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PUBG Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Guide. Tips for beginners – Get good and die trying


Hello, Unknown player and welcome to this Blue Hole Airlines flight into the battlegrounds In the next few minutes. We will go through all the basics that you might need to know in order to get closer to winning in the game, Unfasten your seatbelts and smoke them. If you got’em okay, so the first thing you need to do before you start a game is to make sure that you set your foliage to very low. That will make sure that you can see all the enemies hiding in the grass make it generally easier. For you to play with that, taken care of, we can move on to the jump once you find a nice spot on a map wait for the plane to be directly above it and the jump

During the freefall, you want to make sure that you’re facing down this will increase your speed. Then, if there are any other players headed for the same location, it might help you get to the gun first or give you enough time to hide Once your parachute opens.

You can look around to make sure that there is no one else headed for your location and now it’s time to start looking for equipment. First, you need to get a gun. Any gun will do handgun shotgun frying-pan. There will always be some ammo near the gun. So be sure to load it and load it by pressing reload after you have your basic gun, you can start looking for the following. First of all, you want to look for a backpack. This will increase the amount of items you can carry with you at all times.

After that, you want to look for a helmet this, we decrease the damage you take from headsets and finally, you need to get some body armor that will decrease the damage you take from collisions. After that, you should collect any healing kits you find and collect in a multi might need for your weapons. Once you have with everything you have, you can start moving to the middle of the circle, but first, let’s take a quick look at how your guns work. First of all, you can double right click to zoom in or enable iron sights. Second, you can press B to change fireball from single birth to full, auto. If you can supports it and now it’s time to get a vehicle and move to the center of the circle, there are five types of vehicle available to you: the car, the jeep, the buggy, the bike and the book you can swap seats by pressing control in The number of the CP you want to move to control and one is always a driver’s seat.

You can also boost by pressing shift when the vehicle supports it. Your best bet for getting to your destination fast and without getting killed. There are the car in the bike. The bike theater speed will make. It makes impossible for snipers target you in time. The car will provide you with a bit of cover and if he books and move in an unpredictable way, it should be enough to get you where you’re going. The Jeep is this low and will leave you exposed for too long. The buggy does not provide any cover, so anyone consider you from the front of the sides, which can be very risky from time to time.

The plane will drop crates at random locations. This creates or supply drops will contain powerful items that can help you win. For that reason there will always be people running to get to those crates. First, you can either run to reach the great first I’ll find the next close to comfort. A gathering was careless. Enough to run to the crate, without checking thank you for watching. If you found this guide helpful, leave a like and subscribe. If you would like to see more guys like this one and now I will leave you with a quick run, I did earlier that shows how to get to the middle of the final circle without too much trouble. Thank you for watching and see you in-game

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