pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire all mega stones locations

The arrival of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire also means that a ton of new Mega Evolutions are available. But in order to Mega Evolve, you need the Pokémon’s Mega Stone. And these games are filled with them. Every Mega Stone for every Pokémon that can Mega Evolve can be found in either version. There’s no need for both. As soon as you receive your Mega Bracelet, you can begin hunting for the stones. And we’re here to help with a guide that will show you where to find each and every one, 48 in total! So let’s not waste any more time and get to it, going in the order of the Pokémon’s National Pokédex number. First up is the Venusaurite, which can be found on Route 119. Go to the tall grass near a small house.

The Mega Stone can be found in a clearing. Travel to the Fiery Path and find Aarune next to a large boulder. Use Strength to move it aside and follow the path down until you reach a dead end. On the right side is the Charizardite X. On Route 120, go to the water’s edge and surf into a nearby cave. This is the Scorched Slab. Make your way to the bottom floor. Once there, go to the lower left side of the cave to find the Charizardite Y.

After you defeat the Elite Four, the S.S. Tidal will be available to ride. You can take it to the Battle Resort or Lilycove City. Take it to Lilycove so that you can explore the ship. Run all the way to the left until you’re outside on the bow. There you’ll find the Blastoisinite. Once you have the Dive HM, go to Sea Mauville which is north of Route 108. Use this to travel to the right side of the ship. Talk to the little girl and she will give you the Key to Room 1. Travel back to the left side and use the key to enter the locked room. Inside, check the bottom cupboard to find the Key to Room 2. Use this to open the next door and inside talk to girl on the right. She will give you the Key to Room 6. Dive back into the water and go to the right of the ship to find the room. On the other end of this room is a door leading outside.

Surf to the fisherman on the small island and talk to him. He’ll give you the Key to Room 4. Go back inside the ship and use this on the last locked door. There you’ll find a Poké Ball contain the Storage Key. Return to the outside where the fisherman was and surf to the door on another small bit of land. Use the Storage Key and go inside to find a room full of Nuggets, Big Nuggets, and the Beedrillite. Go to the Devon Headquarters in Rustboro City and make your way to the top floor. Talk with the President and hand over the Intriguing Stone. He’ll reveal that it’s actually the Pidgeotite. For the Alakazite, go to Slateport City’s Market. You’ll find it near the Poké Doll stand. To get the Slowbronite, you’ll need to visit the Shoal Cave near Mossdeep City during both low tide and high tide.

High tide is usually around mid-day while low tide is in the afternoon. Explore the cave at these times and find four Shoal Salts and four Shoal Shells. Once you have them, talk to the old man near the entrance. He’ll offer to use them to make a Shell Bell. Agree and he’ll throw in the Slowbronite as well. Once you’re able to visit the Battle Resort, run along the beach to the opposite side.

There you’ll find a small shack with a bunch of items inside, including the Gengarite. The Kangaskhanite can be found in Pacifidlog Town next to the Poké Center. Surf to the other side to collect it. On Route 124, surf past the siblings on the left side and Dive into the deep water. Go left to the next square of light and return to the surface. Follow the path to the north where you’ll find the Pinsirite on a small patch of land. Enter Route 123 from the direction of Mount Pyre and follow along the upper path until you find a house near a fishing hole. Talk to the Poochyena inside and it will give you the Gyaradosite. Go to Meteor Falls and use the Waterfall HM to climb to the upper portion of the cave.

Work your way through the cave until you find a series of smaller falls that you can jump down. Keep to the left side as you go down and stop at the last step. On the right side is the Aerodactylite. Mewtwonite X is actually found in Littleroot Town, on the left side of Birch’s lab. Mewtwonite Y can be found right outside the Pokémon League doors, on the left side. To obtain the Ampharosite, you’ll need to enter New Mauville, but you can’t access it until talking to Wattson in the Mauville City square.

He’ll give you access to the 2nd floor apartments in the city. Take an elevator there and find Wattson’s apartment in the southern end. He’ll give you access to New Mauville. Exit the city to the south and surf the nearby water to the east to find the abandoned power plant. Go through the doorway on the left side then travel to the right to find the Mega Stone. Go to the Granite Cave with the Mach Bike and use it to go up the slope. Go down the ladder and up the slope to the north before taking another slope directly to your right. Follow this path until you come to another ladder.

Go down and work your way to the northern part of the room. There you’ll find the Steelixite. To find the Scizorite, go to Petalburg Woods and cut down the tree at the northern end. Follow the path and you’ll find the Mega Stone near a patch of grass. On Route 127, surf along the right side until you find a path leading to a larger piece of land. On the left side is the Heracronite. The Houndoominite can be found on the left side of Lavaridge Town. Go to the Jagged Pass with the Acro Bike and on the right side you’ll find Tyranitarite near a patch of grass. On Route 120, after you defeat the invisible Kecleon thanks to the Devon Scope, Steven will give you both it and the Mega Stone of your starter Pokémon.

In my case, it was the Sceptilite. To get the other two, travel to Route 114 and talk to the old man near the bridge. He’s selling the Blazikenite under the name Fading Fire for 1500 Poké Dollars. The Swampertite is being sold for the same price under the name Ebb Tide. To get the Gardevoirite, go to Verdanturf Town and find Wanda’s house. If you’ve connected the tunnel between Verdanturf and Rustboro City, the young woman will give you the Mega Stone. Go to Sootopolis City make your way to the bridge that leads to the Cave of Origin. Rather than head into the cave though, cross the bridge on your right. On the other side is the Sablenite. To find the Mawilite, leave Verdanturf Town through the east exit. Go down through a nearby fence and run back west. You’ll find the Mega Stone at the dead end. Once you’ve learned the Rock Smash HM, go to Rusturf Tunnel and talk to the couple. Agree to help and they’ll reward you with the Aggronite. The Medichamite can be found on Mt. Pyre, on the top floor.

You’ll see it in the upper-right hand corner. Travel to the Cycling Road and you’ll see a Mega Stone sparkling on the northern end. Once you’re in the grass, go right, fight the trainer, and collect the Manectite. You’ll receive either the Sharpedonite from Team Aqua in Omega Ruby or the Cameruptite from Team Magma in Alpha Sapphire when you first arrive at the Battle Resort. To get the other Mega Stone from the opposite Team, play through the Delta Episode. At one point you’ll return to the Team base and talk to the leader. There they’ll give you their stone; in Omega Ruby, the Cameruptite and, in Alpha Sapphire, the Sharpedonite. To get the Altarianite, first you’ll need to have an Altaria in your team. Then go to Lilycove City and talk to the man outside the Contest Fan Club.

He’ll ask to see it. Show it to him and he’ll give you its Mega Stone. At the top of Mount Pyre, near all of the gravestones and ruined walls, go right before the stairs to find the Banettite. Make sure you have the Acro Bike and enter the Safari Zone. Go to the left side and use the bunny hop technique to climb on to the rocks. Ride along the rails and soon you’ll come to the Absolite. Go to the Shoal Cave at low tide and work your way down to the lowest floor which is covered in ice. Follow along the path until you have chance to climb some stairs next to a small ice patch. At the top is the Glalitite. Once you complete the Delta Episode, return to Meteor Falls and speak to Finnia’s grandmother.

She will give you the Salamencite. In order to obtain the Metagrossite, you must defeat the Elite Four and Steven a second time. They are much stronger and capable of Mega Evolution. But if you win, Steven will give you the Mega Stone. As you travel along Route 118, you’ll come across Steven. While you talk with him, either Latias or Latios will appear worrying about the other. You’ll travel with Steven to a Southern Island where you’ll have to defend the Pokémon from one of the Teams. Once you do, either Latios will join you in Omega Ruby with his Latiosite or Latias will join you in Alpha Sapphire with her Latiasite. To get the other’s Mega Stone, talk to your mother after completing the Delta Episode. Rayquaza doesn’t actually have a Mega Stone. Instead, after you catch it, it will learn the move Dragon Ascent. As long as it has this move, it can Mega Evolve. After you get access to the second floor apartments in Mauville City, go to the right side. You’ll find a man in a suit standing in the hallway.

Talk to him and he’ll demand rent from the resident inside before entering. Come back later and the man will be in the hall again. Talk to him to receive the Lopunnite. Once you’ve collected enough Secret Base flags to reach Platinum status, go to Fortree City and speak to Aarune. He’ll reward you with the Garchompite. Obtaining the Lucarionite will likely take the longest amount of time. In order to get it, you must achieve the Master Rank in all five Contest categories and then defeat Lisia. Once you do, the Mega Stone will be given to you. Travel to the Berry Field on Route 123. At the northern end, you’ll find the Abamasite. After you complete the Delta Episode, go to Fallarbor Town and visit Professor Cozmo’s lab.

Speak with him and he’ll give you the Galladite. At the Battle Resort, you’ll come across a man who has lost his memory on the beach. As you talk to him, a woman will try to help by taking him home. Make your way to the houses on the right side of the island and enter the one at the very end. Talk to the man once again and he will give you the Audinite. To get the Diancite, trade over Diancie from X or Y then enter a Pokémon Center. You’ll be approached by two men who want it for themselves.

Refuse and eventually a young boy arrives and will give you the Mega Stone for it. And that’s where every Mega Stone is located in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Thanks for watching and make sure to stay tuned to GameXplain for more on Pokémon and other things gaming..

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