Intro Honestly Im making this video because fuck lurantis <Roll Intro> Sun and Moon has been a real game changer for the pokemon franchise. One of the main features of pokemon has always been being taking on the 8 gym leaders of that region, and these new games took that and switched it up on us and I think that was AWESOME. I love pretty much everything in this game but the thing I love most is the difficulty increase. Thats why today I really wanted to bring you guys a video about the totem pokemon that I found to be the hardest.

As always with an opinion based list you may have found some of these very easy and not had much of a problem with them, and if thats the case congrats. But with all that out of the way, lets get into the video. #1 Alolan Raticate / Gumshoos – These guys are pretty easy, especially if you caught a Pikipek early on as it learns Rock Smash, which is Quad Effective to Alolan Raticate and Super Effective against Gumshoose. They can’t really hit you for super effective damage and you shouldn’t have a problem with them at all. Only possible downside is their little defense boost but even then as the games first bosses they shouldnt give you too much trouble. #2 WishiWashi -WishiWashi is very bulky and eats up hits like no tomorrow. It also gets a defense stat boost at the start of your battle with it, so I hope you picked up a nice special attacker with a grass or electric type moves. I’d recommend a charjabug with charge but even then with the defense boost it becomes like a pokemon reenactment of David and Goliath. Also theres just this sense of satisfaction of beating down a giant fish monster with a tiny little box bug.

Of course if you feel like grinding it out you could hunt for a Pichu in the Hauouli city. Once it sets up Rain Dance its water gun will blast you to the next dimension. It’s SOS Pokemon are Alomomomomomomola and another Wishiwashi. Alomomoola is famous for being a bulky water wall that also eats up plenty of hits and not only that but it has access to helping hand and heal pulse. The other wishiwashi isnt much better and the only solace to this is that it’s not a high enough level to activate its school form, but still it can setup an aqua ring to regen health and boost its pals attacks with Helping Hand.

If the school form sets up rain dance and gets the helping hand watergun stab boost you’re looking at a complete sweep. Even with a grass type you might get blown back to the next dimension. Hope you like going for a swim and or drowning because WishiWashi is taking you under #3 Salazzle – Salazzle is a rather interesting one, as at the start of the battle it gets a special defense boost.

Even with a decently strong water move odds are itll live that hit and not only that but you’ll probably proc its Petaya berry giving it that special attack boost. Although hitting it with a ground move should one shot it but hey, maybe you don’t have one of those. Even a mud slap should suffice in all honesty. It’s ally pokemon are just salandit but be careful because if Salazzle manages to hit you with a toxic that might just spell the end, as it can pumble you with venom drenches and its ally salandit can venoshock you. Believe it or not this is actually one of the easier one, and the trial before hand is actually kinda funny in my opinion. I mean just look at that random hiker, how did he even get there, or that very happy Salazzle.

#4 Lurantis – By far the hardest without a doubt. It really makes me regret destroying all those foam-ant-is hills when i was younger. For all the older fans out there, It’s even been compared to Whitney’s Miltank. The coverage this thing has is insane and its totem power give it a SPEED boost. It’s holding a power herb, enabling that first turn Stab Solar Blade which will probably more than likely kill whatever you send out first, giving it time to get an ally up with the new SOS feature, its also rocking the all powerful X-Scissor, Razor Leaf, and to top it all off it has Synthesis. Just when you think you got it BOOM it heals itself. If you thought that was bad it can call one of 2 Allies, both are pretty annoying but if your luck is bad enough to get a castform then boy do i feel sorry for you.

Castform can bring up that sunny day, allowing infinte (well 5 but if you last that long then props to you) Solar Blades, while also dropping some hot weather balls right on you. Trumbeak is probably a lot better for your sanity, but not by much as its got supersonic, which is just straight up annoying, and its also got screech to lower those defenses for Lurantis to punch holes in your team.

#5 Vikavolt – Honestly I didnt have much trouble with this one, but I can see why it would be difficult. At the start of battle, all of its stats are boosted thanks to its totem power. On top of that its got the levitate ability, making your ground type moves useless. Its also holding an occa berry, reducing the damage from your fire type moves.

If it manages to get a charge up and then hit you with a spark its safe to say youre in for a real shock. Spark boosts the users next electric attack by 100%. Something that I think is kinda funny here is its SOS pokemon. It calls in a charjabug which seems normal right? Well charjabugs ability Battery boosts the allies special attack moves, but vikavolt doesnt know any special attacks. I guess its good that it doesnt or this battle would be a lot harder than it needed to be.

#6 Mimikyu Okay this one is very close to the Totem Lurantis in terms of just being straight up annoying. It gets all of its stats boosted up by 1 stage at the start of the battle, and because of its ability it basically has a free substitute guaranteeing that it’ll call in 1 of its 2 allies. Plus Mimikyu hits like a truck, so I hope you don’t send anything out against it thats weak to ghost or fairy. I also hope you didnt plan on burning or paralyzing it because its holding a Lum berry. As for its SOS pokemon it can either call in a haunter or a gengar. Each one has Hypnosis, so theres no escaping that nightmare of a battle easily. I’d say the Gengar would be an easier man to take down in all honesty, especially if you have a mudsdale with bulldoze or something.

I guess Gengars Dex Entry in pokemon sun is right, if you see a gengar there is no escaping it. Give up. #7 Kommo-o Last but certainly not least we have the Dragon of this gen Kommo-o. To start the battle off its got all of its stats boosted by 1 stage. So with that +1 speed it’s going to get a free hit on you, maybe even multiple if you dont have anything that can outspeed, and with its signature move Clanging Scales unless you have a steel or a fairy type I dont think you’ll be living for too long. Clanging Scales is a special dragon type move with a 110 Base Power, and Kommo-o has a pretty high base Special attack stat, couple that with the +1 to its special attack and you’re in for a world of pain. Luckily it only has 5 pp though so I guess you could find solace in that. Maybe facing this pokemon on its own wouldnt be so bad, but then its going to call in it SOS pokemon. It can either call in Scizor, or Hakamo-o.

Both seem to exist purely just to attack you or with Hakamo-o setup workups until it can sky uppercut you into a new dimension. Recap Now that we’ve introduced all of them and why I personally found them hard, im going to list them in order of difficulty. Feel free to leave your own hardest lists down in the comments, im actually interested in seeing which ones gave you the most trouble. Also let me know the starter you picked because I have no doubt that it played a roll in that as well. 7. Raticate/Gumshoos 6. Salazzle 5. Vikavolt 4.Kommo-o 3.WishiWashi 2.Mimikyu 1.Lurantis Outro Alright I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did make sure to drop a like as it is greatly appreciated, subscribe for more pokemon content, and be sure to let me know which totem pokemon gave you the most trouble! With that being said, I’ll see you guys next time

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