The school on steroids, more loot than hacienda del patron, welcome to the abandoned resort! Hi, guys. FOG of GAMING here and this is the new map Codename: SAVAGE he new 4 square kilometer map was made available for a limited alpha test, and it changes the way that the game is played in many ways. There are more buildings in between each city and camp so players have more choices when they are looking for a place to land.

The map hosts the same 100 players but in a smaller space, so you will encounter more enemies more frequently. If you want to get your hand on your next chicken dinner on this map, then you will have to know everything about the different locations on this map. I visited every main are on this new map and I will show what every spot is about. Codename: Savage consists of 3 islands that are separated from each other by rivers. It is very different from Erangel and Miramar, since both of these maps have one main land mass and some small islands around them. There are a lot of bridges that connect these 3 islands to each other. You will have plenty of opportunities to move from one island to another depending on where the play area is, and you will always have a way to outmaneuver players who are bridge camping. Even if there are enemies waiting in ambush on the nearest bridge, you can still avoid them by travelling through the river, either by boat or just by swimming.. If you get into one of the houses and buildings in Savage, then you will notice that a lot of them have no furniture.

For now, you will be able to get to the loot faster. Some of them still have no textures, so the walls still look like checkered boards. The Southern Island has 5 bigger locations. The first is the Swamp Temple, which is one of the places that doesn’t have any textures yet so the floors will still have a grey checkered look. The roof of the temple is almost the same height as a nearby cliff, so you are pretty exposed over here.

There are a few holes in the roof of the temple that you can jump into if you need a quick way to get back into the temple or if you want to kill a guy who was waiting for you. There is a lot of loot to be found over here which attracts a lot of people so be ready to fight. Next, we have the Commerce District which contains a lot of two story houses with balconies and windows. Just like Pochinki, you can expect enemies to shoot you from the house across the road. but it will hard to spot anyone from the houses beside yours unless the windows happen to align.

The Logging Camp is located near the center of the island and it is surrounded by hills, terraces, and plenty of trees, so expect to deal with a lot of elevation and cover if you fight near here, there isn’t that much loot over here so usually it will be just you and maybe one other player. Bootcamp Charlie has plenty of buildings with flat roofs, and it has one watchtower on each of the four corners of the area, unfortunately we can not enter them but there is a platform that you can use to overlook bootcamp charlie. On the southmost part of the map, you will find the beach resort.

It has plenty of huts by the shore, this is a quiet area and I have never seen more than 2 guys landing here. You will find the Rivertown between the southern and the main island in the east. It is a village with plenty of one floor and two floor houses divided by a river. A bridge allows you to cross the river, and the windows give you a good view of who is walking on it. You can definitely expect firefights from houses across the river, as players try to stop others from crossing. This is the most dangerous town for players who are travelling through the rivers, because all of the buildings allow you to get a good angle on any of the boats that may pass by.

Pay close attention to because it will be difficult to use your boat to go to the southern part of the map because the river suddenly stops. The largest island is located in the east. It is nearly as big as the other two islands combined, with 9 larger locations. You will find a large ship in the docks, which is located in the southmost part of this island. It also has 3 huge open warehouses, lots of storage containers, and a huge crane. You can enter the ship and you can even make it to the captain’s bridge. Be careful when you decide to leave the boat, because you cannot immediately climb ashore from here. There are platforms over the storage containers that you can climb so that you have a great vantage point over the docks and the hills that overlook it.

You will find the Rice Farming Town north of the dock, and it is surrounded by plenty of trees and hills. The rice fields are found directly to the east of the residential area. The houses are primarily brown in color, and the walls that are meant to be white look very dirty. Aside from the small brown houses, there is a big open warehouse in the area.. The rest of the area has many crates and broken vehicles that you can use as cover. The Banyan Grove is located near the center of this island and it is a circular open field surrounded by trees and hills. There are a few crates and large pots on the grove that players can use for cover, and you can use this to your advantage if you are ambushed by enemies hiding from behind the trees and hills. Just be aware that you are very exposed over here. Bootcamp Bravo is located north east of the Banyan Grove.

It looks very similar to Bootcamp Charlie, it also has 4 watchtowers on each corner of the camp. Bootcamp a, b and c look very similar to each other but there are slight differences in the layout. The Coconut farm is located in the northeast part of the map, While it obviously has coconut trees that can be used as cover, there are very few houses in this area, so it does not look like a good place to land on the map. The coastal area is located in the northernmost part of the map. It looks like a residential space with lots of wooden houses, a few parked or abandoned cars, and a large warehouse. Most of the buildings here have angled roofs so you won’t always be able to land on them to find loot. Right next to the coastal area, you will find another logging camp, but this one is much bigger with a lot of wooden logs.

It has 2 open sheds, a few tractors and heavy duty vehicles parked around them that can be used as cover. The training Center is located near the very center of the map. Just like the bootcamps, there are 4 towers on each corner of this area, but the Training Center has a huge Y shaped facility that is not yet fully textured. It is surrounded by obstacle courses, shooting ranges, and plenty of buildings.

Expect to meet a lot of resistance over here because of its size and location, you will never be alone when you decide to land here. The Abandoned Resort is located west of Boot Camp Bravo. This is an amazing place. It looks like an asian themed temple surrounded by a few other buildings. There seems to be a small pool in the middle of the resort surrounded by 4 gazebos, but the lack of texture makes it hard to tell what it is really supposed to look like. Having said that, do not let the unfinished look fool you. If you like the School in Erangel, or Hacienda del Patron in Miramar, then you will definitely be happy to land here. The Abandoned Resort has even more high level loot than hacienda, I have never seen so many weapons lying around all over the place. Survive the Resort and you will be ready for that chicken dinner. The Smallest Island is located in the northwest.There are a few bridges that connect this island to the other two, so be ready for an ambush. The Manufacturing district has three large warehouses and it is surrounded by a lot of residential houses.

These buildings have more variety in height, so you will have more vantage points compared to the Commerce District. Bootcamp alpha looks very similar to the other bootcamps, but there is a mountain right beside it, this would be a great spot to overlook the bootcamp to see if there are any remaining players. These are all of the main location that you may find on the new 4×4 map codenamed Savage. Make sure to check out one of these videos and make sure to share you favorite landing spot in the comments. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching, and I will see you in Savage.

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