Alright guys, what is going on? It is Hank here from Nintendome. Today we are going to be talking about sizes in Pokemon Go. Now sometimes, when we catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you’ll notice that there is an XL or an XS sign near the height of the weight stat of that Pokemon. And if you’re like most people, you’re wondering what that actually means for your Pokemon. Now there are theories and speculation going around about height influencing HP and stuff like that.

Guys, I’ve done a lot of research into this subject. Shoutout to my friend Zainy from Discord for actually helping me with this research and yeah we found nothing, absolutely nothing, to support this. I’ve even done a lot of testing on my own and as you can see on screen, I have a lot of Pokemon that are at the relatively same area in the CP progression bar but the lighter or the shorter Pokemon will actually be stronger than the heavier or taller Pokemon. Again, the CP progression bars are relatively the same. So that means that the only differences for these Pokemon will have to be the IVs because there can be variation across Pokemon with IVs.

By the way, if you want me to do a video on IVs in Pokemon Go, tell me down in the comments section below that like button. So if height and weight do affect something in Pokemon Go, it likely has nothing to do with CP or HP. Now a lot of people have suggested that weight has some sort of influence with speed in gym battles. This could be true. This could also be false. Again guys, that’s all speculation and it’s actually really hard to test for that just given the quality of the servers right now. But I do want to point out the fact that there has been a recent Pokemon Go data dump and so far, there has not been any information about height and weight influencing anything in Pokemon Go. If it really did influence something, you would expect to see some sort of information in that data dump. But this has simply not been the case. So really, what I’m going to say is that you should probably worry more about IVs and more about CP potential of your Pokemon, rather than the size of it.

Honestly, I do not think size matters in Pokemon Go. Anyways guys, if this video helped you out, or if you learned something new, definitely go ahead and smash that like button and definitely consider subscribing for more Pokemon Go and other Nintendo videos. Thanks for all the support guys! And for the Splatoon people: more Splatoon videos are coming out soon!.

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