Pocket Legends Dual Spec Guide

Pocket Legends Dual Spec Guide by Ellyidol

This is an updated guide on how to dual spec, the older version and system is no longer applicable.

What is a ?Dual Spec??

A dual spec is having the correct stat point build to allow you to equip 2 kinds of end game gear, be it strength, int, or dex gear.
All you need to do is have the correct amount of base stat points to equip your gear, then voila!

Note: This guide has been updated to be in line with the new system of dual spec-ing. The old system of using boosters is no longer useful. The lower level gear requirements have been fixed, feel free to dual spec starting at any level. The Lv 50 example here is just for reference, the concept is the same.

How do I dual spec?

1. Decide what 2 stats or kinds of gears you want to use at end game (level 50+).

Popular choices are :

  • Pally- A mage with enough Strength and Intelligence to equip either Str/Int gear.
  • Dexchantress ? A mage with enough Dex and Intelligence to equip either Dex/Int gear.
  • War bird ? A bird with enough Strength and Dex to equip either Strength/Dex gear.
  • Dex/Bow Bear ? A bear with enough Strength and Dex to equip either Strength/Dex gear.

2. Once you have decided what kind of character you want to make, you need to respec your character to get the correct amount of stat points needed.

The new system of dual spec-ing no longer relies on boosters. Everything relies on your base stat points.

That said, to dual spec now is as easy as ABC.

3. Let?s say you want to use a 50 strength armour, all you need to have is 120 base str, that?s it. Same thing with 50 dexterity armour, all you need is 120 base dex, that?s it. With 120 Str/120 Dex, you can wear all 50 strength armours, all 50 dexterity armours, or mix and match.

The same principles apply to 55 gear and 60 gear, you just need the right base stats to wear the gear. End of story.

4. Save your sets to your loadouts, and done!

Dual spec complete.

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