competitive team building guide in pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire

-GB What’s up guys macadii here. Today I will be taking you through my basic recipe on how to build a balanced pokemon team. If you are unfamiliar with the tier you need to first of all look at the usage stats for what the tiers main threats are. This can be found on smogon’s site and I will link it in the description below.

I go by the general recipe where my team has to contain one special wall, one physical wall, one tank, one setup sweeper, one lead and then finally, a scarfer. I will go through the requirements of each of these classes using my NU team as a case study. First of all we will be looking at the main core of your team which will be your physical and special wall. Now these pokemon both have to cover each other’s weaknesses and also be able to counter most of the offencive threats in the tier. Ideally, as well, if they could have some form of recovery that would be good as well. If we use my NU team as an example we have got specially defensive, thick fat Miltank as my special wall and physically defensive Vileplume as my physical wall. Now these pokemon work well together because they cover each others weaknesses and they also cover most of the top tier threats within the NU tier which include Typhlosion, Feraligatr and Sawk. Your walls will end up struggling against setup sweepers on your opponents team so you need to have a pokemon that can hit hard, but also take boosted hits relatively well.

So for my NU case I used assault vest Regirock because of it’s extreme bulk and also its good offensive stats that means it can hit hard as well. The next thing you want on your tean is a scarfer. Now this pokemon needs to have high offensive power and also high speed to make sure it outspeeds other pokemon that are boosting or have a choice scarf. For my NU case I use Sawk, who has good offensive stats, good speed, good coverage and also has the ability sturdy which means as long as there is no entry hazards up he can always take at least one hit.

The next thing you need to add to your team is a pokemon which has assess to boosting moves so it can sweep your opponents team. Now this pokemion need to have access to good bulk and good speed to make sure it can sweep your opponent’s team. For my NU example I didn’t actually have a setup sweeper but I actually combined this role with my Miltank. It has access to curse which allows it to improve it’s physical bulk and also it’s offensive power, making it incredibly difficult to break. The next thing you need to do is to decide what your lead is going to be. A standard lead has access to stealth rocks to set those up but there are a wide range of roles that you can choose from.

For my team my typical lead is my Reigorck because it gives the impression that I am going to be setting up the rocks which baits in pokemon such as Xatu. If your opponent also lead with a pokemon that is specially offensive with access to boosting moves, they can quite easily get greedy, assuming that I am going to be switching out. The next thing you need to decide is whether you’re team is going to have a pokemon with access to either rapid spin or defog.

If you decide not to run either of these sets then you need to try to avoid having too many opojkemon that are weak to stealth rocks. Make sure that our team isn’t too heavily physically based or too heavily specially based. Ideally you want to have it where 50% of your pokemon are physically offensive and 50% of your pokemon are specially offensive. The next thing you need to do is to try to speed creep with some of your slower pokemon. How this works is you invest a little bit of EV’s into your slower pokemon and this means that if they are facing uninvested pokemon of the same speed tier they are guaranteed to outspeed.

Test your team extensively, keep it the way it is for the next 5 battles or so and make a note of any pokemon that you are struggling to counter or any inherent weaknesses you are finding within the team. Then you come back and try and address these problems and have another go at testing them to see if these problems have then been solved. These problems can either be solved by changing up a specific pokemon’s moveset or replacing that pokemon altogether. Well there you have it guys that was my basic recipe to building a balanced pokemon team.

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