pokemon go best locations for rare pokemon

What’s up guys Judo Sloth here today i’m sharing with you how to find more rare pokemon in pokemon go. You can use this to find out where Pokemon spawn in the game and this will be one of the best tips you will see for pokemon go. It involves downloading one of Ninantic Labs other games called Ingress. So the developers that made pokemon go, also made this game. The easiest way to find it is to pull up Pokemon Go in the app store or the google play store and scroll to the bottom where you can find more apps from this developer. Now why am I telling you all this, how does this game help you find rare pokemon and pokémon spawn points. Well here you are, the game is very similar, in fact it works on the exact same coding of pokemon go. The portals are the flare like buildings, and these are Poke stops and gyms within pokemon go and the white dots around them and scattered elsewhere on the map are where the pokemon actually spawn in pokémon go. If we swap across to Pokemon Go, you can see the local Pokestops around, which were exactly where the portals were on ingress.

So what does this mean. Well if we have a map for your exact location which shows you where pokémon are going to spawn, then we can travel to these higher dense spawn areas and have a much better chance of catching rare Pokemon. Now i’m speeding up the gameplay but let’s have a look at this example. You can see grass moving just ahead of our location on the right, and if we swap across to Ingress, you can see the white markers just south of where the portal is, not the dense area around the portal, but just south of that, that is exactly the area that we’re looking at in pokemon go.

Now if you live in a busy city where there’s lots of Pokestops and gyms, lots going on, this tip won’t be as useful for you, but if you live in a rural area like me, then you can just identify and travel to these locations to find more pokemon and obviously a much better chance of finding rare Pokemon. So here we are, we found a Caterpie and a Raticate, which for my level is not a bad find. Moving back across to Ingress you can see we are just approaching the white markers, where the pokemon spawn and that is exactly where we have found them. So there you have it guys, a brilliant tip for pokemon go especially if you live out in more rural areas, you can identify where Pokemon are, where they’re going to spawn and have a much better chance of finding those rares. Have a game of Ingress as well whilst you’re there, it’s actually a pretty fun game to play and the popularity of it is going up following the release of pokemon go.

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