Greetings Pokefans! Michael here. Hello YouTube. The Pokémon Sun and Moon starters were announced last week, and it was a pretty exciting announcement to say the least. I’m pretty hyped about it, so I thought it would be fun to make some videos speculating on what the starter evolutions would be like in regards to design, typing, stats, and more, since their evolutions are what I care about most. This video will be all about Rowlet and is the final video in my mini series on the starters. You can find links to the videos on Litten and Popplio here on the screen, at the end of the video, and in the description below.

So let’s talk about Rowlet. Rowlet is the Grass Quil Pokémon and is based off an owl, which you can clearly see. Its name is a combination of owlet, which is a baby owl, and some word that starts with R. We’re not totally sure. It could be round, roulette, or something totally different. Rowlet is the first dual type basic stage starter we’ve had since Bulbasaur, and therefore like Bulbasaur, I think it’s practically guaranteed its typing won’t change as it evolves.

Some people think that the ground icon in the starter leaks could refer to Rowlet’s final evolution, but I highly doubt they’d do such a 180 with its design. Speaking of design, Rowlet will most certainly be based off an owl when it evolves. I’m expecting a truly epic design like this one! I’m kidding. No more Delphox. Please. Although Rowlet’s general design is that of an owl, there’s still a lot more variability in what its design will be like than one might think. There are a bunch of different kinds of owls that all look a bit different, and Rowlet could be based on any of them. Its coloring leads me to think it’s mainly based off a barn owl, so I could see its evolutions looking more like one of those.

I could definitely see it looking like any sort of owl though, especially if they take creative liberties with how they express the fact that it’s grass type. Many believe that the theme of the Gen 7 starters is a circus, with Popplio being the circus sea lion, Litten being the tiger jumping through flaming hoops, and Rowlet being the ringmaster or a magician due to its leaves looking like a bowtie. If this is the case, I could see that aspect being played up in the evolutions a lot, advancing its outfit to be more formal and pronounced. I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon wearing clothes, but I do really like this design by Lupus Live, whose YouTube channel is really awesome and you should definitely check it out. I think the final designs will end up having an overall feel of being proper, rather than majestic or badass, mainly since Rowlet seems like a cute little polite owl that will grow up to be a nice gentowlman …oh come on that’s one of the better puns I’ve made. I even came up with it myself! As for stats, I see it being balanced between physical and special attacks, since we know it both launches grass feathers and delivers powerful kicks.

I’m not sure how good its defenses will be, but based on its fluffy feathers, I don’t suspect that its defenses will be poor. And lastly, it’s possible signature move. Leafage already seems like it might be it, since it’s a combination of leaf and plumage. If so that’s disappointing, since it already has the move when you get it, meaning it’s a weak move. Ideally it gets a stronger, better one that combines leaves and feathers, and leafage either is just a new move that’s not signature or both of them are its signature moves. So there we have it! Those are my thoughts on what Rowlet could be like when it evolves. Rowlet is really cute and my favorite of the three as of now, so I really hope its evolutions are likeable as well, since that’ll be how I make my final call. What did you think of this video? Do you agree with my predictions? What are some other things you want to see in a Rowlet evolution? Let me know in the comments below! And if you liked this video be sure to leave a like and if you haven’t already you should definitely subscribe for more fun Pokemon content of all kinds.

Also be sure to check out my videos on Litten and Popplio if you haven’t! Links are here on the screen, at the end of the video, and in the description below. Also be sure to check out my 2nd channel JMikeyG for vlogs, challenges, and other comedy videos. All right, that’s all I have for now, so until next time Pokefans…gotta catch them all!.

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