The whole chat says: hi youtube. It’S community day day, two got an egg hatching it’s totodile, one of the uh 2019 pokemon that are featured in eggs. I already picked up another egg. My storage is full but sierra’s here, and i know that the egg test is live, some people have it and i’m not sure. If i do so, i’m gon na battle this and see. If i get an egg, i got that free rocket radar from doing the community day research yesterday, but i don’t know if i’ve been chosen for this uh increased egg storage beta test. So let’s find out okay moment of truth. Do i get an egg or not stardust egg? I have increased egg storage, seven, seven, seven out of one thousand. Does that mean i get a shiny? Am i lucky? No, it is community day, but it’s 9 40 a.m. Right now, the boosted shiny rates and all the bonuses haven’t started, yet they don’t start until 11.

But i need to go out for a grind. I need to get a million xp in real quick because last night last night i hit my goal: 97.1 million xp. That means i need a little less than 3 million xp today to have enough to level up to 47.. Of course, that xp is not the only thing i need. I need to do 28, more raids using a team of all unique species. I have to win a three-star rate using only pokemon with 1500 cp or less that’s honestly. The easiest thing to do because you can be in a lobby with other people. There can be other people in the raid as long as you only bring 1500 cp pokemon you’re fine power up 3 pokemon to their max cp is going to be the hardest part. We’Re going to talk about that later. For now, i need to grind. I need to hit these excellent throws.

I’Ve got a little over an hour until community day starts and i’ll be back home on twitch. For that, so the grind continues got my first raid invite there’s typically not a ton of spawns in this area. So i hopped in i made sure to bring six different pokemon, so uh all unique species: metagross kyogre, gyarados, machamp, lugia, roserade. Sorry, i’m not contributing okay, that’s reggie rockcott, and that should be best friends with joe come on come on. I know it’s here there. It is 200 000 xp starting the day off with another best friend level up which is going to make this grind a little bit easier. Oh poury, going go back to the middle one thing. I’Ve added to my grind: that’s helped me squeeze in more xp. Is evolutions whenever i get to a spot like this, where there aren’t really any pokemon spawns i’ll, just start evolving pokemon, it’s worth a thousand xp! There’S a base right now, so with a lucky egg, on 2000 xp just for evolving a pokemon. So, whenever i’m walking somewhere no pokemon spawning i’m evolving, i’m my grind is evolving it’s getting better more efficient.

I think brandontown would be proud. I fell a little bit short of my 1 million xp goal for the morning, but i’m about to go live. That’S all right! That just means i’m gon na have to make it up later tonight, but i’m late, i’m late to actual community day spawns, are starting i’m getting set up here. So hopefully during this stream i can make up a little bit of that. Xp maybe hit some best friends. I know i have a few people that have been just kind of waiting, so i’m probably just going to skip through the next six hours for the video. But if you missed it check the vault on twitch or just come through. Twitch, if you got nothing else to do on community today, you need a soundtrack to your grind. I’M always here. Six hours later community day is over well boosted, boosted, shiny rates are over, spawns are still happening for another few hours but uh. My final xp total 100, 000, 184, 100 million.

What time is it 100 million 184 662, which is enough to put me over to level 47? There’S just a few things. I need to do win 30 raids using a team of all unique pokemon species. I need one more: i need to win a three star raid with only 1 500 cp or less pokemon, which is what we’re going to do right. Now that’s going to check off both of those tasks and then i need to power up three pokemon to their max cp, for which i’m going to need. Pokemon master holly’s help so for this raid it can be three star, it could be five star. You can go over, it’s just like how excellent throws count for great throws. Five star rates count for this three star raid, so uh, i need cp minus 1500 and i just need to dodge man. I need to dodge everything. All i need to do is survive. The raid squad’s going to carry me through what are my tankiest tankiest pokemon here: reggie steel, reggie metal, azumaril probopass.

I hope this thing doesn’t have focus blast, lapras, pretty tanky umbreon. Let’S go and wait, i’m going to bring the shiny to zuma all right, we’re stacking. The lobby true inferno, yo friendo, andres, mystic, melody, six unique pokemon, 1500 cp or less as long as i just chill. Then it’s chill alright. This is literally all i do and my friends carry me through. You can, of course, challenge yourself actually do the 1500 cp raid. This is the easy way just in case in case you want a shortcut hey. What if i want, i want to throw a hydro pump. Let me get, let me get some damage in there. We go, i took it down, you can’t say i didn’t contribute because i threw a hydro pump there. I think i actually ko’d that all right, one last shiny check on the reggie rock no shiny.

So with that, i have one task: left power up: three pokemon to their max cp, i’m gon na shortcut it, but i need help from pokemon master holly, so the fastest way, the fastest way to max three pokemon. If you’re at this level – and you don’t have enough xl candy – is to share that’s what friends are for sharing is caring. I have some xlcandy holly has some xl candy we can share. We can help each other out. That’S the best way to do it. So let me just take a second to explain. What’S about to happen, to reach level 47, you have to power up three pokemon to their max cp. That means level 50 and that means using xl candy.

So you can see, we’ve talked about it before the cost. To max out a pokemon to level 50 on top of the candy and stardust cost is an additional 296 xl candy and at this point two weeks since level 50 dropped two weeks since xl candy has been available in pokemon, go uh yeah, it’s gon na be Hard to have 296 xl candy for a pokemon. Luckily we did just have the whooper takeover basically, and i was able to get a ton of whooper candy from that. But if you don’t have enough xl candy on your own to max a pokemon out, you can share with a friend. So as an example, i have 127 charmander xl candy. If i have a friend who also has somewhere around 170 xl candy, that friend can power up a charmander using their xl candy and then trade, the charmander to me, and i can do the rest of the power-ups using my xl candy. So i’m going to power up a whopper on my own, using 292 xl candy, then, with the remaining candy, i’m going to use that whooper xl candy to finish powering up a whopper that pokemon master holly starts powering up and then i’m going to get some help From my friend ed who, a lot of you know from twitch chat, he’s going to help me out powering up a pokemon and i’m going to finish it off and honestly.

You have to be kind of insane to be at this level right now and i can’t believe that i’m here, but again, i’ve just really been enjoying having something to work towards in pokemon go um, but i think by the time most people are hitting level 47 You’Ll probably have a lot more xl candy. You will have been catching pokemon for more than just two weeks at this point so community day. Pokemon are great targets for that. Whatever pokemon, we have for january community day february community day, any future community day, pokemon pokemon that are featured heavily in events like whooper was you’ll stack up a lot of xl candy for those. But if you get to the point when you’re reaching level 47 – and you don’t have enough xl candy – you can always share with a friend and then let me just also say: if you, if you’re desperate, you can convert your candy to xl candy. But look at that conversion rate literally all of my charmander candy would only net me 30 additional xl candy. So it’s kind of a last resort. That’S not really the way that it’s meant to be used, you’re, better off, just catching more pokemon to get the xl candy and if you really need to convert a few at the end, to make up the difference. But i wouldn’t rely on converting your existing candy to xl candy as the main way to earn xl candy all right.

So what i’m about to do is uh head out and do some trades holly is live. I’M gon na just be near her apartment within trading range. I’M going to call her on discord and we’ll talk through the trade we’ll do the trade i’ll do the same with ed and then level 47 in one day. Let me also just say that um, these things have already happened already, it’s now 1 30 in the morning, and i’m back here at my apartment editing, but i didn’t do a good job of explaining that earlier. So i just had to to cut in and yeah. It’S late, i’m editing, i’m really on the grind. I’M serious, i’m having so much fun with pokemon go. It feels like 2016 at this point anyway. Here’S the stuff! This is kind of ridiculous. I feel ridiculous right now. That’S a good feeling. Okay, whooper’s purifying the game. Again, i know pokemon go so i’m using 297 000 in stardust. Does that sound right sounds good, uh yeah, i think. So. What do you think chat? Yes hit the button. This is a lot of stardust chat. That’S a lot of stardust chat says yes. Okay, thanks chat; okay, the chat is calling for it to get lucky. I’M gon na trade, you something super old, then santa hat pikachu, 2016

2016., oh snap, yep, honestly, i could go. I could go even older. Hey do you want a lapras from my first lapras japan trip? Yes, okay, cool! Let’S do that! I’M gon na trade, you this very old november 18th. 2016. ishinomaki, japan. Okay, that’s exciting! All right! Here we go, please! Oh yes, oh my god! Yes, that’s so good! It came out at 666. Cp uh, i’m appraising the ivs are not terrible. 14. 12. 13.. Now i finished powering it up. Cost me another 136 candy, another 50 000 stardust. It maxes out at 6.99, beautiful all right, maxing out whooper jam one of three i’m a third of the way there holly let’s go. Thank you so much for your help. You’Re welcome! You can’t see it, but i’m i’m waving, i’m waving in my camera, you’ll see it in the video tomorrow. The whole chat says: hi youtube. Okay, i don’t recommend doing this. You should probably just catch pokemon and get the candy xl that way. But if you’re grinding like me, for some reason you can convert your candy to candy xl here goes all 5 000 of my magikarp candy into xl, which puts me at 119 magikarp candy xl. So with a purified magikarp. Let me do the math 1 uh 272. Minus 119.

Ed is going to need to spend 153 magikarp candy or whatever the closest um break point power up whatever the closest power-up is to 153. ed’s trading me the magikarp he’s got it powered up to the point where i can finish: uh powering it up and maxing It out we’re gon na go for a lucky. Hopefully we can get a lucky trade here all right. This this seems appropriate, my oldest gyarados for the magikarp. What is that august 7th 2016., my oldest gyarados for the purified level? Who knows what magikarp? Ah, let’s go? I hope this goes lucky. Otherwise, i’m just gon na have a level 50 magikarp it’s. So the next step is to max it out all right. I’M doing it powered up two out of three 226 cp magikarp.

I think it’s gon na stay a magikarp also because i don’t have enough candy left to evolve it i’m home and, to be honest, okay, the i think the more efficient thing here would have been to have ed power this up one less time and for me To just go out and get one more magikarp, xl candy i wouldn’t have had to use as many of ed’s candies that way, but hey when it’s ed’s turn to hit level 47. He can have as many of my candies as he wants. So at this point, there’s only one thing left to do and i know i have this lucky hondo whooper. But at this point i’m thinking do i really want to level 50 lucky whooper or do i at least want one shiny level: 50, whooper, 458. 000. Stardust. 232 wooper candy and 296 whooper candy xl to max out my last pokemon. I’M really gon na have two whooper and a magikarp at level. 50.

Here we go. Oh it’s so ridiculous. Let me just say level 47 and i feel like i can take a deep breath. First things. First, though i got a flex on them. Is that a flex i what that’s such a weird pose, but i’m rocking it. Oh, my god, i can’t believe i’m grinding like this. I can’t believe i’m grinding like this. I can’t believe i’m maxing maxing out whoopers and magikarps just to keep up level 47.. But at this point you can see i need 21 million xp to get to the next level and that’s okay, because i have a lot of time to do. It. Walk 25. Kilometers in one week using adventure sync eight times tomorrow morning will be my first uh time doing that and then i’ll have seven more weeks to go. Oh, it feels good to be motivated to play. Pokemon go like this again.

I want to say thank you to ed and to holly make sure you go check out holly on youtube and on twitch they’re, both linked down in the description say thanks for me, um and again, you know when it’s holly’s turn to hit 47 when it’s ed Ed’S turn to hit 47. I owe them a lot of candy and a lot of stardust hope, you’re all enjoying celebi shiny celebi tomorrow morning. For me, shiny, celebrity research should be live for everyone by the time you’re watching this video, so i hope you’re enjoying that and i’m very much looking forward to it i’ll see you soon.

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