Hey guys welcome back to another tutorial from idlegaming today I’m going to be talking about an amazing trick that I discovered the other day and I’m really pumped to show you guys this one it’s the best trick i’ve discovered in the game so far. with this technique you will literally never miss another pokeball throw again and I actually guarantee that if you set it up properly you’ll get great throws nearly half of the time which is amazing XP. this trick will also speed up catching pokemon and will save you so many pokeballs. begin by going into the general settings on your phone scroll down a bit and tap on accessibility scroll down again and click on assistive touch, you want to turn this on then tap create new gesture at the bottom now what we have to do is swipe the screen straight down the middle as if you were throwing a pokeball! make sure to release it just as you would a normal throw if you get it wrong and it’s not straight just hit cancel and try again until it’s right it will take a bit of playing around to get it right.

We want to set up a medium length one and longer one and i’ll tell you why later if you don’t know that probably should now see the assistive touch icon whatever you’re doing on your phone so head into the game and roam around it until you encounter some pokemon once you’re in the battle hit the icon hit the star that says custom and then tap the custom gesture you just made hit anywhere on the screen to get rid of it next want to judge the distance of the pokemon now every pokemon sits slightly different distance from the player so throw the ball according to this distance this might take some practice but then you will have perfect throws every time now sometimes pokemon are going to break free of th pokeball and you might not realize this but pokemon actually move further away from you after breaking free so if this happens just go back into the menu again switch to your long throw this method is great for increasing the speed of the catch saving pokeballs and saving time it’s amazing everyone i’ve shown this to has loved it if you got any questions regarding this technique you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you soon again thanks for watching today’s tutorial if you liked it head over to my channel for more great content just like this that’s it for today so until next time I’m outie

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