PUBG Guide & Tips #8 – Mirado, SLR, New Scope, New Grip, Buff & Nerf, Etc


hI, GUYs! Its been a while since my last guide, tips and trick video for PUBG. anyway, yesterday PUBG released the newest patch on the test server. this patch contain a lot of changes, a lot of fixes, and much more. let me try to break it down one by one. for the record I only played 3 games in total in the test server so many stuff will miss but don’t worry most of it will be shown in this video.

Ok, lets start with the new stuff first. here’s me driving the new Vehicle, or car.. Mirado? Miredu? miradu? whatever you wanna call it. The Mirado is a classic muscle car: a fast, four-seat sedan that?s limited to Miramar. Miramar Only. can drive up to 140-ish Kilometer per hour on the road. almost as fast as the normal bike actually. quite strong I can say from this tragedy, accident. hahaha… has a nice engine sound though, they nailed I guess. Another thing is they added a new option to adjust your Vertical Sensivity. here’s my trying to adjust it and moving my mouse just an inch up and down to feel and compare it. if you increase it you will have faster up and down and vice versa. It will not affect your horizontal sensivity. and I think I stick to the 1.30, might change my mind later.

Its quite important to help you control the recoil of the gun, I sometimes ran out of mouse pad because trying to mitigate the recoil and now u can change it however u like. move on, we got a new gun, SLR, a new batch Of FN FAL I think. using 7.62 ammo, just like SKS but more powerful and got more kick to it, so its more like in between MK14 and SKS. I don’t know why they think its necessery to add this kinda gun, I prefer some other but I’ll take it anyway. talking about sks, that gun got nerfed, pretty bad, as you can see, in this clip, me trying to kill this guy in the wizard tower, took 4 hit but still alive. I looked again in the replay, a level 3 vest or a military vest can handle 4 shots of SKS.

SO if u use sks, better Aim it to the head or you will miss the kill.. more about gun balancing, here’s the detailed weapon damage balance chart. Pistol or handgun and SMG got buffed, LMG also got a slight damage buff, 556 AR got nerf a little, but basically AR or assault rifle got nerfed, they add more recoil to it, you can no longer attach 8x scope or higher on it. but more attachment including a 3x scope, a 6x scope, more grips, and a duckbill and much more. I hadn’t found any duckbill, the new attachment for the Shotgun, but I don’t think I will care much about the shotgun anyway. Also You can now attach AR attachment to the DMR gun so more option for you guys. I got lucky on my first game, I found a guy who had a lot of loot and got a care package so I can try the new stuff.

Also the level 3 helmet now is a care package only, but its a guarantee one, so if u go to the care package or loot drop you will always find a helmet level 3 in it. and here’s some of the new attachments. I tried the THumb grip and the half grip to test out the recoil. the light grip does not reduce any vertical recoil so I think I’m not gonna use it. I will make a more detailed , more in-depth guide regarding all of the attachments when this patch applied on the live server, so subscribe if u havent already so u won’t miss it.

One more think guys, U can change the reticle on the red-dot, holo-sight, and 2x scope using the default Page up and page down on your keyboard, so it can suit your desire and your prefered style of play. Anyway, more on the weapon and gun ballance is on the patch notes which I put the link in this video description so check it out guys. I forget to mention a new feature that has been wanted for a long time, that is map selection, you can select what map you want to play. Alright guys, I think thats all from this video, I hope you like it.. ah one more thing, new effect on the granade explosion, look at that. hahaha, ok guys, Thank you for watching, i’ll see you again in the video and as always guys, Have a good game!.

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