decide which kind of healing item you need at any given time. When you get close to the blue zone then you will hear the following sound, this has been added for a more dramatic effect. Speaking of dramatic effects, the new sound of the bombs dropping in the red zone is just amazing! They did an awesome job at changing the way these bombs explode.

The immersion is almost completed and I have never experienced a better effect in any game that tries to show something similar. It is extremely detailed and I felt as if I was being attacked by those bombs. The sound of the bombs being release is a nice addition as well, together with the sounds of the bombs falling. Normally people will run away from the red zone, but you will find me sitting in the middle of it just to enjoy the show from now on. A new sound was added for when a player jumps into the water.

It will be slightly different based on the speed of that player. A lot of other optimizations were also implemented but you may find those in the patch notes in the video description. If you are interested, you can also try out all of these new changes for yourself on the test servers. And by the way guys the youtube likes and comments are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like and to post a comment on this video.

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