pokemon go how to catch

Hi… I hope this video helps you how to find Pokémon in Pokémon Go game. When you start to play Pokémon Go, with your mobile phone it’s possible that you don’t see any nearby Pokémon in the map. It’s good to know that it’s a lot of easier to find Pokémon in towns than for example in countryside. Go to parks, local recreational area, and other places where are often a lot of people.

Those are places where is easy to find Pokémon. You can also use an item called incence to attract Pokémon to your location. There are also Pokémons which appear for example, only near lakes and oceans and in certain climates and environments. a PokéStop is a place where you can pick up Poké Balls and other items to increase their level of power, and to also avoid spending money on purchasing Poké Balls. Remember that Pokémon Go game is planned to play by walking.

When you walk to the area where wild Pokémon is nearby, you mobile phone will vibrate to alert, and you can see that nearby Pokémon in the map. Pokémon you haven’t earlier encountered show up as silhouettes. To catch a Pokémon touch the Pokémon by finger in the map view. Now you begin to try to catch the Pokémon. It will appear in front of you. You may need to turn off camera mode,, or orient your phone. Now look at Poké Ball in the screen and touch and hold it. There appears a target ring around that Pokémon. If the ring’s color is green, the Pokémon is easy to capture, if the color is red, it’s very difficult to capture. Orange color means intermediate difficulty. Next you have to fling the Poké Ball and target the Pokémon and try to capture it. If you succeed to capture the Pokémon, remember that it can also run away from the Poké Ball.

However there are many ways and many attempts to capture wild Pokémon before it escape from the map. You can use items like Razz Berries, Poké Balls like Master Balls, Ultra Balls and Great Balls. You can find those items from the Bag by touching that bag by your finger. I hope this video helps you to find Pokémon and catch nearby Pokémon. It can be difficult at the beginning but it’s much easier when you have played Pokémon Go some time. Thanks for watching this video, bye..

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