PokeMMO Beginner’s Guide


PokeMMO Beginner?s Guide?by Satoshi

Hello Internet! This will be my unofficial beginner guide to basic things regarding Pokemmo and a whole lot more! I will begin each ?section? by have a large font clearly displaying the name of the section, then have the section underneath like normal English Speakers are used to. Enjoy!


The forum is a wonderful place, and judging by the fact that you managed to get here, you are on it. Here you will find wonderful staff members, cranky normal members, and a bunch of stuff you might wish you hadn?t seen.

Creating an Account:

If you haven?t already, you might want to go up to the top of the screen, right up there where the big black bar is, and click the green, ?Create an account? button. This will set you up to create an account! Do as you always do to create accounts on forums, and implying you do it correctly, you will find yourself with a Pokemmo account! It should be noted that when picking an account name, you do not necessarily have to pick your?in game name?(commonly referred to as, ?ign?) as your forum name, although some people do.


Now that you have your account, assuming everything went well, there are a few things you might find useful. Firstly, regarding posting. There are a few things you may want to keep in mind when posting. Please remember to be respectful as I?m sure you are, And to avoid cyber-bulling, because even if you have absolutely no morals, and you don?t care how you make other people feel, its still not a very, ?samaritan? like thing to do (and depending on where you are, its also slightly?illegal). So it is not encouraged. Now that we have that out of the way, please remember to also be respectful to staff members like I said before, and to all members likewise. And also remember, this is the internet. You may take that however you wish.

Creating new Topics:

Creating new topics can be a fun venture, as I can tell you, from making this topic. For starters, when you just joined the Pokemmo community, (excluding the ?introduction? section, thats what its for) try to ?join? the community before you start making Topics left and right. Also remember to have your topic have a point, although reading a topic that soley says, ?Hi? can be entertaining, depending on who?s reading it, its largely not appreciated by the Pokemmo community. When creating one be sure to steer clear of making ?random? or pointless topics as you wish, as they probably will get locked. And when creating a topic, please be aware of the rules for the section of the forum you are posting in, and please take care to post in the correct section of the forum. And to abide by the rest of the forum rules.


Asking for CM: Don?t.

At least not at first, its like ?asking for OP? on any other game, you won?t get it. Also, the same rule applies to ?GMs? etc.


Pokemon are a very instrumental part of pokemmo, and here I will be showing you a lot that you might not know about pokemon. I will only go over the basics, so if you want to learn more, I might include links(?) So here we begin!


This will be something you need for a good understanding of your pokemon, and how to best understand how to use them to the best of your ability. There are 7 stats in the world of Pokemon, HP, Attack, Defense, Special attack, Special Defense, and Speed. You can find these in-game by right clicking on your pokemon (in the pokemon bar on the right) and going to the second tab in your pokemon summary that looks like a graph. It will show a number for each, and a number such as 54/60 in HP. Each of these stats can be increased in various ways and parts are set with your pokemon, such as your pokemon IV and its base stat. Everything will come together to give you a set value for your pokemon?s Attack/Defense/HP/etc. And we will go more into that later. Now though, we will delve into what each of these Stats do.

HP: HP is the overall health of your pokemon, if your health goes to zero, your pokemon ?faints? and you can no longer use it. The ?50/60? Is how much out of your maximum health you currently have for that pokemon. If you have a full ?60/60? then your good, otherwise, visit a pokemon center.

Attack: Your attack is how much damage your pokemon does with physical attacks, thats basicly it.

Defense: Your defense is how much your pokemon is defended from physical attacks.

Sp. Atk: Sp. Atk is your special attack, it is how much damage your pokemon does with non-physical attacks (waterbeam, etc)

Sp. Def: Sp. Def is your special defense. It is how much your pokemon is defended from non-physical attacks.

Got it? Good, its about to get much more confusing.


Pokemon natures can be confusing to understand their point in the game at first, but a good understanding of them can lead to a much more efficient team. If you mouse over your nature, it will tell you what stat is raises (normally by 10) and what stat is lowers, or if it has no affect.


EVs and IVs are possibly one of the most confusing things to a newcomer of pokemmo if they had not been previously a competitive battler. Lets start with EVs. EVs stand for Effort Values, and is ?trained? into your pokemon based on what pokemon you battle. Your total amount of EVs can be found in the tab to the right of the ?graph? or stat tab. It should be noted that for every 4 EVs you acquire in one stat, you gain 1 in that stat, not 4. Like I mentioned earlier, EV is dependent on what pokemon you battle, if you battle a lot of ?zubat? then you get more speed, while other pokemon may give you more of different stats.

Now lets start with IVs. IVs, unlike EVs cannot be trained into your pokemon, and are essentially your pokemon?s ?genetics? so you get what you get. The highest value of IVs being 31. Sadly, there is no integrated way to find your pokemon?s IVs. So to find your pokemon?s IVs, you?ll have to level your pokemon to around level 10 (although I normally do 20), and check with something called an?IV calculator


Breeding is a bit more complicated, and although the premise of it is fairly easy to understand, if you want to start breeding for competitive pokemon, then it gets much more complicated. The basics of breeding are: There are 13 basic egg groups in which the basic premise of every pokemon in the same egg group as another pokemon can breed. This allows some oddities, such as Skitty and Wailord being capable of breeding. And there are a few additional egg groups which the same rules do not apply. Such as the ?gender unknown? egg group in which the members have no assigned gender and therefore cannot breed with each other but can breed with ditto, the undiscovered egg group (which mostly consists of baby pokemon and legendary) which cannot breed with each other nor ditto, and the ditto egg group, which consists solely of ditto, and can breed with any pokemon in any other egg group excluding its own and the undiscovered egg group.


Ok, so you?ve breed your pokemon, you found a shiny, you have something other people will want, now you want to trade it! This will show you the bare bones of trading.

Lucky Eggs:

Lucky eggs are a fairly rare item found rarely on the rare appearing chanseys in the Safari. They provide an XP bonus, but in the eyes of traders, the XP bonus is not what many people are looking for. Lucky eggs are a sort of Currency in pokemmo, and are used to trade shinies, and other valuable pokemon. If you happen to catch a chansey in the safari, consider yourself lucky. If you happen to find a lucky egg on said chansey, consider yourself a lottery winner. That said, this can be used to trade your shiny rattata and your shiny gyarados for something you really might like.

How to Trade:
Trading can be a fun experience, but only if you know how to do it. Firstly, check everything there is to check when trading, if you are ?scammed? then most of the online community won?t really pity you, they might say that you had to?check it twice?in order to trade, and they, for the most part, are correct. Even though we look down at scamming, not many people empathise with the scammed. Be sure to know what your getting in return.

What to look out for:

As a basic rule, when trading, unless you have complete and utter faith in the person your trading with, always trade everything then and there (No, oh, I forgot my gyarados in the PC, lets just trade now, and i?ll trade it to you after), and?always?check for what your looking for, everything your looking for, every time you trade. I find?this?extremely helpful for whenever I trade.


I intend to be adding more soon, I just had to stop here because it was getting late, and i?m getting tired, so good night to all, and to all, i?m tired, good bye. Also, I intend to add more information to each section and to add more relevant links. If you have any relevant links/informations you think I might need to add, please feel free to tell me.

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