– Enjoy the holiday season with the Alolan festivities design available in shirts, hoodies, mugs, even. You can get one for yourself to wrap up nice and warm or one for a present for a friend. Links where you can get your own are in the description below. Hey, Pokemon Masters, Bird Keeper Toby here. So, recently, I did a video titled “the Five Hardest Pokemon to Capture or Locate in Pokemon Sun and Moon.” And that got me thinking about not just the five hardest Pokemon you can get, but the five hardest locations to find. One of the best tings about a new Pokemon game is exploring the new overworld.

And, it turns out, you don’t need to see all of it to complete the main story. There are many hidden areas that you don’t even need to touch. So, for those Sunflora the Explorers of you…. That was a terrible joke. So, for the explorers among you, here are five locations that you may have missed in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Just before I get on with that, though, remember that there is a Pokemon Sun and Moon giveaway. I’m giving away two copies. And I will be announcing the winner very, very soon. Details are in the description, but all you have to do is leave a like and a comment on this video. You’ll get an entry for each. And a like and a comment on any of my other videos titled Sun and Moon. And, yes, it’s worldwide. So, location number one. The trash park north of Malie City.

There is really not a lot to do in this area. There’s a few battles with a character who uses a load of Grimers. You can also find a few exclusive items and things in this area, but, generally speaking, it’s actually pretty plain. And that’s why it’s the first one on this list. Number two, that is a little bit more exciting, is the Alolan power plant. And, yes, they did this again. There is a power plant in Alola. And, no, once again, you can’t access it. There are a load of cool Pokemon outside.

You can encounter, like Alolan Geodude and Elekid and even Togedemaru. You can, also, once again, in the small building outside of it, encounter the Professor Samson Oak and he’ll tell you more about regional variants. And, for sure, there are some items hidden around here that you’re gonna wanna pick up, but, for the most part, this area is very, very missable on the first playthrough. So, if you wanna catch some of those cool Pokemon, go and check it out. Number three on the list is right next to that area. And that is a desert.

Really, a whole freaking desert in the middle of one of the islands. And the reason this area is missable is because you need to have defeated a certain trial captain to get in there. The problem is the main storyline of the game takes you away from that area, so there’s no real reason to visit it until the post-game. Which is insane, because there is a lot of cool Pokemon around here. There’s also a Z-crystal that you can find hidden around. Zygarde cells and even the ruins for one of the Tapus. It’s an incredible area, although you might wanna take some max repels, because Pokemon are everywhere. But you can capture some really unique Pokemon and well-needed Pokemon for your adventure here.

So, why not, if you’re adventuring through Alola, stop off here. There are many secret Pokemon to capture. Number four is Kala’e Bay. Now, you do need to come here if you wanna explore everything. For example, there are Zygarde cores here. But how do you get to this area? It’s on the very first island. Surely you would have seen it. Well, the only way to access it is through a very secret cove in Melemele Meadow. You have to sneak in here and then you’re in the Seaward Cave. Oh, great, you’ve got a cave to explore. Well, you’re gonna want things like Tauros charge and Machamp’s strength to move things around so you can access all the areas. There’s a lot of cool items in here. But it’s only once you proceed through… And, please, take some max repels for those Zubats. It’s only once you make your way through that you can find yourself on Kala’e Bay. And, here, there’s not a lot. There’s a few hidden items.

A big pearl and a certain kind of Pokeball. And, as I said earlier, a Zygarde cell. And there’s possibly some exclusive Pokemon you can catch here. But it’s just a secret, calm little corner of the Alola region. And number one is Ten Carat Hill. You might actually recognize that name from the demo. This is an area you might have explored once you had access to Tauros on your PokeRide Pager, but chances are you completely overlooked it, because it’s just out of the way of the camera angles where you actually need to explore. But the way to access it is down by Professor Kukui’s lab. Well, actually, there’s three entry points. If you have access to Sharpedo, you can go around the back of it and find a TM. But, once you go through the main entrance… Again, you’re gonna need Tauros charge to get through the cave. And, again, Machamp strength if you wanna get further into it. But, once you get to the deepest area, there’s a small little meadow you can come in.

And, fun fact, this is the only place you can capture Rockruff in the wild. So, if you were hoping to get Rockruff on your journey, this is where you need to come to just after defeating your first trial. Otherwise, you might completely miss this until the end of the game. I know I certainly did. So, for a map that’s generally very seeable, those are the five areas that I thought you were probably most likely to miss.

Let me know, did you miss any of these or are there any areas that you missed in the comments. And sohei Pokemon Masters. – [Ash] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video by Bird Keeper Toby. That makes you a Pokemon Master..

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