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What is up guys this is John aka Pokemen and today I’m going to be going over the top five Pokemon I believe are the best at taking on gyms in Pokemon Go. One of my favorite things about Pokemon Go is going around and taking over gyms for my team, but even with my background in competitive battling I’ve struggled against rival gyms. Because of this I decided to do some research to figure out which Pokemon would help me the most in my quest to take down every gym in my path.

Before I get into the list I do have a few things to say. First, I will be talking about DPS in this video and that stands for damage per second and it will be the measurement I use when discussing how powerful the Pokemon’s moves are. Second, I will be taking STAB or same type attack bonus into account when discussing moves and STAB is a 1.25x damage multiplier in this game. Finally, make sure to remember that these are my opinions and while I will do my best to back up all of my choices feel free to disagree and give your own list in the comments below.

And with that out of the way let’s get right on into the video! The first Pokemon on our list is a Pokemon many of you probably think would be the most powerful non legendary Pokemon in the game, Dragonite. Dragonite is the final stage in the only dragon evolutionary line in Pokemon Go at the moment and that gives it an advantage and also a disadvantage. The advantage is that there are less super effective dragon attacks to hurt it from other Pokemon, but on the same note Dragonite’s dragon moves are only super effective against other Dragonites. It also has three weaknesses in rock, ice, and fairy, but thankfully none of those types are super common and dragon itself is only resisted by steel and fairy. This means Dragonite will be able to hit most Pokemon regularly with both its best quick attack in dragon breath and its charge attack in dragon claw. Dragon Claw is one of the strongest charge attacks in the game hitting at DPS, but is paired up with the weakest quick attack on this list which only hits at 15 DPS.

Even with a weaker quick attack Dragonite is still a very Powerful and bulky Pokemon that won’t let you down in a fight and if dragon breath was just a little bit stronger Dragonite would probably be number one on this list! The next Pokemon is the biggest surprise of the list and a Pokemon most of you guys probably have, Pidgeot. Pidgeot is known for being one of the first Pokemon you see in the first generation games and also as a weaker Pokemon in general. While it is considered weaker in the regular games it is the only flying type Pokemon in Pokemon Go to have both the best flying quick attack in wing attack and the best flying type charge attack in Hurricane. This also goes along with its secondary typing not adding common weaknesses like many other flying types in the game.

Not only does Pidgeot have the best flying attacks combination, it also has one of the most balanced attack combinations with Wing attack at 20 DPS and Hurricane at DPS. Both of those moves are one of the better quick and charge attacks in the game respectively and make Pidgeot one of the only Pokemon that boasts at least 20 DPS in both its quick attack and its charge attack. It probably won’t come as a surprise that the next three Pokemon are a part of that powerful club as well! The third Pokemon on my list was one of the best in the first generation games and once again Alakazam is one of the most Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Alakazam is the only non-legendary Pokemon that can learn Psycho Cut in Pokemon Go and that gives it a huge advantage. Psycho Cut is the strongest quick attack by far sporting a crazy DPS which is nearly five points higher than the next strongest quick attack. That combined with a respectful DPS from its best charge attack in Psychic makes alakazam a terrifying Pokemon to face in battle. More positives about Alakazam include the absence of dark Pokemon in the game, the lack of many ghost and steel type Pokemon in the game, and the fact that most bug Pokemon in the game are fairly weak.

Just like in the first games there is not much standing in Alakazam’s way and it will be a fantastic edition to any trainer’s team! While Snorlax is number two on my list many people consider it to be the best Pokemon in game and for good reason! Snorlax has the strongest charge attack in the game with Body Slam which has an incredible DPS. Pairing this with a respectful 20 DPS from is quick attack and the fact that Snorlax only has one weakness in the game makes it easily one of the strongest Pokemon around. Not only is it incredibly powerful, it also has a huge HP stat and a formidable defense stat making it not only amazing at taking gyms down but also very hard to take down itself.

The only thing holding it back from being number one in my eyes is not having a STAB quick attack and if it ever got one in the future it would be the best in the game hands down. The best Pokemon for taking on gyms in Pokemon Go is Vaporen! For all of you guys debating on what you should evolve your eevee into look no further than Vaporeon. Vaporeon has both a top five quick attack and charge attack in Pokemon go with both water gun and Aqua Tail sporting at least 25 DPS.

This means that you will be constantly firing out powerful attacks throughout the battle and can rely on your charge move to provide some extra power to finish off a foe. Water has few resistances and weaknesses as well which go well with Vaporeons great HP and defense making it not only scary offensively, but very difficult to take down as well. Vaporeon is an all-around fantastic Pokemon and you better make sure to nickname your eevee Rainer before you evolve it. That’s all I have for this video though! If you want to know more about the DPS of other Pokemon and attacks make sure to check out the link in the description as that is a fantastic website for Pokemon Go and where I got a lot of my information from. Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the video and comment your own list if yours differs from mine. Make sure to subscribe for more Pokemon Go videos and stay tuned for my list of the best Pokemon to defend gyms which should come out later this week.

But until then guys, peace!.

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