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Arena is PUBG?s brand new mode. It’s a combination of Battle Royale, FPS from games like CSGO and Valorant, and has a sprinkle of Autobattler from games like Autochess and TFT. The game mode?s been a concept as far back as 2018. And in this guide, I will be going over the economy system, what weapons to use, as well as strategies and terminologies from games like CS:GO, VALORANT, and autochess. So first, what?s an Economy? Basically, it?s the money system that determines what gear and weapons players can buy on a given round.

PUBG?s economy is a little different from CS:GO and VALORANT. There are 3 ways to get money in PUBG: Arena. First, killing another player rewards 150 gold. Second, surviving a round rewards 800 gold. It doesn?t matter if they won that round or lost that round. It also doesn?t matter if they were on a winning streak or losing streak. Everyone gets a flat amount of 800 gold every single round. The gameplay may look like CSGO & VALORANT, but the economy system is taken from that of Autochess games. And the third way, which is also the most important way to make money, is looting. you?re allowed to loot level 2 helmets,level 2 vests, and attachments while inside the Arena. And because a helmet costs 125 gold and a vest costs 150 gold. Just by simply looting these items, means you?re saving yourself quite a bit of money. You also wanna pick every attachment you can during each round, I?ll be getting back this later. After winning a round, you?ll always have around 30 seconds to loot gear, healing, and utilities from dead players before the buy phase.

Looting a second gun, means you can give it to your teammates next round. In PUBG: Arena your money and loot isn?t just your own, you need to distribute it with the team. Moving on– What should you buy? Just like in CS:GO and VALORANT your first 3 rounds are pretty important. During Round 1, you are given 400 gold to spend.

Typically players will buy a Thompson or UZI in round 1. However, there?s a pretty ballsy strategy that some players have been experimenting with lately. Which is: the crossbow. The crossbow will one shot anyone with a level 1 vest, or level 1 helmet within 100 meters. And since there?s no level 2 helmet or level 2 vest, the Crossbow is basically a cheap 1-shot weapon buy. However it does come at the cost of having a slow reload speed and travel speed. If you happen to win your first round. You get to keep all your loot and you also most likely looted a gun from someone?s dead body. Which also means, you just saved yourself a lot of money from having to buy a new gun. So just buy yourself a helmet, a vest, and some utilities. But make sure this number doesn?t go lower than 475. If you happen to lose your first round.

You just lost all you loot. You?ll need to buy a new gun. But make sure this number doesn?t go lower than 475 or 350. In CS:GO and VALORANT, this is called an Eco Round. But? Why the numbers 475 or 350? With that extra 800 gold delivered next round, you can buy a Beryl M762. Which is generally the most optimal weapon of choice for most ranges, positions, and locations based on its price of 1,000 gold. Remember what I said about looting attachments? Well put everything you can on that Beryl. If you?ve saved 475 gold last round, you should be able to buy a level 1 helmet and level 1 vest.

If you saved 350 gold, you?ll only be able to buy a vest. But don?t worry, you can usually loot a level 1 helmet in the Arena. So how do you actually win the game? There are 16 competing teams, this number is 8 in traditional autochess games. And every team has 3 chances. At the beginning of the game 2 teams will be placed in 8 different Arenas. If you lose a round, your team will lose one of its 3 chances. If you lose all 3 chances you?re out. This will generally be how the rest of the game will be played. The more you win, the better the weapons, more healing, and more utilities you can buy and loot.

The more you lose, the less you can buy, the more time you have to spend looting, and more likely you?ll be eliminated. The chessboard, if you will, takes place on either Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok. It takes 5 seconds to pick up teammates, and the bluezone hurts quite a bit. Never get pushed by Phase 2 zone. If you have to cross any roads in the next circle, do that early Phase 1.

If the number of teams competing is odd, there will sometimes be a 3-team face off. I find that in a 3-way fight, you want to let the other 2 teams fight first to catch them off guard. In a 2-way fight, it?s about getting circle first. In PUBG: Arena the best teams don?t just win. You win fast. Scouting is a terminology used in autochess that refers to looking at the boards of enemy players to adjust your gameplan. PUBG?s observer mode allows you to scout enemy player arenas after you finish a match. In Arena, this will probably be more useful when there?s only 4 teams left. If you win that match, you?ll also be revived if you were previously knocked to loot be able to loot items. This is also why finishing off your kills is important– it denies enemy players even more loot.

The Map and Leaderboard are your best friends for doing this. You can switch between Arenas on the map that aren?t finished, to scout them. And the leaderboard can be used as a way to gauge how much money a team has. If you see the same team constantly on the top of the leaderboard. Then that?s the team you should probably be the most weary about ,since that means they?ve been earning quite a bit of money. You?ll want to look for players who win their games with shotguns, crossbows, snipers, or DMRs. So that you know what you?re up against. This number here tells you how much money your team has made in total.

Unique to PUBG: Arena is its constantly switching typography and layout. Which means you?ll want to decide whether to pick up a shotgun or sniper based on which location you?ll be deployed. Will this be a city fight, or a more open landscape. Are we going to be crossing a lot of roads, because we?ll probably need to pick up a smoke grenade or two. And will we need to clear houses a lot, then I?ll probably stack a bunch of flashbangs. Along with a scouting phase, looting phase, buying phase, and planning phase. When you?re flying over that map and choosing what weapons to buy according to layout and topography, it’s a preparation phase.

PUBG: Arena is really fun mode. So, I hope you guys enjoy it. That?s it for the guide and thanks for watching..

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