PUBG TIPS for 1.0 Release: AUG, DP-28, VAULTING, and UI


Hello, Campers trolls and fps players. Today, I will be focusing on the new changes in PUBG. The latest build has been pushed to the test servers and it has been a blast. Some of the topics that will be covered are New vaulting, new sounds new guns, new ballistics and finally, changes to the UI To start off is the vaulting. Vaulting has fundamentally changed the game. No longer do you have to crouch jump out of windows. The vaulting and climbing can put you in places not previously possible.

The change that I didnt think about, though, was vaulting, threw windows Up until now, glass has not shattered when jumping through windows. Now it does, I am about 40 meters away from my friend Dyzfuction here and notice. How loud it is Next are the new sounds to the game? Vehicles and the bombing zone have new sounds. This is what the new UAZ sounds like. This is what the new Dacia sounds like. This is what the new Motorcycle sounds like, And finally, this is what the new Buggy sounds like. This is what the new bombing zone sounds like, And the blue zone has a sound now Moving from sounds to the new guns. Two new guns were introduced into the 1.0 release. The guns are the AUG and DP-28 In the about 40 games on the test server. I still have yet to see the AUG. I will have a link to the best video I have seen to date or until I can get my hands on one. The DP-28, on the other hand, is a common drop meaning not in a care package like the AUG. The DP-28 is a pretty terrible gun.

It is a 7.62 47 round magazine gun The accuracy and spray control is probably a little worse than the M249. I would only use this gun early game as it does a high amount of damage, but is inaccurate. New Ballistics were also introduced into the game. The hit area damage is changed. The neck is now included in protection from the helmet. Also added is weapon class damage. This will be the new meta. Some weapons, like the M4, if full kitted, is probably the best AR out right now, As you can see, shotguns now probably do more damage to the head. I noticed this while playing shotguns become very effective in late game. Now, If you are wearing a lvl 2 helmet, it can be one shotted by a shotgun at close range downing.

You Now optics can zoom The 8 by can now be used as a 4x up to 8x, The 15x can be used as a 8x. All the way up to 15x, Along with magnification optics, the red dot and holo, have adjustable brightness. Both the magnification and brightness are adjusted by the scroll wheel. The settings are saved, so if you unzoom, you can still have the same settings. This is especially useful in quickscope situations. Final changes are to the UI and bandages Bandages got changed from the 8.5 second regen speed to 4.5, making them spamable. They include a new higher quality map, Red dot sites. Now look hazy through the blue zone. Smoke nads now are more like CS style smokes That is it. Those are the biggest changes. I have included the patch notes below. If you liked this video, please sub to me, hit the like button and share away

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