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Hello everyone, my name is Adam or EposVox. Today I have 5 quick tips for saving battery life while you play Pokemon GO. First, we have something that not a lot of people talk about: Downloading “Offline Maps” in Google Maps. Pokemon GO uses the Google Maps API, which means it loads the map and location info for your Pokestops and Pokemon locations from Google Maps. You can reduce both the amount of data and battery life this process eats up by downloading Offline copies of the maps for areas you most frequently visit – such as your home, work, school, or local park. This needs to be done over Wifi! To do this, open up the Google Maps app, click the 3 bars icon in the top left, and go to “Offline areas”. Click the plus sign in the bottom right corner and then click “Download” in the bottom right. This will download the area that you’re currently in – and tell you how much data the download will consume on your phone – a maximum of 512 MB.

Mine are usually around 50-60MB. To add other areas, back out to the main Google Maps view, find the area you wish to add, zoom out a little, and then go to the “Offline areas” menu again and add the new area and give it a name. You can add multiple of these. Next, I highly recommend turning off your Wifi once you leave your home or work. If you’re walking away from your home, your phone can try to hang onto final remnants of your wifi signal and can screw with your game until you get far enough away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost Pokemon by leaving wifi on as I crossed the street. If you’re not using any accessories, turn off Bluetooth, too. Both of these use up battery that is unneccessary once you leave the home. Also, consider lowering your screen brightness. The lower it is, the longer your battery will last. You just… have to be able to see the screen, still. These last two are in the actual Pokemon GO app. Turn off music and sound effects – this will help save battery for obvious reasons.

Some might recommend to turn off vibration, too, but this will still be necessary to know when a Pokemon is nearby and contradict the next option. Lastly, turn on the Battery Saver mode within Pokemon GO. Since the game requires you to have your screen on and phone unlocked at all times to actually play, it eats a TON of battery life. The Battery saver mode lets you hold your phone down (or even put it in your pocket if you’re careful) and it dims and basically turns off the screen until you pull it back up again. On phones with OLED displays, this saves a LOT of battery as the solid black they use literally doesn’t turn any LEDs on in the screen. It’s pretty cool. All in all, Pokemon GO is going to be a battery hog. If you’re still struggling, check out my recent video on the best battery bank for Pokemon GO. It’s solar powered! I also put up a video on a cool trainer’s bag for Pokemon, as well. If you enjoyed the video, rock smash the like button.

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