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What’s up guys Judo Sloth here and welcome back to another Pokémon Go video where today we are talking about the best items to buy in the shop. Whether you’re getting your pokecoins from controlling a gym or purchasing them, you want to know how to best spend your poke coins and this video is going to tell you everything about all of the items in the shop and what is best to buy, and I’m going to tell you outright guys the best items are the lucky eggs, the incense, and the egg incubator and i’m going to go into why you want to spend your poke coins on them items right now. So if we just started the top of the shop for simplicity, first of all we have poke balls.

Now the Pokeballs are obviously hugely important, it’s what you need to catch the pokemon, so I’m not going to say don’t buy the pokeballs because if you need them, you need them at the end of the day, but they’re certainly not the best item in the shop and they’re certainly not what is best to be spending your poke coins on. You want to try to be efficient with the management of your pokéballs, so try and visit as many Pokestops as you can to get them free items, you do get some as you’re leveling up as well, but also you have to be careful when you’re using the pokeballs, so learn how to throw them, work on your technique so you can be a little bit more accurate and you’re not wasting as many, and I am going to bring out a video as well on how to throw the pokeballs, different techniques so make sure you stay tuned for that and subscribe using the button on the right hand side.

However let’s get into some of the more important items and what you do want to be spending your pokecoins on. But just before we forget to mention it, the little number in the top right corner is how many gyms you’re in control of and you can get free pokecoins for every gym that you control. So what about the items that you do want to buy, well the Incense. The incense is very important because it draws pokemon to your location. Now if you just sitting in the house or at work, you can use this to still play pokemon go, however the best use for the incense is actually getting out there and being on the move. If you are static i.e. you’re not moving, you’re sitting in the house and you have incense running, you will encounter a Pokemon every five minutes. However if you’re outside, you’re moving around, you can encounter a Pokemon every minute, if you cover 200 meters of ground you’ll encounter a Pokemon. You could say that’s the potential for 30 pokemon within 30 minutes of incense use, however realistically the timing of actually catching the pokemon it won’t be that much, but still a highly useful item.

Next on the list is the Lucky Egg. Now the lucky egg is the best item in Pokemon Go, without a shadow of a doubt. Experience points are how you level up, that’s how you then encounter stronger pokémon, so leveling up and increasing your level as fast as possible is extremely important. Honestly guys if you’re going to buy one thing from the shop, maybe you don’t have a lot of poke coins, the Lucky Eggs are what you want to buy.

Now for those of you that saw my beginners guide for pokemon go, you’ll know that I talked about new pokemon into your pokedex and doubling your experience, and I talked about how important the lucky eggs were at the start of the game, that is equally important as you move through the game. If you don’t have a lot of pokecoins, you don’t have a lot of Lucky Eggs, what I would suggest, because the lucky eggs give you double experience on everything, is saving up until you’re ready to use a lucky egg. So you can store pokemon that you’re ready to evolve, save a lot of them and then evolve them all together at the same time, wait until you’re ready to hatch Pokemon eggs and just before you do that, pop that lucky egg for double xp. That’s going to help you level up faster and encounter them stronger pokemon. So we’ve talked about the Lucky Eggs and Incense being good items to buy in pokemon go.

The third item that i would recommend buying from the Pokeshop is the Egg Incubator. Now you can store up to 9 eggs in pokemon go, but you only have 1 egg incubator. That means all of the distance that you’re covering, you’re only ever hatching 1 egg. You can buy the egg incubators which only have limited use, 3 uses, however that’s a much better turn over than just having the 1 incubator, you’re getting more exp, you’re getting more pokemon, freeing up spots in order to get more eggs, it’s a win-win situation and if you can afford to buy the egg incubator, I would definitely recommend it in order to increase your productivity.

So what about the other items, well next we have the lure modules. Now you attach these to a Pokestop in order to attract pokémon to that area for 30 minutes and this will benefit everybody. Everyone that’s at that Pokestop we’ll see the pokemon that’s being attracted. Now if you live near a Pokestop, you could always benefit from someone else, however i wouldn’t really recommend buying the lure module, for me it doesn’t give you as much in return. The best thing about the lure module is if you’re with a group of people, one person can use that and everyone will benefit. So if you’re hunting with a group of friends, Pokestops tend to be at certain attractions, maybe your visiting one of these with some friends, you can pop a lure module in and still attract pokemon, then it may be worth it but for a single player, I wouldn’t recommend buying the lure module.

Moving on to the upgrade items. Now these are more for convenience, the bag upgrade gives you 50 extra item slots. So if we take a look at our items section you can see there are 350 spaces. Purchasing the upgrade gives you an extra 50, but when you’re first starting the game, you’re not really gonna need that space. Maybe as you progress, you battle in the gym a lot, you carry lots and lots of potions, it may then be worth it, but when you first start in the game, it’s not really needed, you can spend pokecoins on much better items. This is similar with the pokemon storage upgrade, certainly a convenience, but you’re not really going to need it at the start. As you progress on it may become more relevant, but I’d also recommend trying to manage your Pokemon effectively, trade out and transfer the ones that you don’t need, your duplicates, and that will certainly help you to keep on top of the numbers and have a much more manageable storage. So in summary the best items to buy from the pokeshop in pokemon go, are the incense, make sure you move around to maximize their use.

The best item to buy in pokemon go is the lucky eggs. This will help you level up faster, find stronger pokemon, and if you’re going to buy anything from the pokeshop, the lucky eggs are certainly the way to go. Third and finally i would recommend the egg incubator. This will help to increase your productivity when hatching your Pokemon eggs and help you to get more pokemon, more experience, and then free up your egg slots so that you can get more eggs and do the process all over again. So that wraps it up for this video on the best items to buy from the poke shop in pokemon go. Make sure to drop me any comments in the section below with what you would recommend and make sure to subscribe for more pokemon go videos using the button on the right hand side. I’ve been your host judo sloth and until next time peace out guys.

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