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Today is the first day of Entei raids, the first day of legendary beast raids all around the world and there’s actually one right ahead. But I tweeted out that I’m headed to Plaça de Catalunya and as much as I want to run over here and hit it my first Entei raid right away, I’d rather do it with some of you. [Music] I’m in the Apple store now just to pick up a hard drive really quickly and I’m struggling to shoot because this is the exact same path that I took on my first day in Barcelona which is a video you haven’t even seen yet, so today’s all about Entei. [Music] Here we go. Hard drive; done, dusted. 10k is hatching now Larvitar. I’ll take it. That one could get transferred. And then I should have one more 10k. Here we go.

…another Larvitar. Now. I don’t… there’s a Moltres back there. There’s a Lugia over there. I woke up this morning to Zapdos raids, and I thought I woke up on the wrong day. So… we’ll see. Hopefully the Entei will start showing up soon. [Music] So of course leave it to Niantic to say something’s ending at a certain time and then…

Just totally ignore what they said. Still, you know, legendary bird raids going on. No Entei around and, and that’s what we’re looking for today. Niantic you’ve got a lot of people out here who want to do Entei raids. Where are they? I’m leaving it up to the locals. They said there’s usually raids this way; we’re going this way. Usually(!), yeah. [Music] I’m gonna have to come back down towards the water later.

We just finished up an Articuno raid here. But I didn’t shoot it because today is all about Entei and we just got word of an actual Entei raid thirty minutes back this way. We’re gonna take the subway, so we’ll get there a little quicker. [Music] There it is, straight ahead. That’s gonna be my first Entei raid. 41 minutes left, and I think I hit the wrong gym. But it’s a team Instinct gym, and the gym control bonus has been fixed, so I’m gonna get a good amount of balls which is good because these legendary beasts have a two percent catch rate which is the same as Lugia and slightly lower than the legendary birds. So you know I struggled with Lugia, I might struggle a little with this Entei.

I saw Mystic missed his first one, JTGily missed his first. See if I can get it on the first go. We’ll do private, yeah. Alright, oh my goodness there it is. My first Entei. I’m gonna set this up somewhere. Hey, what’s up? How’s it going? (Do you need help?) Please, thank you. So Omastar… Water Gun/Hydro Pump Omastar is gonna be hands-down best counter, double resistance and obviously super effective attacks, and honestly what I have here is pretty much good to go. I’m gonna bring in a Vaporeon and then I have a Mud-Slap/Earthquake Rhydon. So there’s 13 of us here in the private group, and we should have no trouble taking down Entei.

Entei’s moves are all fire-type, so uh… water, Rock. They’re both going to resist all of its possible moves. And when we get to catching it, we’ll talk about what its best moves actually are. Alright, there it is. Entei is actually my favorite of the three. I always felt like it was just, it just looks like a king. The most regal I would say. Hit him back with the Hydro Pump. Gee, he just looks so cool like a massive Entei like this. And then Omastar with its double resistance is still taking a decent amount of damage from Flamethrower.

So, you can only imagine what its gonna be like against a Pokemon with a single resistance or even no resistance. We’re halfway there, we’re making very quick work of this. I hope, I really hope I can get this on the first try. JTGily hit seven excellents on his first Raikou and it broke out one shake on each of ’em. So… it’s definitely going to be a struggle with these beasts. Which is fine cause we have a whole month to catch ’em So if you’re feeling pressured, if you feel like you need to get out and you know Niantic is bombarding you with legendary Pokemon, don’t worry, you have a whole month. You can relax a little. This should be the end of it. I think my Golem will be my last Pokemon… Finish it off with a Stone Edge… nope. Alright, it’s going down. First Entei… down. Now, I got Gym control bonus, we had a few team instinct people in the gym, or in the raid.

Let’s see, six rare candies. I need those. Golden Razz Berries. Solid. Don’t have a Lucky Egg on. Six-one-two. Oh, yes, all right. 11 balls It’s gonna be a real struggle, but 11 balls. 1876. That’s not very good IVs, 1930 is perfect for Entei. So we have a 14/14/14 right here. That’s 1913 CP. That’s pretty lucky. So I’m gonna go with the same. This is what I’ve been doing, for everything. I’m gonna go Nanab Berry first. Oh God… I missed. My game… my phone kind of lags. Oh, God. I’m not off to a great start here. But that’s, that’s actually pretty easy to hit the Great throw there, so… Yeah I didn’t think so. Golden Razz Berry, and I have, I actually have nine throws on this. But I am going to be very patient, see if I can hit the excellent throws. Wait for the attack.

Ah! It’s close. I’m almost there I’m actually really nervous right now after seeing, like how difficult it was for JTGily and Mystic7. Ah, I missed the attack cause there was a fly on my… ankle. There we go. Oh, I just missed the great throw again. Oh my god. Not even a shake. There we go. Excellent throw, Golden Razz Berry, curveball… and not even a shake. This is gonna be my Lugia struggle all over again. But for three months straight. There we go. Another excellent, another curveball… I guess they don’t like excellent throws. Not even a shake. Come on, do something. Just give me an attack, please. Should I just risk it? Is that the issue? Oh there’s the attack. Of course it’s gonna be a… oh, another excellent throw and will it even shake this time? Once. Twice? Four balls left. That was better though. I… it’s definitely an improvement. It’s my posture. Got a better throwing stance here. Another! Another excellent throw.

I’m like… JTGily syndrome here. One… two! Yes! Oh my god I forgot to put a luck egg on but, when’s the last time I remembered? There it is, Entei in the Pokedex. How’d everyone else do? Good good good. I’ve got some catches… no? We’ll find some more. Alright Fire Spin- Flamethrower. Not it’s best move set. Uh, you want the same as every other fire type, Fire Spin Overheat and Entei has lower attack than both Moltres and Flareon, but has better defensive stats. So it is the best overall Fire-type Pokemon in the game meaning, it’s, you know, It’s gonna deal a decent amount of damage, and it’s gonna survive longer than those other two will. So one, unfortunately is not above 80%. But it is my first Entei, and I’m happy with it. First one dude. Sorry Mystic. Sorry JTGily, and also, thank you for helping me record. (Cheers) Appreciate it. Alright! Yes… Another Mewtwo viewing party. (Oh my god…) (Oh my god.) I forgot I’m up to 244 now.

I was actually just asking on… (You only lack Mew from the first generation.) Yeah, that’s it! (Oh my God…) So this marks, uh… oh. I got glitches. Glitches! Uh oh! Uh oh! This marks the first time in a couple weeks that I haven’t had a complete Pokedex. I’ll get Raikou when I head home, and then Suicune… We’ll see. We’ll see which way it rotates first.

Also, what’s up with this Pokedex right now? [Music] We’re walking through Arc de Triomphe now, and I’m hesitant to shoot any more because I actually walked through here on my first day in Barcelona, and shot a lot. So, take a quick look now. I’ll give you more detail when that video comes out. This right here. I guess everyone’s saying is like, the spot. At least last summer. I’ve heard that there were groups of like 2,000 people out here and that the police had to come… break it up because it’s illegal to have that many people organized without permission. So. Pokemon Go in Barcelona. Right here. It is a good spot.

There’s a lot of lures. [Music] So we just grabbed some lunch. We’re gonna sit down here for a classic lure party, and this one I haven’t spun yet. So here we go. Lunch, lures, And oh god, maybe some rain actually. That wouldn’t be good. [Music] We’ve sort of been wandering around the city just trying to find Entei raids which, at this point seem like they’re very rare. Uh, I don’t know if that the same experience for everyone watching but let me know. It seems like for us most of the raids have been far to the north or far to the south just… farther than I can really afford to go at the time because… I gotta get back and edit this but there is one, uh, a couple stops away.

So pretty soon, another Entei raid. [Music] See this what I’m saying, we have nothing… nothing that even compares to that. In LA. I’m gonna take a day pretty soon here where I’m just gonna wander around the city and shoot time lapses all day, because everywhere we go this… this city is so photogenic, and I need to take advantage of it. But uh, Entei raid is right up here. We have… 14 minutes left, so we’ll be good. Alright here it is. Entei number two of the day. We’ve been out here for hours and really only found two. So we’re struggling. I don’t know why the birds are around.

Niantic? Would you care to explain? [Music] Okay, this one is definitely much better IVs than my first, 1914. I’m gonna need uh, full concentration on this. Probably above 90% honestly. Start with the Nanab Berry, as always I mean I, I guess I missed my first throw on the other ones so… Here we go Golden Razz Berry. This is the one that I really want. I mean I guess, the first one’s always the best. But 1914? Come on, good IVs? It’s close. That was close to an excellent throw. At least it’s giving me some shakes. Oh! Yes! That was so much easier this time. Alright, let’s see. It is… “Battle with the best of them.” HP, defense. Yep? I’m gonna have to run this through a calculator real quick. Oh yeah! 96%! 96% On Entei. It’s good. I’m satisfied with that. So we’re all kind of splitting up here, everyone’s taking different lines. I want to say thank you to everyone who came out and everyone who has already left. Appreciate it, it was a lot of fun.

Alright man, good to meet you. (Yeah, pleasure bro.) Alright! Okay, and I made it back to the Airbnb with exactly zero minutes left on the SD Card. So real quickly before I run out of space. I have updated my spreadsheet. I’ll link to that in the description it has all the info for, uh… Defensive… well you don’t worry about defensive for legendaries. Offensive and Dual rankings for the legendary beasts. Entei again best Fire-type overall. Raikou is the new best electric-type attacker so all of you in the Americas…

Good luck with those catches. And with that, Thank you all for watching. I hope you guys are having some good luck with your Legendary Beasts, and I’ll see you tomorrow..

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