10 Hints For Sinnoh Remakes In SUN & MOON? – Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Easter eggs & Secrets


Hey pokemon masters bird keeper toby here and i’ve been looking forward to revisiting this topic and i say revisiting because in this video i’m going to be sharing all of the easter eggs hints and secrets that pointed towards brilliant diamond shining, pearl diamond pearl remakes. That appeared in pokemon, sun and moon for the 3ds, because these were the games after omega ruby and alpha sapphire, and this was how early we were talking about. Sinnoh confirmed, we’ve been saying: sinnoh confirmed for a long time, but obviously this was five years ago. So were the hints that we were seeing in these games, were they really hints, or were we just seeing what we wanted to see? I know it’d be interesting to try and scour them and find hints for gen 5 remakes.

I don’t think you could do it. I think some of the hints were actually kind of legitimate. There was a lot pointing towards generation four coming back, but hopefully we can do this trip down memory lane and laugh at me together, because i definitely covered all of this stuff back when it was all happening. So without further ado, let’s look at ten very legitimate, legitimate hints for generation 4 remakes in sun and moon [, Music ], but first pokemon masters. I have two quick announcements: number one you’re in with a chance of winning a copy of pokemon legends arceus.

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Cyrus is the sun, and cynthia is the moon. So in the generation where the main games are sun and moon, it felt pretty reasonable to assume that in this generation we would see generation four remakes uh. I think i was expecting them perhaps after ultrasound ultra moon, but instead we moved to the switch and we got let’s go but come on toby. A couple of naming conventions does not mean a lot by itself. Well, how about this number two on melee melee island, which of course is one of the alolan islands inspired by real life hawaii.

There are two areas inspired by pearl harbor and the diamond head volcano, a pearl and a diamond, a diamond pearl. I think we’ve since learned that the area that people thought was inspired by pearl harbor wasn’t actually inspired by pearl harbor, it’s a totally different harbor in hawaii, but the poi at the time. I remember that was such a big point of contention. People are like okay, sun and moon, cynthia and cyrus, and then diamond head volcano pearl harbor. It’S sounding pretty convincing to me, especially when added in with number three silvally, a legendary pokemon that just randomly appears in sun and moon.

Inspired by the arceus. It’S got the rks system where it can change type depending on the item it’s holding, which is the exact same as arceus is the rks arceus system? Now one generation earlier in pokemon, x and y as a way of hinting towards omega ruby and alpha sapphire coming out. They gave you a gift, uh torchic, holding a mega stone, it’s kind of a way of saying, hey the holland starters are gon na get mega revolutions, hoe and remakes are coming. So what did they do with pokemon, sun and moon as like an early pre-order gift?

Bonus, they gave us a munchlax, a munchlax, a generation 4 pokemon holding it z crystal so you know it seemed pretty likely that gen 7 was going to see sinner remakes happen. Additionally, point number: five: there was a real lack of sinnoh pokemon in the sun and moon pokedex. I think there was only like three evolutionary lines that appeared like the gable line, the luminion line, uh and then another another revolutionary line. There was like no sino-native pokemon in the alolan pokedex so again like well, if, if generations like complete each other sort of feels like even as i’m saying it now, it almost seems surprising that they didn’t do diamond pole remakes as part of generation eight, and that’s Just the first five points, they’re pretty quick points number six thematically. It would really fit because what did sun and moon introduce the ultra beasts, pokemon legendary pokemon from other dimensions.

This sounds a lot like you know: diago palkier, spear pillar, dimensional portals um and in these dimensions there were like alternate worlds which in ultrasound, launched moon. We explored as the ultra spaces the various ultra spaces. That’S that’s the distortion world that just reminds you of the distortion world. In fact, in the games, the lab that studies, these interdimensional pokemon has several books talking about palkia and its ability to bend space and bronzong and its ability to open portals number seven in pokemon, sun and moon. There were returning characters to the battle tree.

At the end of the game, wally showed up, but i guess that makes sense, because auras was the game before this uh. We also see red and blue, but of course it’s the 20th anniversary with these, so they wanted to, you know, show off those classic characters and cynthia shows up. Why did they need to have cynthia’s model on the 3ds, ready and waiting sort of seemed like? Maybe they were, they were pointing towards something that didn’t happen on the 3ds number 9, the rotondex rotom for the i know it seems like normal now, because we’ve got the rotom phone and the roton bike in gala. But before this point, the only new roton forms we had came in platinum version suddenly wrote on seeing love with the rotom decks.

Rotom’S getting new forms must mean gen, four remakes are coming and those are just the first eight points. How did diamond and pearl remakes? How did brilliant ireland shiny about? How was that not part of generation? Seven, i genuinely don’t know for number nine we’ll look outside of the games.

We’Ll do two honorable mentions for number nine uh number nine in let’s go pikachu and evie. A lot of people pointed to the fact that you could see pictures of spear pillar inside the silph co, building, which there were a lot of pictures in the self-co building, including of areas of like johto, for example. But still it convinced a lot of people that still as part of that generation, because let’s go pikachu and eb came out before sword and shield people thought oh well. Maybe they do let’s go now and maybe diamond and pearl will come as let’s go games or something like as an extension to this or like a dlc to this. There are a lot of ideas that are thrown out there and as another similar kind of more tangential honorable mention, i guess, a 9.

. If you will they did the 20th anniversary movie, which is part of the sun moon era. You know featuring the mythical pokemon shadow and featured two new companion characters fresh created entirely for the movie verity and sorrel and verity is from sinnoh, has a piplup and is obviously related to cynthia. We, we can argue about that later and sorrel has a lucario. Why would they both have sinnoh focus, pokemon and they’re both from the sinnoh region, but it didn’t happen then, and finally, so going back in time.

If you are a pokemon fan in 2016, going into 2017 and you run a pokemon youtube channel and you’re thinking about what pokemon games are next, i just want to defend myself here and say: i don’t think it was that ridiculous that i believed that gen 4 Remakes would be part of a part of that generation. Obviously, when ultrasound ultra moon got announced, it became kind of weird because we were like hang on. Surely they should wait till after the sinner remakes and then when let’s go pikachu and evie came out, it was like, oh, i guess, they’re just waiting until the next generation and to be fair. While i did see these hints – and i was like oh wow – it looks like they might actually do it. I wasn’t convinced that we would see diamond par remakes until at least 2019 2020, and here we are going into 2021 or end of 2021 and now we’re.

Finally, getting them so based on the time scale, i was expecting that makes sense, but um based on the hints that were in game. I generally thought that perhaps in 2017, were we really gon na see sinnoh remakes so soon, however, you might realize i’m not at number 10 yet because number 10 number 10 is one of those things where like like. I look at all of the affirmation points and i think yeah yeah, i’m not like trying to see things there because yeah, i don’t think i could go to these games and find hints for the uh. I couldn’t find hints for the unova games, like i’m, not gon na we’re, not gon na look through sun and moon and find hints that point towards unova remakes. That just doesn’t make sense, but my goodness, the one that i’m glad i never covered at the time.

Number 10 on this list: the clouds, the clouds when ultrasound and ultramoon got announced. There was a little poster image of the alola region. The new changed alola from sun and moon to ultra sun and ultramoon, and there, of course above pony island, is a big dark. Circular cloud avoided that perhaps looks a little bit like the access to the distortion world which to be fair, it does. But then there were also other parts of the clouds that people were saying.

Looked like dialga and palkia and like this was huge huge enough that you can search today, all the sudden, ultramoon clouds, the algar and palkia, and you will. You will find the the various tweets and posts and references to this that people were talking about because people genuinely genuinely believed it, and that was one of those bits of evidence that i just thought. Okay, maybe not gosh. I do love that kind of speculation. I think there’s a lot more hints to diamond pearl remakes, obviously in like sword and shield, and it’s dlc’s.

I’Ve covered that all over the channel and i think that again a little bit more legitimate. Although that said again on reflection just powering through those first eight or nine um, it did actually really seem like they were going to do diamond upon remakes last generation. But i guess i guess we get them now. I just thought: it’d be fun to kind of take something nice and embarrassing like that, because we all partook in it myself of course, as well, put it front and center and give it one more moment in the sun and moon before it disappears forever. But i am now finally looking forward to those diamond and pearl remakes and who knows, maybe in legends arceus i’ll, be on the lookout for gen 5 remakes confirmed so high pokemon masters.

This is ash ketchum. You just watched a video by bird keeper toby. That makes you a pokemon master, what in the world, so many of you are supporting me on patreon right now. Thank you so much to the big patreons of this month, there’s jd gottlich massey, barr, pokey, bliss, pokey, atmos and michael hornshoe. Thank you.

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