(trumpet fanfare) – Hey! Pokemon masters, Bird Keeper Toby here and do not normally do videos on the fly, unscripted, like, but wow, we have to talk. Don’t go anywhere, there’s going to be a giveaway at the end. We’ve just had a new batch of Pokemons on the moon newly, including new Pokemon, new forms for original Pokemon, some new gimmicks. Wow! And, just wow! I mean, okay, first of all, new forms of old Pokemon, executor of all picked nine-tailed Sandshrew and Sandslash, each of these Pokemon are newly adapted to their Alola environments Okay, first of all, I’m gonna put this out there, this game is the Orange Islands Pokemon game. We’ve been asking for it for years and people are so confused by all of these new features. This is what this is. Pokemon Sun and Moon is Pokemon the Orange Island Adventures. Could be another point to Ash winning kell sweep because he’s not gonna go back to the Orange Islands, he’s not gonna to the Sun and Moon region because it’s the same region as the Orange Islands.

Keeping that aside, you’ve got these new forms of old counter-Pokemon, this is something we saw so commonly in the Orange Islands series. Pink Pokemon, for example. Or the Pokemon that Professor Ivy looks after. Don’t talk to me about Professor Ivy. The point is this isn’t a new Pokemon concept, it’s just new in the games and I love it. And actually we’ve seen, sort of, tidbits of it before in the form of Shallows. Shallows is a Pokemon that had one form in the east and one form in the west.

We see these Pokemon as adapting to their environments. I personally love this. This adds a level of realism to Pokemon. And, yeah, well it kind of means, like oh, so you gonna catch them all, do I have to catch both executors? At this point it’s up for the player to decide what they want their final goal to be. So, anyway, this is cool. Second of all, and again, this video isn’t going to be an in-depth look at everything, I’m actually doing that in the next couple of days and everything we know so far about the previous month because there’s been a lot to cover. You’ve got this bird, and this bird has four different types: fire, electric, ghost, and psychic. And that might not seem important to you, but it’s so important. It’s pretty much the only one of these new Pokemon really worth talking about because you’ve got these four islands, right? And supposedly each one has a guardian, and one of them is an electric-fairy type.

And I talk about this very much in-depth in a Pokemon theory I did with my friend Specter. And this video, we go through the meanings behind each island, why each island was chosen, what the names have to do with each other and what types the four guardians would be. We came up with electric, fire, psychic, and ghost. That was our theory, we came up with it. Now we’ve got these four Pokemon, one on each island. And they all match that typing, it just really adds more to that theory.

Makes you feel like, yes, those are going to be the four types of the guardians and our reasoning behind why those types were chosen were probably correct. So, that’s awesome, but that’s not even the biggest thing that I want to talk to you about. ‘Cause I want to go back to this idea of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Orange Islands game. And something I want to share with you, by the way, quickly, is this thing from the Pokemon movie 2000, it’s of the island that Ash and the gang traveled to. Look at these costumes. Have you seen these costumes before? Yeah, Tapu Koko. Very clearly, they’ve taken this as inspiration, they’re going back there, these are the Orange Islands games. You can kind of see that in the new trial thing that’s going on. It seems, and I can’t say for sure, because it hasn’t been confirmed either way, that we’re not going to get gym battles. Which blows my mind. The idea that we’re not going to have gym battles, we’re not going to have gym badges, that’s ridiculous.

But I can kind of see it. If they’re going in this direction of the Orange Island games. ‘Cause while the Orange Islands did have gyms, they were more like challenges that you had to sort of overcome, they weren’t conventional battles. One was a race, one of them was about shooting targets. The thing is that these battles, these trials will have special rules. It’s really, it’s the same thing. I just want to read you this, okay? To complete the island challenge, young trial goers must overcome the trials in store, on each of the four islands. These trials are not limited to battling with Pokemon.

They take a variety of forms, such as finding items, or completing tests of knowledge. You will not be able to complete them with ordinary methods. I mean come on, it’s the same thing. Sorry, I’m just really excited. This news has got me really pumped. You’ve got these four trial masters. If you beat them then you’ve got, there’s like trial people after them. Ran trials, like Halala is one of them, maybe he’s the one who has the guardian Pokemon of the region. There’s also other new features and new Pokemon, including z moves, there’s the pre-evolution to Mudsdale. I’m gonna talk all about that in another video where I’m encompassing everything, ’cause I’m not a news channel. But this is just my thoughts, my speculation, my rants.

I want to get into one more thing. We also see riding Pokemon properly, and that’s probably described, I mean, look at this kid, riding around on Lapras’s back. Does that remind you of anyone? Pokemon masters, please, if you could leave a like on this video, I’d appreciate that. This isn’t the end of the video, don’t go anywhere just yet. First of all, mostly I want to say thank you. New patrons, I haven’t had everything through yet, so I’m not going to, I will link you in the description. But I haven’t had everything through yet, so I can’t, I can’t probably say who is a patron and who isn’t.

That whole overflow should be back to normal next video. But I’ll leave all the details in the description. And also, with my work, and the position I’m in at the moment, I’m gonna continue trying for two a week. The schedule might, the aim is Tuesday and Friday, but if my video isn’t up on those days, or if there’s an extra video, or not enough videos, please do not be afraid, just over the next month, I need to try some new things. And that’s not like, ah scary, try new things, that’s just me, personally, just seeing what works, seeing what doesn’t work for me as a content creator, trying to get the best stuff to you.

Again, like normally I wouldn’t have uploaded a video today, but this felt right, this felt like a good thing to do. Finally, for those of you who stuck with it, I’m gonna do a give-away of this Mega bracelet. That because Mega Evolutions haven’t shown up in Sun and Moon, who knows if we’ll actually need it. Because you know this was made by the guys at the Phoenix Orb Project. They made this Pokeball that I think is super, super cool. This absolutely isn’t a sponsored thing, I would tell you if it was.

No, I messaged them and said their Pokeballs were cool, they said they would send it out, as long as I could review it. And the review is, it’s awesome. It’s a cosplay thing. I like the button, feels so good. It’s a cool Pokeball. Bit of a pain, is that to turn the light on and off, you actually have to seem to open it up and like turn it off and on from the inside.

You’ve got all the Pokeball circuitry. But it looks cool. So, I’m gonna leave links for all that kind of stuff. It’s just a cool thing I want to share with you in the description. And if you want to leave a comment on this video, And if you want to leave a comment on this video, you’re in with the chance of winning this Mega stone. So I will pick a winner, as of the next video. So make sure you’re checking your YouTube messages. And also it’s not necessary to enter the competition but please do leave a like on the video, it really helps. Okay, that’s everything from me, so hi Pokemon masters, I will see you soon. – [Ash] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video by Bird Keeper Toby. That makes you a Pokemon master. (digital music).

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