pokemon go nests

Hello fellow trainers, Not enough pokemon nests discovered in your area? Here’s a tip on how to find your own. First, find one of the areas with dark green grass. Most parks, even small ones, will be this color. Next we need to find where and when pokemon spawn within this area. Walk the entire volume of the dark green area at 15 minute intervals over the course of an hour. For each pokemon you see within the dark green area, make note of when you saw it, where it was, and keep an overall tally of how many of each pokemon type you’re seeing. Once you know where pokemon spawn and how many minutes past the hour, come back for every spawn for a few hours, adding to your tally of pokemon type each time. Hopefully you’ll soon see one specific uncommon pokemon frequently appearing, in that case, congratulations, you’ve discovered your own pokemon nest, hunt to your heart’s content. If you’re not seeing any uncommon pokemon after 20 or so spawns, you may have just found a nest for one of your locally common pokemon.

Don’t despair, just hang onto your notes and return the next time a nest migration rolls out and you may have better results. In the mean time there’s plenty more of the dark green nests waiting to be identified. Happy hunting ūüôā Here’s a fun glitch, go to your egg list with at least 2 eggs not in incubators. Click on one of them, then slide halfway to the next non-incubating egg. With your first finger still on the screen, take a second finger and slide down from the white area with text. If you did it right, the page will move down as you do it, and when you release both fingers, the page will be frozen in the sideways scroll between eggs.

Next simultaneously tap both eggs’ ‘start incubation’ buttons at the same time with two different fingers. If you time it just right, the incubator list will pop up, but you’ll have two infinite incubators instead of just one! Just don’t get too excited: it’s just a visual glitch..

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