Welcome to the Top 3 PUBG Mobile tips for beginners to help you win more matches. Make sure to leave a like on the video if you find this one helpful, comment down below with any other beginner tips you have and subscribe for lots more pubg mobile videos. Right at the end of this one we will show you an example combining all three of these tips in order to get the chicken dinner. Starting out with tip number 3, make sure you are reloading your weapon. It sounds simple guys but it is so easy to overlook, in this example we take out not one but two opponents and then we miss out on a third because we haven’t reloaded. It can get your heart pumping a little bit when you get in a gunfight, just try and get into the habit of afterwards taking that reload.

Does this look familiar to you? I take out my opponent, I’m so excited to run over there and loot him but I haven’t reloaded. I only have three bullets in my chamber. You can run and reload at the same time so try and get into the habit of just pressing that reload button after a gunfight because in this one by the time I see my opponent.

It is too late, I end up going down. So take a look at this, we come across our opponent, we take him out effectively, then we take that reload immediately. Again you can run and reload at the same time, don’t just stand there in the open, get yourself to cover, take out anyone else, do whatever you need to do but then get that reload in do not overlook it. Moving on to tip number 2, learn the mini-map. In this first example you can see that I tracked down my opponents using the gunfire on the mini-map. That is indicated by a little orange bullet. I tracked down these two opponents having a gunfight themselves, I can obviously jump on them by surprise and take them both out. Now in the example at the end of the video you’ll see how I track someone down using footsteps, because footsteps are also indicated on the mini-map but on this example as we move back up the hill I track down my two remaining opponents using that little orange bullet.

You can see which direction you are running in in relation to that because you have a little white arrow next to your marker. I tracked down my two opponents, take them out for that chicken dinner. Now also with the mini-map what is useful is knowing when you are inside the circle. So looking at the mini-map you can see that white line that indicates the fastest route to get inside the circle. Once that goes away or the distance indicator at the bottom, you know that you’re inside that circle you’re going to be safe.

You can take your boosts, you can reload, you can do whatever you need to do you’re inside that circle and it’s just a very handy tip to know. Moving on to tip number 1 though, you don’t always have to score in. Sometimes it is beneficial to hipfire and it can put you at an advantage when you were at a disadvantage. As you saw there my opponent had so much better positioning than me, I was able to take them out. As you can see you can be at a decent distance to hipfire. If someone is sprinting it can be difficult to keep up with them with that scope so take the hipfire. In this final example you can see the footsteps on the mini-map, I tracked down my opponent using that, jump off the building to get to him, take a few shots with the hipfire, we’re at close range guys there’s no need to scope in at this point, so I take the kill using the hipfire just free firing with the weapon. I take the reload, get ready for my next opponent, you can see the footsteps I’m looking directly at them so my next opponent is in that building.

I’m in the circle, he’s at a disadvantage, I wait of him, pop around the corner, avoid scoping in, we’re at close distance, take him out and get the chicken dinner. I hope that one did help you guys summarizing what I believe are the top three tips for beginners. Make sure to let me know any others down below, leave a like and subscribe for lots more PUBG, but that wraps it up for this, one I’ve been your host judo sloth. Peace out guys..

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