PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, you know… that game twitch is obsessed with and that apparently everyone wants to try? Well, you know how that early access game is so unoptimized even some gaming computers have trouble with it? If you want to have a shot at trying this game in a low end computer you are going to need some tweaks to reduce the graphics. How much? Just a bit… yeah… a bit. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer, the show where I find ways of playing modern games on low end computers by forcing the graphics lower and lower… And on this episode, somehow, we are making PlayerUnknown Battleground run. Hey! Do you remember Action recorder? That game recorder that I featured as a sponsor in my Crysis 3 video after testing and realizing how efficient it was on low end computers? Their software is currently on a summer sale, 33% off. So if you are interested check the link in the description… because the sale only last this weekend.

Hurry up! PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is game that still officially unreleased but currently available in early access. Now, before we begin, a note that apparently a ton of people online need to hear. This is an Early Access game, meaning that it is incomplete and unoptimized. Meaning that it will have problems even on high end computers and only the developer can fully fix it and some of the tweaks in this video might change in the future. All right? Good! Which is also why I will be using the GTX 460, which was mid-range card on 2010 and absolutely sucks for this game, even with the lowest settings possible. What a surprise. In order to reduce the graphics further the first step is using this tool, the advanced launcher. This tool, which you can download in the description, can be used to simplify part of the process.

Big thanks to this tool’s developer for contacting me and letting me know it was in development. In the tool’s settings you need to set the location of your configuration file by making sure it is pointing to the right username here. You can confirm your username in the user folder of your hard drive and keep this configuration file location in mind, because we will be heading there in a minute. In the game settings section you can load your existing settings, making sure they are all to the minimum and these two variables control the game’s internal resolution. As you probably already know internal resolution controls the overall detail of the image without affecting the UI, so you can have a more pixelated game without changing external resolution. Very useful for weaker GPUs. Normally, the game only allows you to drop to 70% but the launcher will allow you to go as low as 20%.

This might, however, affect your capacity to distinguish things in the distance as you will notice in a moment. In the launch options section you can add a group of launch options that might help a bit on achieving a more stable FPS, be sure to set the memory option to your amount of RAM on megabytes and refresh to your monitor’s refresh rate in the refresh option. And you are going to need to apply and every time you want to play, you need to hit the launch button on the launcher for the commands to work. One minor note, the directx 10 command does not seem to work for the moment so you can just ignore it. Now there is an additional thing you can manually do by going into the configuration folder, once again usually located at user folder, app data, local, tslgame, save, config, windowsnoeditor… And we are going to change a file called Engine.ini If you have been following the channel for the last month or so you might have noticed that I have been experimenting with a bunch of unreal engine 4 commands that you can add on this file under a render settings section.

You can find these variables in a link in the description. For this game two main things will change. The first is that while it does not seem to be possible to completely remove the shadows you can reduce the resolution to this pixelated mess… The second is that indoor areas will become much darker which can make the game harder indoors, but provide a strong fps boost. Let me show you how this pixelated mess looks after you try all those things.

Well, there’s another- there are like 3 more players in this area, so this is going to be… hmmm… I cannot see! I cannot see, this is so confu- I cannot- Ok, the hunt is on for gear and equipment I guess. Could this weapon reload any slower? Well, it’s something, I mean I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to be able to see other players. There’s more than just a couple of pixels. Oh wait, listened to- I heard someone… Oh boy! Well that was quick. Well, at least the visibility is better and I got a gun… with no ammo. I’m absolutely dominating at this game, so skilled. Woah! Wow, that guy’s aim is terrible. So keep in mind however that your visibility with this sort of low resolution is reduced, especially at large distances. It’s a matter of what you need more, is it performance or visibility? There’s always a balance with this kind of thing, especially in online games. Game’s doing pretty fine considering the speed that I’m moving at.

You can clearly see when the game struggles to load a new area if you’re moving fast but so far I’d say it’s somewhat manageable. Ah! Holy shi- I swear, why do I always end up in places I have like nothing interesting happening? Oh look, a single magazine and no weapons. Yeah! Ok, we’re doing fine. I think I might finally be getting the hang of this. That is all for this video. Thank you to all the kind souls in Patreon that continue to fund this channel. I will see you all on the next one..

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