pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire shiny stone

Hello everyone! I am the NirthPanter and today I am going to show you how to get multiple shiny stones. At the moment I am in Lilycove City at the shopping mart to get myself some repels so we don’t randomly run into any some wild Pokémon. I know that there’s a tons of other people that have made some kind of the same tutorial, where they are showing you how to find the shiny stone in Route 121. Umm, which I will show you afterwards, so yeah. What I am going to show you today is a way to get multiple, because if you want evolve both your Roselia and your Togetic, you will need to have multiple, and if you don’t have XY to trade over or whatever you will have a problem with the other tutorials.

So yeah, the shiny stone that’s hidden in 121 is, if you, if you go from Lilycove City and head west for Route 121, you will find this patch of grass and head north, and cut down this tree. I have already found this one, but I just wanted to show you so you all know. It will lie in a Poké ball here. But next up, is the method to get multiple shiny stones and at Mt. Pyre, umm, there is this Fairy Tale Girl Momo, in the 2nd floor which will sometimes give you a shiny stone as reward if you beat her in a rematch. And the trick here is to save right before the match and soft reset while pressing Select + L + R and try once more if he, hahah, if she won’t give you the shiny stone and you go up here, and there she’s standing. Remember to save in front of her so you can do the soft resetting if he, huh, if she’s not giving you a shiny stone as a reward after beating her. (Umm), appearently she’s not available at the moment I am recording this for a rematch, but I know for sure that this will work.

So I guess that’s it, thank you so much for watching, I really hope you found this video helpfull, leave a like if you did and I’ll see you around, next time!.

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