15 Hidden Easter Eggs And Secrets In Pokemon Sun/ Moon – Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon!


Pokemon, sun and moon, ultra sun and moon time; hey pokemon masters bird keeper toby here and welcome back to another fact: eastwood secrets, cool things in pokemon kind of video, sun and moon and ultra sun and ultra moon, the alola region. That was my first region here on youtube. When i started the alola region did not exist, and i remember the day that the trademarks were discovered for sun and moon and then the next day there was the trailer and people speculating. What is this region? Oh, my goodness, it’s based on hawaii and i got to talk about that in my video.

I got to see the reveal of pokemon like bewear and wimpod. Beware, i was absolutely convinced was fake for the first like half hour, though i was looking at it now. I love it, but this this really takes me back. Maybe it takes you back to an age of, i don’t know fact: fridays fact: fridays and the elite four podcast, oh the glory days. I really was. I was up and coming at that time and i really really enjoyed my time doing that on youtube and in fact fact fridays. I could see secret saturday becoming a thing with secrets, easter, eggs and that kind of thing, and now, with the release of this video, i’ve done every single region. Apart from solo, oh yeah, the sinnoh region, it’s almost like i’m waiting for the tag words to be more relevant in search. Let’S do this thing: [, Music ].

So here we go we’re going to sun and moon and ultrasound and ultra moon and here’s a secret. An easter egg for you, new secrets, await discovery and alola. Let’S go, let’s go wow see that’s a little bonus, one yeah! You can have that one for free. You have the rest for free as well, because i don’t charge, although thank you to any of you. Buying my merch hello gorgeous. Why did phoebe phoebe made me a tea and it’s not with my hat design on and it’s disgusting, because it’s available in the store right now, wow, the tea itself tastes really gorgeous thanks phoebe, but thank you. Anyone supporting the channel right. Let’S do this thing: fifteen easter, eggs, twenty actually not sure starting off with number one, one of my absolute favorites, the spiros on the bridge at the very beginning of the game at the beginning of the game, the main character walks to the first area, where tapo Tapucoco appears, you walk up the trail and you see three spiro attacking cosmog and you run over to it on the bridge and the main character kind of bends over it.

Protecting cosmog cosmog unleashes a big blast of power to kind of get rid of the firo, and actually, i think then tapukuco swoops in to save you. Ultimately. All of this is one big reference to the first episode of the pokemon animated series in which ash, ketchum and pikachu are getting attacked by a flock of spiro, and it looks like it’s game over for pikachu ash is standing in front of him body blocking the Attacks and then pikachu lets out a big burst of electrical power to save the day number two we have professor burnett and anyone who is familiar with the games will know what this easter egg egg is right off the bat, because professor burnett really cool character. Wife of professor kaguy and i think, they’re having a kid together at the end of the animated series, very cute, but her first appearance was long before professor kakui, not in the alola region, but in fact, in a unova game. How many of you remember the pokemon dream radar game on the 3ds, where you can find the therian forms of landrus tornadus and thundurus uh?

This is it, and that is professor burnette. Look: here’s a little side by side and, as you can see, they’re the same character and, of course, in the alola games. She studies alternate dimensions, which is where the dream radar game is set in the dream world number three in the marley city gardens. There is a golden bridge now, there’s a whole bunch of different connotations here. Motley city, for example, is inspired by the architecture of like johto and kanto, and the golden bridge is a direct reference to the nugget bridge from the generation 1 games. This is the bridge in cerulean city, at the end of which you will battle a team rocket grunt and get given a nugget. Actually, i think the nugget is from the trainers who come after the bridge, but it’s just called the nugget bridge. Ultimately, though, the team rocket grunt gets referenced because, after you’ve left the area and gone back into it for the second time, you’ll find a trainer at the very end of it.

After a streak of trainers, called veteran dom, who will reference team rocket he’s got team rocket style pokemon with an ekkans and very specifically he’ll, be like? I wonder what old giovanni’s up to these days, despite the fact that giovanni shows up later with team, rainbow rocket heck, they might have been doing some foreshadowing, but specifically he’s called veteran don. A don as in the leader of a mafia, like team rocket, is with giovanni at its head number four. This is a really really weird one. So on the ulula island on one of the beaches, there is a washed up bottle with a note inside it. That note will direct you to a trainer in mali city and that trainer will reference. The fact that the note is from their friend a trainer at the viridian city gym called arabella and there is sure enough in pokemon hogg on seoul silva and arabella who’s at the viridian city gym, and this trainer has a stantler and a tauros.

What does that mean? I, i honestly nothing it’s just a weird little bit of side detail in fact, arabella didn’t even reappear in the viridian gym in let’s go pikachu and evie. So it’s a really weird obscure reference. Number five. I’Ve done a whole theory about this. Okay, so the the trial captain umia ilmia, i hope i’m saying the name right. I never was sure on it. Well, me is an interesting one. The normal type trial captain elmira uses primarily their main pokemon, a smurgle which, okay in itself, not that interesting but omiya is a lover of art and in fact, if you go into their house and the kalos region, you’ll notice on the wall, there’s artwork that references. The kalos region, with its beautiful landscape escapes and it’s beautiful scenery, i think you can even get given the shallow or sable, which is a food item from kalos in his house kind of an odd connection. What’S that about well on the island of alola, there is a fairy type trial, captain mina one of my favorite designs in pokemon, with the with the the paintbrush hair.

I just think it looks great. Amina is an artiste and specifically when she appears in the sun and moon games. She references, elmira and she’s, like i wonder what that boy did for his trial captain for his trial. She’S curious she’s thinking about him. Why is that? Well, all of the artist trainer class from the kalos region. They all use just one pokemon that pokemon, you guessed it is smeargle. It would seem to be the case that both of these characters met each other beforehand in the kalos region and that this smurgle is probably a gift from mina to ilmia. Why this gift is given who’s to say for sure. But it’s one of the most popular theories on my channel. Actually, i will leave a link to it card button, all that jazz right speaking of my pokemon theories. Let’S take a look at olympia and acerola and i wonder, what’s with the they both do the same. They both do the same thing in their character, arts.

It is interesting that these characters look similar. First of all, olympia and her whole pokemon gym is the biggest reference from the pokemon xyz days, z, from the pokemon x and y days that reference pokemon, sun and moon. It’S the biggest reference. Her whole gem of the animated series is a giant observatory. Her psychic pokemon, specifically, i think she uses soul, rock and lunatone. There is this big focus on psychic pokemon and psychic energy. Her town has a giant sundial thing: there’s a reference in anastasia city to moondials as well: sun and moon, sun and moon olympia is screaming. In the age of x and y, and it’s interesting how she and her followers in her gym are dressed kind of like they’re part of this tribe, of worshipers of the sun and moon.

And that’s where acerola comes in see on the island. The acerola is a trial champion of she says that she used to come from a royal family, a lineage that lived on the island. I think they lived in po town before potato kind of got all mangled up and destroyed and they had to move all of these books and ancient texts to the mali city library. Nowadays, there isn’t royalty in the alola region, but she is part of that royal lineage and sure enough on her island. There is the lake of sun and or moon, depending on what version you’re playing a giant place of worship to solgaleo or lunala a place. I believe described in the books in the marley city library as a place of a battle between solgaleo lunala and the island guardians. My belief is that this royal lineage after the first appearance of solgaleo lunala in the alola region, worshiped those pokemon of the sun moon. The pokemon of the stars, and that is where olympia’s design choices and fashion and jim have all come from and that, yes, she is a relative of acer rollers and again, that’s why they kind of look you know and similar with the hand poses things you know.

Okay, i’m getting really hot under these studio lights, so i’m gon na try and race through now number seven. The gs ball is mentioned, canonically for like the first time uh, maybe ever in ultrasound an automoon, and it is finally confirmed to be the greatest smith’s ball. The first time that is since, like the johto game and the johto animated series, speaking of which we got pokemon, crystal virtual console with the gs ball the next year after using so maybe a little bit of foreshadowing number eight. As i mentioned earlier, mali city is very cleared by the influence and inspiration of like the johto region. You can see that by the tower in the garden, but there are even people who are on that island or maybe it’s on another island. But on one of the islands there are people who say that the alola region was founded by people who came over from johto and kanto on their pokemon number, eight in the blush mountain power plant there is a reference to a gym leader who helped build the Geothermal power plant using pokemon that could detect heat, and i believe this is a reference to clay and its crock rock, because croc rock even their eyes, are closed.

They dig and navigate using heat a bit of a loose one, but it’s out here more like blane. For example, number 10: there is a famous pikachu in these games. Why is this pikachu famous? Well, it could be because it’s literally ash’s pikachu astro’s pikachu, after all, appears in mimikyu’s room as a pokemon that mimikyu is jealous of so the pokemon tv show seems to exist in this world. Additionally, ash greninja is in the game, so perhaps ash greninja is another movie star, but yeah. This pikachu is famous. It’S either that or maybe it’s the pikachu from detective pikachu well smash bros for all. We know, but yeah, it’s one of those famous pikachus for sure. Probably the ash pikachu, though number 11 in ultra sun and ultra moon.

We get the rainbow rocket episode in which giovanni and all of the other team leaders use master balls to carry their legendary pokemon, and this is because giovanni has come from a timeline where he was a success, meaning he stole the blueprints to the master ball and Clearly, the way that he helped make all of those other team leaders successful is he just showed up in their timelines and said here? Have a master ball catch your legend, pokemon number, 12, alolan executor or marowak and raichu are all references to past games and past things in pokemon, while a lot of the alolan forms are just that they’re alolan variations, these ones specifically take root elsewhere. For example, alola marowak, being a ghost type, is a reference to cubone’s mother in the first games.

Alolan exeggutor is a reference to the box, art from i believe jungle, it’s either jungle or the southern islands that saw some artwork in japan of executable with a really long neck and the raichu i mean that’s just a huge reference to surfing pikachu, a character that Has appeared on the card games, there’s been a surfing pikachu with purple eyes called pooka in the anime seems possessed psychic-like powers so yeah. These are all references to past pokemon things number 13 in ultrasound and ultra moon. There is a signed autograph of of a gym leader from the region. You’Ve come from, which we already know is kanto at the beginning of the game, and this gym badge, if you zoom in real close, you realize, is lieutenant serge’s badge and specifically in pokemon.

Let’S go pikachu and evie lieutenant serge signs, the badge maybe suggesting that he was never really a soldier and actually the pokemon war is all theatrics and he’s an actor or maybe lieutenant serge is really the main character’s father and that’s why the mum has a raichu Surfboard that makes a lot of sense number 14 in the pokemon trainer school. I believe it is or it’s in the mali city library it’s one of these places. There is a book and that boo book tells the story of a slow poke, pikachu and pukamuku, and how they’re setting off on their alolan adventure. It’S nice sweet, it’s lovely until you get a loser, means lab at the end of the game and see these three pokemon frozen in ice. What’S even worse, is you can see these three in the pikachu park earlier on in the game, which means this is recent. Oh no and finally, number 15 kind of a bonus kind of off-the-wall one here for you, alola introduced z-moves, which caused their trainers to do all sorts of really funky poses, while performing the move with their pokemon and in the animated series.

Brock and misty both make a return and their z-move poses are in themselves. References to the original poses of the sprite from pokemon, red, blue and yellow, and there you have it 15 easter egg secrets facts. If you want some more look, there’s a whole playlist out there with every single generation being done. Look i i do appreciate you watching and checking it all out, but you will have to wait for sinnoh, though it’s gon na feel very out of place next year. If cinna isn’t announced, but it will be so that’s fine with that all said, you are all wonderful, i’ll, be back very soon and of course, so high pokemon masters. This is ash ketchum.

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