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Professional PUBG Guide by Pistola | Ep. 1 Attachments & Guns



Welcome PUBG fans. For those of you who don’t know me … I’m Pistola, Entropiq coach and a former player on the North American scene. Today I bring you a new series about the competitive PUBG, made in collaboration with Entropiq. Let’s go. In the first video, I wanted to go through the basic concepts. The further we proceed in the series, the more complex the topics will be … … but I wanted everyone to be on the same level.


So let’s start with a target of weapons and extras. To cover the most important things, I’ll start with grips. And then we get to the best weapons. If you want to keep pace, there are two links in the video description. One of them shows damage and time to kill. The second is a rough estimate of the bonus values ??of the individual allowances. You can learn about stocks, mouths, riflescopes, and so on. I’ll focus on grips. Equipping the weapon with a grip will reduce the recoil of your weapon by about 20% overall. It’s always better to have a grip, even if it’s not your preferred choice. To understand what all the grips affect, let’s look at a sample of M4 without added grip. The addition will affect different parts of the recoil: the horizontal scatter, the vertical scatter, and the initial kick … or recoil of the first bullet. Remember that kickback is random in PUBG. The results can be different. I’ll start with the two most basic grips, the Lightweight Grip and Thumb Grip. Both are very good for long distance combat because they reduce the tremor caused by your body’s breathing by about 20%.


But they also have their use in close-up doses. For example, aiming (ADS) Thumb Grip is about 30% faster … For example, this 4x Scope aims almost immediately, which is very good for short distances and for long-distance combat. It also reduces vertical recoil by about 5%, which is not entirely remarkable. Now let’s look at that Lightweight Grip. This is the best option for weapons like the SKS or any automatic rifle you use for long range shooting. It reduces the recoil of the first bullet and, as we have already mentioned, also reduces the tremor. This is with the Lightweight Grip. And this is without him. You may notice that the initial recoil is much larger without the Lightweight Grip. The Lightweight Grip is also good on automatic rifles. I will show it to you. As we mentioned, it helps to reduce the gap between the first and second bullet … which makes explosive firing much more accurate, but it doesn’t help reduce the rest of the recoil …


so you may prefer the Vertical Grip. Vertical Grip is one of the most preferred grips among professional players. There are two reasons for this. It helps reduce vertical recoil by approximately 15% and also reduces initial kicking by 15%. It is extremely good for Beryl, which has recently been strengthened. It can have a very consistent dose. Now I will show you three different cases in which vertical grip is really useful.


The SKS or AR is very good for long-range missiles. It is also very good if you use a scope on AR. And at the same time it is good for tight doses. Let’s start with SKS. The vertical grip on her, similar to the Lightweight grip, is the same idea. But I still prefer Lightweight grip at SKS. Now, the M4 … is very good for tight doses because it helps reduce initial kicking. It is also very good due to the fact that it causes a much more precise vertical recoil. If you have a riflescope and you spray with an automatic rifle, you don’t have to pull the barrel so much, which helps newer players in particular. We will now focus on the last two groups. Angled Grip reduces horizontal recoil and Half Grip reduces both horizontal and vertical recoil.


Note that both add to the original kick of the weapon … which makes the beginning of the fire much more complicated, as well as close shooting. They also have many unique characteristics, so I recommend you look at those pages in the video description. And also try them in training mode. But remember that preference is more important than numbers. It is often better to focus on what suits you than to force yourself into something just because others are playing with it.


Maybe I played with Angle Grip. If you are interested in what effect other additions have, I would like to invite you again to examine the line in the description. There you will find a more detailed guide. All right, now let’s get down to business. I will talk about ARs (automatic rifles), DMRs (precision rifles) and the current target. I will omit the submachine guns in this video. Although they can be very good in some situations … their slow muzzle velocity makes it very difficult for them to win medium distance battles, which forces you to use DMR, while everyone against you will use AR.


In the last two years, the first choice has always been the M4. She paired with DMR as a great combo. However, the PUBG developers have decided to completely change the goal in recent modifications. They weakened the M4 and strengthened Beryl. Thanks to extremely consistent damage and recoil, Beryl is now the best automatic rifle in the game. But of course it still takes a while to get used to it. Beryl has a very similar time to kill as M4 and is now much more consistent throughout the body. Its recoil is very consistent and has a low initial kick. Add a vertical grip and 3x scope to create a deadly combination.


Although the goal has changed, the M4 remains a great weapon mainly due to its accuracy. Whoever believes in this weapon will be able to spray opponents from extreme distances, which allows the use of different grips and thus a more diverse use of the game. Reinforced by a tactical stock, the fully set M4 also allows two or three bullets to hit the head … and it’s a little easier to handle at medium and short distances than Beryl. But the developers have slowed down the speed of the bullets they fired, which is now equal to 7.60 ARs. They also increased the charging time … … so the M4 may seem like a less attractive choice. However, the change did not affect other 5.56 ARs such as SCAR, QBZ, G36C or the very good AUG.


Although these weapons are played less often, they are still a candidate as a second choice unless you find an M4 or a Beryl. If you want more information about them, don’t forget to look at the graph of damage values ??in the video caption. There is another possibility of a primary weapon that I have not talked about yet. That is M249. It is a rare LMG, which has a capacity of 150 bullets with an extended magazine. He has a very good time to kill, a little better than Beryl in the upper body and a little worse in the lower. It easily destroys vehicles because you can do it without recharging.


As with other LMGs in the game, you must be crouched to control its challenging recoil. So if you’re crouched, kickback is good. However, it is difficult to control it while standing. It’s good on paper, thanks to a great time-to-kill, but the disadvantages mentioned make it a less popular choice in competitive PUBG. But if you don’t find Beryl, it’s still a very solid choice. Now let’s look at secondary weapons, or DMRs. They are long distance masters. They also outperform snipers in competitive play because they are versatile. Players have a choice of three very good options. Mini 14, which is replaced by QBU at Sanhok, as well as SKS and SLR. It is essential to use the one that suits your style.


Remember that the higher the bullet speed, the less the projectile will fall. Often 5.56 caliber bullets will be faster than 7.62. They are also lighter, so you can have more. I will now explain the main differences between DMRs. I’ll start with the Mini 14, which is such a weapon for everything. Its main advantage is the accuracy of the hit from long distances, which allows you to hit knocked down targets and thus easily steal points. It has the best bullet speed in the game besides AWM, as well as easy recoil control. This makes individual shooting easy and reliable. Its slight weakness is lower damage values ??compared to other DMRs. It takes four bullets to kill an opponent with a second level vest. As for the QBU, you can take it as an improved version of the Mini 14.


It has the same bullet speed, better recoil, better damage, as well as the ability to knock an opponent into the head with one bullet and into the body once … compared to one and two, as it is with the Mini 14. If you prefer a more complex weapon to control, but with more impact, you’ll want to play with an SLR. She has a very remarkable damage of 50 per bullet and only needs three bullets to kill an opponent with a second level vest. If you hit one bullet in the head, only one more bullet in the vest means kill.


However, it has the disadvantage that it is difficult to correct its recoil. And it also has a slow bullet speed compared to 5.56 DMRs. This means that it is difficult to use over long distances, but it is very precise from a medium distance. For even greater accuracy, you can add a Cheek Pad and a compensator. The strength of SLR, as I said, lies primarily in medium-distance combat. One bullet to the head can knock an opponent with a second level helmet who has just taken first aid.


He will need 82 HP to survive the SLR headshot. And first aid will only give you 75. So your opponent will have to use a booster if he wants to be safe against SLR. Finally, I will introduce SKS, which represents such a middle ground between DMRs. Its damage is a little worse than the SLR’s (53 per bullet), but it can still kill with three bullets and only two if you hit one’s head with one of them. Unfortunately, he only has 0.3 damage to kill an opponent who has just taken first aid. And it also has the worst bullet speed of any long-range weapon except VSS. So why use SKS at all? You can control its recoil perfectly by adding a compensator, Lightweight Grip and Cheek Pad. Its main use in the current target is mainly to hold additional elements and bullets until you find an SLR. Professionals like to play 7.62 combos due to the power of Beryl and SLR. But if you only find the SKS, its impressive recoil will make it a very good weapon to use. There’s another role for weapons that I haven’t talked about. If you find the weapon in the box, it will be better than its equivalent outside the box.


An example for all is MK14. Watch Jembty in this clip. Thanks for watching this video to the end. My goal was to quickly introduce you to a competitive target and help you decide which weapon and accessories you should use … … without going into exaggerated details. Remember that what works for most players may not necessarily suit you. Focusing on what works for you is sometimes better. I played with SKS for perhaps the longest time and nobody liked it. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you want me to address a topic or have any suggestions, I will be happy for any comments. I wish you good luck in the matches and see you again soon..

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