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Pokemon ORAS Battle Maison Tips

Pokemon ORAS Battle Maison Tips?by slowbro202 Intro I often see posts from people saying they?re afraid of the Battle Maison or have tried it and gotten...

Pokemon ORAS Legendary Locations Guide

Pokemon ORAS Legendary Locations Guide?by asentret *Note: Legendaries that require you have specific pokemon in your party do not have to be from ORAS. They...

Pokemon ORAS Breeding Guide

Pokemon ORAS Breeding Guide?by slowbro202 Breeding pokemon can help you complete your pokedex and create a competitive team. While it isn?t difficult, it can be...

Pokemon Evolution Guide

Pokemon Evolution Guide?by?Depowered_on_M-Day Evolution Levels: 007 ? Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple 008 ? 009 ? Scatterbug 010 ? Metapod, Kakuna, Silcoon, Cascoon, Kricketot 011 ? 012 ? Spewpa 013 ? 014 ? Cyndaquil, Lotad,...

Pokemon FEAR Strategy Guide

Pokemon FEAR Strategy Guide?by DemonicSnail The following is a comprehensive guide to F.E.A.R. strategies. (And a massive wall of text.) What are F.E.A.R. strategies? Originally, F.E.A.R....

Pokemon ORAS Showdown Triples Meta Guide

Pokemon ORAS Showdown Triples Meta Guide?by M-Gyarados INTRODUCTION Like most Pokemon players, I entered the competitive scene by playing OU on Showdown. Doubles stymied me, and...

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