PokeMMO Training Moves Team Building and Tactics

PokeMMO Training Moves Team Building and Tactics?by TopNotch

So you wanna be the very best, well now you have more competition than ever, and they all have the same goal, think of your rival, now back to me, now back to your rival, now back me and I?m on a horse, now back to your rival, now multiply him by a few hundred and now subtract a social life from all of them and boom, pure fear and stiff 24/7 competiton. I know that this is all in the FAQ but that can be hard to swallow, so here is my simplified version.

Choosing your team
When choosing your team you need to fill several basic archetypes:- Physical Sweeper, Special Sweeper, Special/Physical/Mixed Wall and Tank. There are several sub-archetypes, but we?ll go into them as and when they become relevent, for now we?ll overview the main few. When choosing which archetypes your pokemon will fill check their base stats as well as move pool, I find www.pokemondb.net to be useful when doing this all you have to do is search your pokemon and check their movepool and base stats (NB the movepool lists are are for Gen 5, the MMO is Gen 3 be sure to click the III to see the relevent movepool.) You always want to plan your pokemon from the very start down to it?s moves and ev?s (see EV training section) ad make sure to capitalise on the highest base stat

Physical Sweeper:?This is your heavy hitter, he must be fast (see IV?s and Natures, as well as EV?s for information on increasing speed and hitting power) most will rely on speed to avoid taking hits, or super effective moves to KO pokemon before they can start dealing damage, so try to make your pokemons movepool as verstaile as is possible, be wise with your Sweepers as most people will try to carry counters for the over used ones such as Scyther/ Scizor. There?s not much to be said one the topic of sweepers, more wiil be said below in team work section.

Special Sweeper:?Similar to your Physical Sweeper, in most aspects with the exception of moves and half of their ideal base stats, these obviously need high speed and special attack base stats.

Mixed Sweeper:?This guy is your Jack of all trades master of none, he has amazing vesitility so can take advantage of a wide movepool, giving the ability of super effective moves on most types. Similar base stats desired speed and att/spatt.

Physcial Wall:?Very similar to your Sweeper but rather than moving fast they sponge, they can take hits and a often have the ability to regen hp in some way or another, they will still have good attacking base stats, but rather than speed it?s typically hp, def or spdef

Special Sweeper:?Similar physical just slightly different in that he uses special attacks opposed to physical ones. Still looking for same base stats with def/spdef/hp and spatt rather than att

Tank:?This will take hits like a sponge, almost always packing hp regen moves, but due to low spatt and att he will employ status damaging moves such as toxic and will-o-wisp as well as status boosters such as calm mind, a hp regen move and a good STAB move (see battle tactics.) Here you want good spdef def and HP base stats.
When choosing which archetypes your pokemon will fill check their base stats as well as move pool, I find www.pokemondb.net to be useful when doing this all you have to do is search your pokemon and check their movepool and base stats (NB the movepool lists are are for Gen 5, the MMO is Gen 3 be sure to click the III to see the relevent movepool.) You always want to plan your pokemon from the very start down to it?s moves and ev?s (see EV training section) ad make sure to capitalise on the highest base stat so if I had Scyther his highest stats are attack and speed (110 and 105) making him ideal for a physical sweeper (see above.) Also check the moves it can learn if it learns mostly physical and moves and has base stats like those your decision is very easy, but sometimes stats are close together with one type barely taing the advantage over the other and the movepool favours the other attacking type the player must decide what he thinks would be effective in battle the movepool or the slight advantage in base stats, there is no way I can help you here, if you are really stuck and can?t decide message me on here or in-game (my IGN is TopNotchChap.)

Team Work:
This is crucial and will win a battle for you if used correctly (go into to greater detail in battle tactics) this is all about making your pokemon help each other rather than just using them individually a very basic example of this is rain dance, thunder and swift swim, say you had Jolteon Dragonite and Kingdra; Jolteon has thunder but this is inaccurate Kingdra has Swift Swim making it faster in the rain and Dragonite had the ability to use rain dance, this wouldn?t help it but it would the others, as thunder is 100% accurate in a rain and Kingdra would be faster. They don?t only have to directly help each other out, you could use a pokemon with a weakness to fire but have a pokemon that could switch in and use surf, try to have your entire team taking 1/2 damage from every type or dealing x2 damage to every type.

IV?s and Natures
Now you have a good idea of your team and your going to catch the pokemon you want, you need to make sure your pokemon is worth training (or comp as it has become known) or should you keep looking for another one, most people know about natures already, each nature sublements one stat whilst subtracting from another, make sure a relevent stat to the archetype you want to build is sublemented whilst an irrelevent one is subtracted, since this is one of the first things you get told about your pokemon the moment you catch it, what people some don?t know or choose to disregard is the effect they have on your pokemon for example an adament nature scyther is a good nature for that pokemon as scyther is an attacking sweeper and adament adds to attack whilst taking from special attack, here is a list of all natures and archetypes to use for each nature:

Hardy: (no change) Try to avoid
Bold: +DEF, -ATK Special Wall/ Tank
Timid: +SPD, -ATK Special Sweeper
Lonely: +ATK, -DEF Physical Sweeper
Docile: (no change) Try to avoid
Hasty: +SPD, -DEF Special Sweeper/ Physial Sweeper
Brave: +ATK, -SPD Physical Wall
Relaxed: +DEF, -SPD Tank/ Special Wall/Physical Wall
Serious: (no change) Try to avoid
Adamant: +ATK, -SP.ATK Physical Wall/ Physical Sweeper
Impish: +DEF, -SP.ATK Tank/Physical Wall
Jolly: +SPD, -SP.ATK Physical Sweeper
Naughty: +ATK, -SP.DEF Physical Sweeper
Lax: +DEF, -SP.DEF See below
Naive: +SPD, -SP.DEF Special Sweeper/ Physical Sweeper
Modest: +SP.ATK, -ATK Special Wall/ Special Sweeper
Calm: +SP.DEF, -ATK See Below/ Tank
Mild: +SP.ATK, -DEF Special Sweeper
Gentle: +SP.DEF, -DEF See Below
Quiet: +SP.ATK, -SPD Special Wall
Sassy: +SP.DEF, -SPD Tank/either wall
Bashful: (no change) Try to avoid
Careful: +SP.DEF, -SP.ATK Physical Wall
Rash: +SP.ATK, -SP.DEF Special Sweeper/ See below
Quirky: (no change) Try to avoid
NB Any +def/spdef (make either a good Physical/Special wall depends on what type of wall you want, except if they
have -spatt/att this makes the decision for you, go with which ever doesn?t have a minus stat. Same applies if
reversed and Att/Spatt is plused)
Now that you have your nature selected and archetypes choosen, it?s time to check their IV?s, IV?s are like a
Pokemons genes they govern how high or low their unEV?d stats will be, (see EV training) each stat has a value out of
31 the closer to 31 the IV?s are the better that stat will be, but bear in mind that a pokemon with 31 IV?s in any stat
(that?s relevent) is rare so you may have to settle for 25+ in any relevent stats the rest it would be ideal to have at
20 or higher, however this isn?t crucial. You can find out the IV?s of your pokemon here:

EV Training:
Now that you have a team of pokemon you are happy with your team it?s time to make them stronger EV training is the
way to do that. We have established which stats your pokemon is strong in now we want to max them out to their full
potential, take Scyther, for example, it has 25+ in Speed and Attack and is a nature that adds to either now you have
a maxinum of 510 EV?s overall and 255 per stat, every 4 EV points is one stat point now 255 isn?t a multiple of 4 so
just do 252 per stat (this leaves you 6 extra making you 1 stat stronger anywhere you like.) Now to raise these stats
you must KO 252 specific pokemon per stat, but there are short cuts, such as the magic of over counter
pharmasuticals, each pill is worth 10 ev points but can only be used for the first 100 EV?s here is a list of them and
what they do:

HP up Raises H by 10
Protein Raises Attack by 10
Iron Raises Defense by 10
Carbos Raises Speed by 10
Calcium Raises Special Attack by 10
Zinc Raises Special Defense by 10

When they stop working you must do the final 152 by hand, you could use a Macho Brace to half that and make it?quicker for you (give it to your pokemon and it gets 2 evs per KO) You can use the exp share to transfer EV?s to?another pokemon but it?ll only give the regular amount not the doubled one offered by the macho brace. You can get

EV?s by KOing these specific pokemon:
HP Caterpie Viridian Forest
Attack Paras Mount Moon Basement
Defense Tangela Patch South of Pallet Town
Special Attack Gastly Pokemon Tower
Speed Magikarp/Rattata and pidgey south of viridian

NB sometimes it can be difficult knowing what EV?s to go for I often check pokemon of the week for a good set.

Competitions and Tactics
Most competitions are usually 3v3/4v4 level 50/100 so make sure your pokemon are within the bracket since they will?be excluded for being 1 level greater and disavantaged if one level lower. So now for the fun part, we?ve covered basic team structure. Now for my idea of a good attacking team you want to open with a wall/tank and a stat booster with Calm Mind baton pass a sweeper in, when that stops being usable switch to a spiker use that and roar until you trap a good pokemon for you then oblitorate. If all else fails tank, use Toxic, leach seed sand storm what ever it takes to lower hp, try to keep moves like light screen and reflect up as much as you can. Make sure to have a mixed sweeper for when blissey/ skarmory are inevitably used.?I dont want to give too mucg away as it might destroy my strategies XD.

O yeh and have fun that?s kinda what the game is about, just out of intereste anyone get the Old Spice reference?

If any help is needed with anything mentioned here PM me my IGN is TopNotchChap or just pm on the forums.

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